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When Babies Hide In The Shopping Bag 14s

When Babies Hide In The Shopping Bag

Across the department store is a simple looking shopping bag hanging on a woman’s arm. It’s bright red, white letters encouraging more shopping, more dreaming to make a new life through objects. After all, every item in the store is a possibility. A piece of inspiration, something useful, something to bring a different feeling to a space. It’s a curious bag, hanging on someone’s arm, not out of place at first glance. On second glance, however, everything seems different. The bag holds a weight that shifts back and forth. A cat? A robot? An endless supply of peanuts? The woman carrying it smiles inside. A giggle is heard and the bag shakes. They are standing in the toy aisle so perhaps it could be a mechanical doll. They laugh, they cry, they make messes for the doll owner to fix. Perhaps there is a little girl or boy at home waiting for such a special gift. On closer inspection, that could not be the case. There would be no reason for an adult to look at an item for sale with such caring. Settling the bag on the floor as the woman reaches for a toy higher up on the shelf. It is a set of play tools in a little plastic tool box. The bag wiggles again, prompting a look inside. “Hello?” It is not a doll after all. Blue eyes blink up while the toy hammer clutched in her hands continues to hammer in imaginary nails. She looks back down, considering her invisible project before her mother comes and greets her again. A little smile, bright eyes. A child full of imagination. Her shirt declares she believes in unicorns. It’s easy to know. After all, she is building her own little world in the curious red bag with the big bold letters.

Tidy Dogs Help Owner Clean Up The Trash28s

Tidy Dogs Help Owner Clean Up The Trash

Teaching your dogs some tricks is always a good thing. You start by teaching them some basic commands, like ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘heel’. These will make sure that your pet always knows the hierarchy in the pack that is your family, keeping you calm and itself safe. When you have all those basic commands down, then you can starts with the fun stuff. You can teach your dog to do pretty much anything, although it might be a very good idea to teach it how to fetch beer first. This owner has clearly invested in the time it takes to train her dogs in the janitorial arts. All she has to say is "clean up" and they immediately begin picking up trash and putting it in the garbage! Hard-core animal lovers would say that this looks like the dogs are slaving to the woman, but we think that is most definitely not the case! The woman has managed to teach her dogs to help her out when tidying up and we think it is an awesome idea! So next time they make a mess with the trash in the kitchen, she won’t have to scorn them or anything. All she has to do is tell them to “clean up" and they will fix the mess they made. So cool!

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Boxer Dog Actors Hollywood Has Been Waiting For 5s

Boxer Dog Actors Hollywood Has Been Waiting For

As an actor, you have to convey a character perfectly, and so convincingly, that it blurs the line between reality and fiction for the audience. Some actors who have graced the silver screen have transcended the medium of film with their glorious performances. Of course, there are other actors who, to a painstaking degree, make us cringe at how harsh and abrupt their performances are. Then, every once in a long while, there is an actor that steals our hearts with a performance so imaginative and otherworldly, that it shatters our perception of art entirely. This dog delivers such a performance in this unbelievable video. Here, we see the dog’s owner cocking her hand like a gun, and getting ready to fire. The dog, as if in true danger, cowardice, rollover, and plays dead, with a performance so outstanding, you would honestly believe that the dog was in peril. This dog could easily out act all of the greats, and go on to win an Oscar—preferably a bacon-flavored Oscar—for best performance in a video shot on an owner’s iPhone. This dog would have moviegoers lining up around the block on opening night, to pack domestic and foreign box office numbers. It would be easy to imagine this dog becoming a Titan of industry, going on all the late-night shows to perform magnificent tricks, until he decided to break free from his more commercial performances as a dog, and star in his own in the feature where he went on a quest to find his true meaning on the inside of the milk bone. Or, perhaps this little dog would be happier just lounging around at home, and fulfilling his destiny on the inside of a milk bone every time he “played dead” for his owner. In fact, that sounds a lot easier than going through the motions of being a world-famous actor.

