Scooby Snacks

cocopopsPublished: October 11, 2017Updated: October 24, 201713 views
Published: October 11, 2017Updated: October 24, 2017

This little girl is about to eat the dog’s tasty snacks but doesn’t seem to mind, until it’s pointed out that they are for the family pet. When she is shown that there’s a dog on the package it just seems to be even more amusing to her and she carries on regardless.

But where is the dog? He’s probably sitting there watching her, out of shot of the camera as he waits patiently for a snack that doesn’t look like it’s going to come his way any time soon. He must be wondering what’s going on and cursing the day this little scamp came to live in his house.

Those aren’t Scooby Snacks after all and certainly not to be shared with small children under any circumstances.

I’m sure that the owner eventually took the dog treats from the little girl and gave her something a bit tastier to eat. And I’m sure that the dog was probably rewarded for his unending patience and understanding; that sometimes when you’re hungry it doesn’t matter what’s on offer, you’ll eat it just the same.

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