Cat hissing at owner when lights turned off

cocopopsPublished: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 201710 views
Published: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 2017

When we first saw this video, we were ready to construe some kind of conspiracy theory about how cats can sense all the souls trapped inside video cameras—and by that, we mean that this video appeared to be proof that video cameras steal the souls of anyone they capture. By this cat’s reaction—what, with all the hissing and back-tracking—we thought we had proof.

But, of course, the end result turned out to be much more hilarious.

In the video, these poor owners have probably turned their camera on to capture a first encounter between their first cat, and their new, adorable, second cat. As you can see, when the video begins, the black cat keeps making direct eye contact with what looks like the camera. The cat hisses and shows its teeth.

Then, the camera slowly pans around, and we’re introduced to an adorable, fluffy little ball of love—likely brought home for the first time.

And the cat of the house is NOT having it.

When the camera pans back, the cat of the house has started to plan his escape. As if knowing the purpose and function of a video camera, the cat waiting until it was turned around to begin its creeping backtrack down the hall.

We then see one of the owners again, stroking their new cat gently. For heaven’s sake, what an odd greeting for one house-mate to say to another. Although this is almost an exact replica of what happens to 99% percent of freshmen dorm roommates when they meet for the first time, we’re sure that these owners had higher expectations when they brought a second, beautiful kitten into their lives.

But, as French kittens will say, c’est la vie.

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