Guilty Dog Left A Clue As To Who Messed Up The Bed Sly Doggie 40s

Guilty Dog Left A Clue As To Who Messed Up The Bed Sly Doggie

Whenever a thief robs a bank, forensic science is never too far behind figuring out who did it. Typically, the thief will leave a clue, like a fingerprint, or a hair sample. They might even leave a calling card. In some cases, however, the thief gets away, they are never captured, and the cases never solved. This is not one of those cases. In our story, here, we have a bulldog mix named Rover who is being confronted by his owner. The owner is trying to solve the case of “Who messed up my bed?” At first, Rover keeps a calm demure attitude. He knows nothing of the sort. It just so happens that the bed was made a mess while his owner was out, and he was home all alone. It's only a mere coincidence. Rover gives a loving smile and tilts his head like the adorable puppy he is, pining for a treat, and attention. That's when his owner flips the script, and progresses from good cop bad cop, pulling out her secret ace, and exposing rover for the “bad dog” he truly is. “What’s this?” she says. “Is this your toy?” The owner holds up a green, soft, chewable toy and points it directly at Rover in a confrontational manner. By the time the camera pans back over to Rover, he has already turned away, attempting to escape. This is even more proof that dogs speak perfect English, and they just choose not to. Rover obviously knows that he is the one who disrupted the bedsheets. He watched his own or make them this morning, all the while, thinking to himself, “The moment you leave the house, I'm gonna take my favorite chew toy, come up here, and wreak havoc.”

Cat hissing at owner when lights turned off 49s

Cat hissing at owner when lights turned off

When we first saw this video, we were ready to construe some kind of conspiracy theory about how cats can sense all the souls trapped inside video cameras—and by that, we mean that this video appeared to be proof that video cameras steal the souls of anyone they capture. By this cat’s reaction—what, with all the hissing and back-tracking—we thought we had proof. But, of course, the end result turned out to be much more hilarious. In the video, these poor owners have probably turned their camera on to capture a first encounter between their first cat, and their new, adorable, second cat. As you can see, when the video begins, the black cat keeps making direct eye contact with what looks like the camera. The cat hisses and shows its teeth. Then, the camera slowly pans around, and we’re introduced to an adorable, fluffy little ball of love—likely brought home for the first time. And the cat of the house is NOT having it. When the camera pans back, the cat of the house has started to plan his escape. As if knowing the purpose and function of a video camera, the cat waiting until it was turned around to begin its creeping backtrack down the hall. We then see one of the owners again, stroking their new cat gently. For heaven’s sake, what an odd greeting for one house-mate to say to another. Although this is almost an exact replica of what happens to 99% percent of freshmen dorm roommates when they meet for the first time, we’re sure that these owners had higher expectations when they brought a second, beautiful kitten into their lives. But, as French kittens will say, c’est la vie.

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Guilty dog can't make eye contact after he ran off 13s

Guilty dog can't make eye contact after he ran off

This dog is captivated. We’ve spoken quite a bit about how pets, especially dogs, appear to have cognitive abilities way beyond what we’ve conventionally given them credit for. However, everyone knows that, when it comes to treats, going outside, rides in the car, or playing in the ocean, dogs become single track minded—fast. In this video, Biscuits can’t seem to take his eyes off the prize of running into the water just out of frame. Let’s take a ride down memory lane, here, of Biscuit’s favorite memories, and compare just incredibly captivated he is by the ocean nearby. Thirty minutes ago, Biscuits owner, we’ll call him Captain Samuel, gave Biscuit a treat. Pun notwithstanding, Biscuit probably though he had died and gone to heaven. Then, Captain Samuel said the six words that can make Biscuit’s tail whirl like a helicopter propeller: “Want to go in the car?” At the sound of these words, Biscuit leapt for joy. The treat was now far, far away in his puppy mind. Biscuit ran to the back door. Captain Samuel opened the door, and Biscuit ran out into the wild like an animal on a mission. Then, a wealth of aromas feathered their way into Biscuit’s nose. For a moment, he completely forgot about the car ride. He could sense creatures of all kinds meandering about, and he was now in charge of making sure that absolutely, positively NONE of them got anywhere near the house. With a quick whistle from Captain Samuel, Biscuit’s attention darted back to the car. The Captain’s red truck glowed ominously in the driveway—a vessel by which wind would pummel Biscuit’s face wherever they went. Once on the beach, something came over Biscuit that only happens when dogs are near enormous bodies of water. He mind was gripped with intense, emotional focus. The treats, the frills of being outside, the big, red truck, and the whipping wind which made his gums flap all disappeared with the listless ocean waves. He could dive in, swim against the current, bathe in the cool waters, and lets the salt soak his body under the warm sun. Captain Samuel’s voice echoed in his ears—but Biscuit was unreachable, lost in the grandeur and the beauty of the deep, blue sea.

