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A Deer And Emu Have Become Unlikely Best Friends23s

A Deer And Emu Have Become Unlikely Best Friends

An intriguing friendship has formed between a deer and a young emu. The emu, without any emu friends of his own, has bonded with a fallow deer named Charlie and follows him around the yard, grazing, and snuggling up to him for a nap. Such a rare and precious friendship!

Senior Cocker Spaniel Mix, Left at Shelter When Owner Died, Gets Transformation 2m12s

Senior Cocker Spaniel Mix, Left at Shelter When Owner Died, Gets Transformation

Most seniors like Scooby are overlooked in the shelter, this transformation was his chance to give him a second look, a second chance at life - and it did! Scooby is now in a training program to help inmates in prison. Full story: Scooby was turned in to the shelter when his owner died. Scooby, a cocker spaniel mix is a senior and just by age alone he is often overlooked in the shelter. Hollywood Rescue Grooming stepped in and donated their time and clippers to give Scooby a new look. Since filming, Scooby is now in a program that helps fellow prison inmates. That day, Hollywood Groomers cut, groomed, spruced and glammed up 56 dogs and since then all have found homes, including Joey. Every dog deserves a second look, a second chance and a second home! Please share Scooby's story to inspire everyone to #adopt Special thanks to: OC Animal Care Please donate to their Noble Friends Foundation, a program that helps animals in desperate need of medical attention: To help fund more lifesaving transformations please donate to: Hollywood Rescue Grooming Director: Hai-Lam Phan Producer: Dawn Arunee Poomee Music provided by Premium Beats Catch up with PAWsitive socially! Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: G+: ***All people, locations, photos, footage and logos have been used with express written consent from all parties.***

Kitty Meets Parrot For The First Time. Just Watch His Reaction! 46s

Kitty Meets Parrot For The First Time. Just Watch His Reaction!

If you think that cats have it easy, think again. They don’t ask for a lot in life. They want to have their food delivered to them in their favorite bowl at the exact time, and not a nanosecond later. Don’t bother bringing it earlier either because no one wants to eat stale food, alright?! They also want to sleep wherever they please , and if it just happens to be your face, then don’t bother moving. If there is one thing which you shouldn’t do at any occasion, ever, it’s to wake up a cat for no apparent reason which as it turns out is exactly what this owner did. Looking at this Ragdoll kitten we can’t help but be reminded of the cartoon animations with Sylvester the Cat and Tweety. Granted, Sylvester was a bicolored cat and not a Ragdoll, but its fascination with the toy parrot he is presented is very similar. At first Timo the Ragdoll isn’t even aware of the fake FurReal parrot. He is happily dozing on the living room couch when his owners activate the fake green bird which wakes Timo up. At first Timo doesn’t understand the new creature, but slowly, bit by bit, he gets curious, and incredibly funny while he’s at it. He starts sniffing the cat and poking it with his paw, but the stubborn toy doesn’t even budge. He starts swiping at his opponent but doesn’t get a reaction. Poor Timo doesn’t know that it isn’t a living, breathing thing . It’s safe to say that he has found his new obsession for the next week to come.

This Cute Cat Refusing To Go Outside Will Melt Your Heart 30s

This Cute Cat Refusing To Go Outside Will Melt Your Heart

Go outside, they said. It will be good for you, they said. Well, how can they know if it is good for us? Sure, it is brighter and greener outside, especially when the sun is shining, plus breathing some fresh air could lift the spirits a bit. But going out means preparation, a change of clothes, putting on a pair of shoes, opening the door, then closing it behind us and locking it, sometimes it even entails going down at least one flight of stairs. That can be tiresome. This lazy cat really embodies exactly how we feel when we're just not in the mood for going outside. Sometimes the thought of going outside can be as daunting as lifting a hundred pounds, and on those days all we want to do is cozy up to a good book on the couch! We got to say that this is the first time we see a cat rather not go outside ! While Oliver’s young owner hold the big tom in her arms and gently asks him if he wants to go outside, the puss hides himself in her embrace, a sure tell sign that this is where he thinks he belongs. Oliver, wanna go outside? “Jeez, hooman, why do you ask me such trivial questions? Why do you torment me with such difficult decisions?” It must be really hard to tell the hooman that you love most in the world that you don’t like spending time with them out in the open. Why won’t she just lay back and let him purr on her belly?

Watch The Reaction Of This Lovely Dog Upon Hearing He Has Been Adopted 50s

Watch The Reaction Of This Lovely Dog Upon Hearing He Has Been Adopted

Dreadlock is almost 10 years old and has been at our shelter for the last 4 of those years. He arrived with horrendous skin problems and a filthy, matted coat, hence his name. Dreadlock loves his cuddles and his walks, but he is generally a placid, quiet, older dog, who doesn't get excited about much. Imagine our surprise then at the reaction one of our volunteers got when he went to tell Dreadlock that he has been adopted and will leave soon for his forever home in the UK... There are thousands upon thousands of abandoned pets at shelters all over the US, just waiting for their second chance at life. If you are in the market for a new companion, please consider adopting – you will make those animals feel loved again! ...The Soi Dog Foundation is a not for profit organization that relies on donations to help Thailand's dogs & cats that have been abused or neglected. As a supporter you will be giving these animals a 2nd chance at life. There are many ways you can help either by donating to our "Magic 1000' club that helps feed dogs rescued from the illegal dog meat trade to "Sponsoring one of the rescued shelter dogs, or one of many other options. Please take a moment to visit our Facebook page at ... & our website at

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Bunny Harvestman preparing for a new day2m50s

Bunny Harvestman preparing for a new day

Here is another video of the Bunny Harvestman from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador. Its scientific name is Metagryne bicolumnata, from the family of Cosmetidae, in the order of Opiliones, also known as Harvestmen or daddy longlegs. They are not spiders, but belong to the same class of Arachnida. Contrary to a common belief Harvestmen do not have venom glands and are absolutely harmless. Harvestmen have been around for at least 400 million years and lived even before the dinosaurs. watch my previous video of the Bunny Harvestman: