Weirdo dog decides to sit in chair like a human

Published October 11, 2017 9,686 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLooks like Pickles the dog has found the perfect seat to sit on and he’s not about to move for anything. Some animals like a cozy spot by the fire, others prefer a comfy bed or to lounge around on the sofa. Not Pickles though, he’s quite content sitting on this chair, no matter if it isn’t the most comfortable.

You might wonder why he’s chosen this chair to park himself on? It could the best spot for the TV and his favorite program may be about to start. Or maybe it looks out into the back garden and he can watch the birds and make sure no rogue cats come wandering through.

Pretty soon he’s going to realise that he won’t be able to lie down though, and then he’ll have to find another place to sit. Maybe his owner has left the bedroom door open again and he’ll be able to sneak in and have a nap in some real comfort.

Dogs do the strangest things at times and we can’t hope to understand what is going on in Pickles’ mind. Perhaps he just saw someone sit in that chair one day and thought he’d try it for himself.