Dog Tells Owner That He Wants To Go Toilet 9s

Dog Tells Owner That He Wants To Go Toilet

We have all heard stories of people who say they can talk to their pets. In fact, we all know several people who consider their pet to be their favorite person. It’s no wonder that dog is “man’s best friend.” Why? Well, perhaps pets are too modest to tell us, but by watching this video, it’s clear that pets have been fluent in English, all along. In the video, we have two concrete examples of our little furry friend perfectly comprehending English better than most slouches down by the pub. When the owner says, “Tell me where you want to go, then?” the dog emphatically leaps towards the door with the unbridled enthusiasm of a young school boy. Then, the owner rephrases the statement using completely different words, saying, “Go on, show me!” the dog understands that the question has the same meaning—as he leaps towards the door a second time. Plus, the dog does this while immediately matching his emphatic leaps with reserved, “good boy” behavior. Actually, that brings up a pretty good point. Just how much better behaved are pets than slouches down by the pub? Maybe it’s because pets don’t have the right anatomy to vocalize the English language like people can, but this dog can certainly understand what’s going on. However, whether or not pets could ace a test on English literature, the plain, simple truth is that what pets do with this linguistic prowess is not short of astounding. Or, you could just chalk it up to excessive trial and error in the pursuit of delicious treats. You be the judge. For us, we’d prefer to believe that pets or scholars waiting for the chance to write their own Shakespeare-level plays, argue before the courts, and opine instead of sit by the back door and whine.

The Cat Cone of Shame But Falls Out Of Bed 11s

The Cat Cone of Shame But Falls Out Of Bed

Poor little Snowball—or, at least, that’s what we’ll call her. It looks like she has woken up on the wrong side of the bed—and her neck brace has startled her. Imagine that you are a tiny cat, and you awaken, confused by this ugly and awful plastic contraption wrapped around your neck. You are a cat, and you have no idea that this neck brace is here to help you. Then, unwittingly, you roll about, trying to get this claustrophobic contraption away from your head and face—but you only risk injuring yourself further by falling off the bed. Luckily, cats always land on their feet, and you avoid hurting yourself anymore. Actually, come to think of it, that makes a very good point. What in the world was Snowball doing when she did hurt herself. If cats always land on their feet, Snowball must have been embroiled in some pretty serious cat acrobatics. Perhaps that is why Snowball’s owner aptly names the title of this Snapchat video, “When you wake up and realise the snow damage.” Snowball’s owner clearly has a sense of humor, as well, as she slows down and zooms in so that every viewer of Snowball’s shame can see Snowball’s horrified expression on her face as she awakens and realizes that she is trapped inside a neck brace. As she flails and moves about the bed, her haphazard movements are evidence of two things. First, even if cats are amazingly resilient and limber animals, the moment something interferes with their sense of space and balance, all bets are off. Second—and this might be more of a personal thing—but Snowball is quickly learning that whatever she did to put herself in the situation, she will do everything in her power going forward to make sure it never happens again.

