Cat Fails To Recognize Her Owner With Mud Mask On

Published November 9, 2017 162,591 Views

Rumble / Cats & KittensIn this video, we have a prime example of just how protective animals can be of their homes, their owners, and their surroundings. In the foreground, we can see a guest, or perhaps this cat's owner, wearing a mud mask. This has slightly changed the owner's appearance - and the cat isn't having anything to do with it.

Noticing that something is different, the cat on the armrest of the couch carefully moves his rear as to not knock over the thousand dollar iPad Pro, and stairs with terrified, wide eyes at the side of the girl's face.

When she turns, Gertrude fears for the worst and unleashes an onslaught of hissing. Hissing is surely the appropriate amount of defense, as this mud faced intruder will be foiled immediately and scared into leaving the premises of Gertrude's home forever.

But, much to Gertrude's surprise, the girl laughs it off with her friend, leaving Gertrude to give another small hiss - a last attempt to defend the Homestead against these odd looking individuals who have crept into Gertrude's personal space.

Completely disabled by their laughter, Gertrude immediately gives up and attempts to turn away. She has clearly lost this battle. As the girl turns back to taunt Gertrude again, Gertrude shows her backside, saving face and indicating that she never cared much for their interaction in the first place.

In the end, this just goes to show how important a pet can be to your home security. If Gertrude is this frazzled and ruffled by someone whose face looks a little different, imagine how much she would react if a real intruder were to burst into the house. There would be a full on, claws out, assault. Intruders beware.