Boxer Dog Actors Hollywood Has Been Waiting For

cocopops Published November 20, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble As an actor, you have to convey a character perfectly, and so convincingly, that it blurs the line between reality and fiction for the audience. Some actors who have graced the silver screen have transcended the medium of film with their glorious performances. Of course, there are other actors who, to a painstaking degree, make us cringe at how harsh and abrupt their performances are.

Then, every once in a long while, there is an actor that steals our hearts with a performance so imaginative and otherworldly, that it shatters our perception of art entirely.

This dog delivers such a performance in this unbelievable video. Here, we see the dog’s owner cocking her hand like a gun, and getting ready to fire. The dog, as if in true danger, cowardice, rollover, and plays dead, with a performance so outstanding, you would honestly believe that the dog was in peril.

This dog could easily out act all of the greats, and go on to win an Oscar—preferably a bacon-flavored Oscar—for best performance in a video shot on an owner’s iPhone. This dog would have moviegoers lining up around the block on opening night, to pack domestic and foreign box office numbers.

It would be easy to imagine this dog becoming a Titan of industry, going on all the late-night shows to perform magnificent tricks, until he decided to break free from his more commercial performances as a dog, and star in his own in the feature where he went on a quest to find his true meaning on the inside of the milk bone.

Or, perhaps this little dog would be happier just lounging around at home, and fulfilling his destiny on the inside of a milk bone every time he “played dead” for his owner. In fact, that sounds a lot easier than going through the motions of being a world-famous actor.