This Cat Does Not Like Listerine Much 24s

This Cat Does Not Like Listerine Much

Can cats smell danger? Or, at the very least, can cats sense when they shouldn't stick their nose in something? This little cat, we will call him Lionel, sits high up on his IKEA furniture assembled throne, Kingdom of all that is the laundry room. Then, Lionel's unsuspecting wit gets a whiff of something he is probably not very prepared for. Out of nowhere, Lionel's master holds up a bottle of Listerine. The cap is off, and the 99.9% bacteria killing sent is free to waft about the air. Treading carefully, Lionel gets his nose down for a tiny smell. But, mere moments after testing what lies beneath, Lionel quickly decides that it's not for him, and begins to crane his neck and turn away. His owner is relentless, however, and although trying to act like the king of the kingdom he is, Lionel is forced to move out of the way to avoid the terrifyingly strong, “Professional—Fluoride Plus” solution. After all, who would blame Lionel? This poor cat has a nose that can smell at a much, much more powerful depth than any human nose. Even the tiniest smell of Listerine probably smells and tastes like a gulp of rubbing alcohol to little Lionel. Call it evolution. Call it the nature of the household. Call it “stubbornness” and claimed that all household cats have banded together and signed an agreement where they will repeatedly neglect their owners’ every wish until the end of all nine of their lives, but the simple fact is that Lionel can tell that whatever is in that Listerine bottle is not for him—and he will have nothing to do with it. Now, a warm bowl of milk, and the conversation might be a little different.

Guilty Dog Busted, Gives Owner Priceless Reaction 15s

Guilty Dog Busted, Gives Owner Priceless Reaction

If you have ever wondered whether or not dogs have the same level of emotional depth as humans, this video proves that, yes, indeed, they do. As Roman stairs into the camera with his soft, guilty eyes, his owner's words, “Roman? What did you do?” echo sternly. Surely, if dogs can hear several times better than humans, her condescending tone of voice must sound several times more reprimanding. As the camera pans down, and shows us a tiny, little mess on the floor, there is not much left to the imagination as to whether or not Roman made the mess—considering his rather telling expression. Roman compounds and guilt by burying his head under his paw and curling up in a ball. As Roman’s owner approaches him, he shies away, too guilty to look into the camera. It's almost as if we are watching a reality TV show confrontation, or a celebrity being approached by paparazzi on the street. Roman knows that he has been bad, but he can't hide. Then, as if fully capable of the wealth of human emotions, Roman appears to change his mind as his owner grows ever closer. Roman turns and stares without blinking—but only for a moment. It appears that Roman cannot sustain a cold, hard demeanor for long. As his owner recites the words “That was bad!” Roman darts his eyes away, ashamed of the camera and his dirty deed—left just feet away on the carpet. After all the rambunctious behavior, all the torn up pillows and chewed up shoes, dogs do feel shame. At least Roman does. What a poor puppy. His owner is making him feel bad by shoving a camera in his face. What if Roman had been left alone all day? Maybe it was his owner's responsibility to come home and let him out. Either way, Roman will not be leaving another mess on the floor anytime soon.

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Dog Kisses Baby So Gentle Cute Baby Reaction 14s

Dog Kisses Baby So Gentle Cute Baby Reaction

If you think about it, the size and magnitude of Clifford the Big, Red Dog are more or less proportionally accurate if everyone else in the story is a baby. In this video, we see a mother lovingly tell her copy to give her baby a big kiss. Now, any animal trainer or specialist will tell you that you want to make sure that your dog is well trained before letting it get so close to a newborn baby. So, if you are thinking of trying this at home, make sure your dog is obedient and kind-mannered before putting your baby too close to its chompers. After a few moments, the dog leans in, completely eclipses the baby’s body with its snout, and proceeds to give the baby an enormous, sloppy kiss with its massive tongue. If you ever read any of the Clifford the Big, Red Dog books, this would probably be as close as it gets to playing with the dog of Clifford's size. While the baby’s shirt says, “The Force is Strong With This One,” it may be more apt to say that the dog has enough force in its snout and tongue to completely push the baby over. As you can see—the mother braces her hand next to the baby in case the GeForce of the dog's tongue is a bit abrasive and causes the baby to roll off the bed. But, for now, the baby is safe, nestled between his mother's hand and the tummy of the puppy dog whom he will surely grow to love dearly. Imagine if you could experience such an enveloping amount of love from an enormous canine creature. Just like the baby, you would probably be so stunned that your facial expression would stay frozen, too.

