Dog On Destruction When Owner Gets Home

cocopopsPublished: October 29, 2017Updated: October 30, 201743 views
Published: October 29, 2017Updated: October 30, 2017

They say that a dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself, but that doesn’t include food. Because if a dog loves anything above all else it’s what it can find to put in its mouth.

Now, this dog’s owner is in for a shocking surprise when he opens the door. It’s like a horror movie for pet owners as he turns the handle and the door creaks open to reveal a scene of terror that only those who have ever shared their home with a dog have ever experienced.

There’s kitchen things all over the floor and it looks like the place is a crime scene. Has he been broken into while he was at work? Or has a jealous ex kept a set of keys and snuck in while he was out, then turned the place over.

Nope, it’s neither of those, but I bet he’s wishing it was now. It’s his faithful companion, man’s best friend and the most loyal animal on the planet. Until she’s looking for a snack. And not only has she been searching for a quick bite to eat, she’s also been caught right in the act, on top of the work surface as she digs around looking for a tasty treat.

But now it’s her turn for a surprise. I bet she was thinking she would just curl up and have a snooze while she waited for her owner to return, then pretend like nothing had happened. But she can’t do that now. She’s been caught good and proper and the fright sends her over the edge, quite literally.

And then she just strolls away with a shrug, like it’s the most natural thing in the world – ‘Nothing to see here. The mess? I don’t know who could have done such a thing.’

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