Guilty dog can't make eye contact after he ran off

cocopopsPublished: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 2017
Published: November 14, 2017Updated: November 15, 2017

This dog is captivated. We’ve spoken quite a bit about how pets, especially dogs, appear to have cognitive abilities way beyond what we’ve conventionally given them credit for. However, everyone knows that, when it comes to treats, going outside, rides in the car, or playing in the ocean, dogs become single track minded—fast.

In this video, Biscuits can’t seem to take his eyes off the prize of running into the water just out of frame. Let’s take a ride down memory lane, here, of Biscuit’s favorite memories, and compare just incredibly captivated he is by the ocean nearby.

Thirty minutes ago, Biscuits owner, we’ll call him Captain Samuel, gave Biscuit a treat. Pun notwithstanding, Biscuit probably though he had died and gone to heaven. Then, Captain Samuel said the six words that can make Biscuit’s tail whirl like a helicopter propeller: “Want to go in the car?”

At the sound of these words, Biscuit leapt for joy. The treat was now far, far away in his puppy mind. Biscuit ran to the back door. Captain Samuel opened the door, and Biscuit ran out into the wild like an animal on a mission.

Then, a wealth of aromas feathered their way into Biscuit’s nose. For a moment, he completely forgot about the car ride. He could sense creatures of all kinds meandering about, and he was now in charge of making sure that absolutely, positively NONE of them got anywhere near the house.

With a quick whistle from Captain Samuel, Biscuit’s attention darted back to the car. The Captain’s red truck glowed ominously in the driveway—a vessel by which wind would pummel Biscuit’s face wherever they went.

Once on the beach, something came over Biscuit that only happens when dogs are near enormous bodies of water. He mind was gripped with intense, emotional focus. The treats, the frills of being outside, the big, red truck, and the whipping wind which made his gums flap all disappeared with the listless ocean waves.

He could dive in, swim against the current, bathe in the cool waters, and lets the salt soak his body under the warm sun.

Captain Samuel’s voice echoed in his ears—but Biscuit was unreachable, lost in the grandeur and the beauty of the deep, blue sea.

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