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Cat Fails To Recognize Her Owner With Mud Mask On16s

Cat Fails To Recognize Her Owner With Mud Mask On

In this video, we have a prime example of just how protective animals can be of their homes, their owners, and their surroundings. In the foreground, we can see a guest, or perhaps this cat's owner, wearing a mud mask . This has slightly changed the owner's appearance - and the cat isn't having anything to do with it. Noticing that something is different, the cat on the armrest of the couch carefully moves his rear as to not knock over the thousand dollar iPad Pro, and stairs with terrified, wide eyes at the side of the girl's face. When she turns, Gertrude fears for the worst and unleashes an onslaught of hissing. Hissing is surely the appropriate amount of defense, as this mud faced intruder will be foiled immediately and scared into leaving the premises of Gertrude's home forever. But, much to Gertrude's surprise, the girl laughs it off with her friend, leaving Gertrude to give another small hiss - a last attempt to defend the Homestead against these odd looking individuals who have crept into Gertrude's personal space . Completely disabled by their laughter, Gertrude immediately gives up and attempts to turn away. She has clearly lost this battle. As the girl turns back to taunt Gertrude again, Gertrude shows her backside, saving face and indicating that she never cared much for their interaction in the first place. In the end, this just goes to show how important a pet can be to your home security. If Gertrude is this frazzled and ruffled by someone whose face looks a little different, imagine how much she would react if a real intruder were to burst into the house. There would be a full on, claws out, assault. Intruders beware.

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Rottweiler Caught Eating His Bed Watch The Reaction 28s

Rottweiler Caught Eating His Bed Watch The Reaction

Have you ever been caught in the act? I mean really caught out, bang to rights, with no way out and no chance of explaining your actions that is going to make an ounce of difference? Well, this bad dog has been caught in the act of the worst betrayal possible; he’s chewing his bed, the one lovingly provided by his owner, and seems to be pushing it towards the door at the same time. Maybe he’s trying to tell his owner something, like he doesn’t want this bed cluttering up the house, or maybe he just prefers snoozing on a human bed or snuggling up on a comfy sofa in the afternoon. Dogs are pretty smart, so he’s probably worked it out that a new bed costs money and his owner might think twice about replacing it. That way he can call the shots about where he sleeps from now on and grab the best spots whenever possible. And if he doesn’t have a bed there’s nowhere to send him when he’s been naughty. But he doesn’t seem to notice that his owner is filming the dirty deed in progress. Maybe he just doesn’t care. There’s a telling off coming, but he’ll take it in his stride and in a couple of hours they’ll be pals again. And how can you possibly tell him off when he looks at you like that? With that look, he could probably get away with doing just about anything and he knows it. Remember I said that dogs are smart? Well this one is taking it to a whole new level of clever. He knows he’s been caught, he knows he can’t blame it on another dog because he’s on camera, so the only remaining tactic is to flash those big brown puppy eyes and hope for the best.

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Dog On Destruction When Owner Gets Home8s

Dog On Destruction When Owner Gets Home

They say that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself, but that doesn’t include food. Because if a dog loves anything above all else it’s what it can find to put in its mouth. Now, this dog’s owner is in for a shocking surprise when he opens the door. It’s like a horror movie for pet owners as he turns the handle and the door creaks open to reveal a scene of terror that only those who have ever shared their home with a dog have ever experienced. There’s kitchen things all over the floor and it looks like the place is a crime scene. Has he been broken into while he was at work? Or has a jealous ex kept a set of keys and snuck in while he was out, then turned the place over. Nope, it’s neither of those, but I bet he’s wishing it was now. It’s his faithful companion, man’s best friend and the most loyal animal on the planet. Until she’s looking for a snack. And not only has she been searching for a quick bite to eat, she’s also been caught right in the act, on top of the work surface as she digs around looking for a tasty treat. But now it’s her turn for a surprise. I bet she was thinking she would just curl up and have a snooze while she waited for her owner to return, then pretend like nothing had happened. But she can’t do that now. She’s been caught good and proper and the fright sends her over the edge, quite literally. And then she just strolls away with a shrug, like it’s the most natural thing in the world – ‘Nothing to see here. The mess? I don’t know who could have done such a thing.’

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Weirdo dog decides to sit in chair like a human1m00s

Weirdo dog decides to sit in chair like a human

Looks like Pickles the dog has found the perfect seat to sit on and he’s not about to move for anything. Some animals like a cozy spot by the fire, others prefer a comfy bed or to lounge around on the sofa. Not Pickles though, he’s quite content sitting on this chair, no matter if it isn’t the most comfortable. You might wonder why he’s chosen this chair to park himself on? It could the best spot for the TV and his favorite program may be about to start. Or maybe it looks out into the back garden and he can watch the birds and make sure no rogue cats come wandering through. Pretty soon he’s going to realise that he won’t be able to lie down though, and then he’ll have to find another place to sit. Maybe his owner has left the bedroom door open again and he’ll be able to sneak in and have a nap in some real comfort. Dogs do the strangest things at times and we can’t hope to understand what is going on in Pickles’ mind. Perhaps he just saw someone sit in that chair one day and thought he’d try it for himself.

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Guilty Dog Caught Red-Handed, Gives Priceless Reaction1m10s

Guilty Dog Caught Red-Handed, Gives Priceless Reaction

Look at this naughty hound. He’s after something that’s in the cupboard and is determined that it’s going to his. He’s obviously watched how his owner opens the doors, but he just doesn’t quite grasp how it’s done. If only he had opposable thumbs... There could be a tasty snack in there, or a favorite toy to play with and he’s not about to give up on it that easily. But watch his reaction when he gets called out. Clearly, <a href=" " target="_blank">mischievous</a> Rocco has no idea that his owner is filming the whole scene and when she asks what he’s up to he immediately goes into the classic dog defense of pretending that he can’t hear her, or doesn’t understand what she’s saying. Maybe if he looks away for long enough, she’ll probably realize that he’s a good dog after all and will leave him alone. Won’t she? Or maybe if he stands completely still she won’t be able to see him. Watching this clip makes you wonder what dogs really do get up to when they think you’re not looking, apart from showing a level of intelligence and ingenuity that can solve complex problems. Their will to not make their owners upset is certainly admirable, but we really have to wonder, how can we make our pet dogs understand that getting caught elbows deep in a mess can’t be made up?

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Baby Feeding German Shepards 1m16s

Baby Feeding German Shepards

If you’ve ever thought that a German Shepherd was a big dangerous dog with a loud bark that was bred to guard and defend, then you’re partly right. These dogs can take down a fully-grown man like he was a feather, which is why the cops use them when dealing with dangerous offenders. But they have a gentler side to them as well and when you watch this clip you’ll understand just how placid they can be. The toddler can’t be more than about 2 years old and yet she’s feeding these two dogs by hand and they are as gentle as can be with her. No snatching or grabbing by them. They are being so careful to make sure their teeth don’t touch her hand and just take the tasty treat. It’s building this little girl’s confidence and it’s a great example of how to build a good relationship between the dogs and the child. And as she is growing up she won’t have any problems in that neighborhood. Not with two big minders like these watching her back at all times.

Published: October 11, 201732 views
In the Dog House 2m06s

In the Dog House

Have you ever come home to a scene of utter disaster? If you own a dog then the chances are that you have, at some point, come home to something that’s been destroyed. That’s what happened to this family when they went out for the day and came back to find that the dog had chewed through his water bowl. There’s no way out of this one. It’s not like he can blame it on another dog or some stray cat and now he’s getting a telling off from his owner and he’s not exactly taking it in his stride. Just look at that body language. His eyes have become slits, he’s shaking and can’t maintain eye contact. He knows he’s in the dog house and he knows exactly why as well. But he’s still offering that conciliatory wag of his tail, as if to appease his owner and say, ‘it’s not that bad.’ Animals know when they’ve done wrong and this guy knows that chewing through his water bowl is going to have consequences. The telling off is something that he’s just going to have to get through, but he knows that in 10 minutes it’ll all be forgotten and they’ll be friends again.

Scooby Snacks 1m10s

Scooby Snacks

This little girl is about to eat the dog’s tasty snacks but doesn’t seem to mind, until it’s pointed out that they are for the family pet. When she is shown that there’s a dog on the package it just seems to be even more amusing to her and she carries on regardless. But where is the dog? He’s probably sitting there watching her, out of shot of the camera as he waits patiently for a snack that doesn’t look like it’s going to come his way any time soon. He must be wondering what’s going on and cursing the day this little scamp came to live in his house. Those aren’t Scooby Snacks after all and certainly not to be shared with small children under any circumstances. I’m sure that the owner eventually took the dog treats from the little girl and gave her something a bit tastier to eat. And I’m sure that the dog was probably rewarded for his unending patience and understanding; that sometimes when you’re hungry it doesn’t matter what’s on offer, you’ll eat it just the same.

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The Force is Strong in This One48s

The Force is Strong in This One

This cat is all confused about this miniature R2-D2 and all the fancy moves he makes. A quick paw, just to make the tiny robot isn’t a threat, but make sure you keep your distance at the same time, just in case he wants to turn you to the Dark Side. A swish of his tail tells you that he isn’t too impressed with the robotic interloper and he’d probably like to see him turned into spare parts before he takes over his comfy spot by the fireplace. Watching animals interact with gadgets like these is fascinating. You know that the cat knows that this isn’t something living, but he just can’t work out how it moves, whistles and beeps like that. And it shows no fear either, not like a mouse or a rat. But he just can’t help investigating when it moves to the next room in the house and stops. You just get the feeling that this cat is waiting for just the perfect opportunity to pounce on it and be rid of this metal menace once and for all.

Published: October 5, 201737 views
Life’s Such a Drag31s

Life’s Such a Drag

There’s nothing more heart-warming than seeing two animals, who can often grow up to be mortal enemies, getting along just fine. But this crazy pup might get more than he bargains for if he keeps getting rough with this cat, grabbing him by the scruff of the neck and yanking at him like he was a stuffed toy. Just because puss is putting up with him for now, doesn’t mean she’s going to take that sort of punishment every time and there might be a hard lesson in how sharp her claws are just around the corner. Still, it seems like they’re having fun in their yard at the moment and judging by the wagging tail, the dog’s only thought is for enjoying this game of drag the cat around. And we’re pretty sure the cat wouldn’t be hanging around if she wasn’t enjoying the rough and tumble as well. Here’s hoping they stay the best of friends when pooch grows up to be twice the size and just as good natured as he is in this clip.

Published: October 5, 201710 views
Kung Fu Kitten25s

Kung Fu Kitten

Look at this little mouser and the way he attacks that toy. You just know that you’re never going to have a rodent problem in your house while this tiny terror is around. He’s going to rule your yard and the surrounding neighbourhood with that steely determination of his. And look at those moves. Even Bruce Lee couldn’t move like that when he was in his prime, ducking and jinking from side to side, sizing up his opponent and getting ready to land that sucker punch. But the most striking thing about this little guy is his eyes. They’re like dinner plates as he eyes up the next bit of mischief he can get up to and it looks his owner could be the target. Cats are such great pets to have around. They are bundles of fun when they are kittens and easy to look after when they get a bit older, adapting to the way you live your life and fitting in seamlessly. But watch out for those claws. This one looks like he knows what they are for and he’s not afraid to use them.

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Is This Dog a ‘Springer?’27s

Is This Dog a ‘Springer?’

Taking a long, leisurely stroll in the countryside is something that most of us love. It’s best done with a friend or a loved one, but when you add a dog into the mix things usually get a lot more fun and entertaining. This little dog really enjoys her summer walks and is eager to be getting on with it, but she’s so small that she can’t see above the overgrown grass which towers above her head. It looks like she has springs attached to her paws as she bounces up and down, trying to locate her owner and find where the path is. It’s a great tactic of course, as she finds her way eventually, but this video clip just goes to show how ingenious our pets can be and how they have an innate ability to problem solve. Taking walks with your dog almost always brings a smile to your face and this clip is no exception.