Today we tried the "Glowing 1000 Degree EXPERIMENT" using a SAW BLADE VS MULTIPLE BALLS. The saw blade lost heat very rapidly but was still able to destroy the multiple balls we had on hand in a very satisfying way. In this video the saw blade melted through a soccer ball, ping pong ball, styrofoam

Published: February 8, 2017Updated: February 18, 20174,168 viewsVirality: 31%
Rockslide In Geiranger57s

Rockslide In Geiranger

Occurred on May 8, 2017 / Geiranger fjorden, Norway Info from Licensor: "My school went on a Mountain trip when suddenly we heard loud noises. We SAW big blocks of rocks falling down into the Fjord and were amazed by it!"

Published: May 9, 20176,582 viewsVirality: 12%
Friendly wild cat politely begs for scraps2m47s

Friendly wild cat politely begs for scraps

There are millions of stray animals on the streets everywhere. They struggle everyday to survive, looking for food and shelter while saving their hide from predators. These little stray souls rely on the will of good people to give them food and shelter and thankfully, such people do exist. This adorable little kitty happened across such a gentle soul in this man, as he's having his lunch in a restaurant. She approaches him from the side and gently taps him on the arm. Watch as he turns to greet her, sees how timid she is and offers her a piece of his plate! She struggles to ask for seconds, but then other patrons join in to help the kitty have a decent meal. Such a heartwarming moment! How could you say no to that face?!

Published: May 12, 2017Updated: May 15, 201779,716 viewsVirality: 3%
Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash in Mukilteo, Washington58s

Dramatic Dashcam Footage Shows Plane Crash in Mukilteo, Washington

A small plane crashed in flames at Mukilteo Boulevard Southwest in Mukilteo, Washington, on May 2nd, 2017. This incredible dashcam footage shows the plane coming down over the busy street. A number of cars were damaged, but local reports said there were no serious injuries. The single-engine plane crashed at around 3.40 pm local time, shortly after it took off from Paine Field airport, not far from the crash site. The footage shows the plane hitting some power lines on its way down, which caused a brief power cut in the area, the Snohomish County Public Utilities District said. Watch as the small airplane abruptly enters view of the dashcam and hurtles toward the ground after striking power lines. Once again, it's incredible that no major injuries were reported.

Published: May 3, 201725,804 viewsVirality: 19%
Talkative parrot has full conversation with owner's feet58s

Talkative parrot has full conversation with owner's feet

You gotta love parrots! Especially the larger birds, parrots can be very entertaining pets, although demanding to keep. But if you love a bird that is very affectionate and can talk back to you, then an Indian Ringneck parakeet is the right choice for you! "What are you doing?" says Luna, the Indian Ringneck, standing on her owner's feet. "What are YOU doing?" asks her owner back. But Luna isn't interested in her owner, rather the owner's feet! "Tickle-tickle?" Luna asks the toes, to which the owner bursts laughing. Can you imagine a bird tickling your feet? You can't help but laugh along with him!

Published: May 6, 2017Updated: May 8, 201732,491 viewsVirality: 21%

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Baby goats climb onto patient horse named Mr. G1m32s

Baby goats climb onto patient horse named Mr. G

Who knew that horses can be excellent babysitters? They are loyal, trustworthy, and judging by the patience of this horse – very chill when energetic baby goats jump on their backs. A group of adorable baby goats decide to test their climbing skills using the back of a patient horse named 'Mr. G'. Do you think they'll all succeed? He's the perfect babysitter! Or maybe he's just tired and decided to give up and let the little goats have their fun, who knows.

Published: June 28, 2014Updated: May 19, 20171,676,520 views
Talented baby jumps in and swims across pool15s

Talented baby jumps in and swims across pool

Here we can see a case of infant swimming, which is the phenomenon of human babies and toddlers reflexively moving themselves through water and changing their rate of respiration and heart rate in response to being submerged. The slowing of heart rate and breathing is called the bradycardic response. It is not true that babies are born with the ability to swim, though they have reflexes that make it look like they are. Babies aren't old enough to hold their breath intentionally or strong enough to keep their head above water. This adorable baby, named Aiden, jumps right into the backyard pool and manages to swim across it with ease! Have you ever seen a baby swim like that before? He may be a future Olympian!

Published: June 29, 2014Updated: May 19, 20171,554,146 viewsVirality: 28%
Overenthusiastic dog cools off in backyard pool27s

Overenthusiastic dog cools off in backyard pool

Dogs are usually happy when they have a yard to run around, but having a pool is the best thing ever, and the precious pooch in this video proves it. Sookie the Greyhound absolutely loves to cool off and jump around the backyard pool. She can't contain her excitement! Who can blame her, pools are cool!

Published: July 2, 2014Updated: May 19, 20171,472,811 viewsVirality: 4%
Parrot attempts to befriend cautious kitten2m07s

Parrot attempts to befriend cautious kitten

Young kittens are usually very cautious of their surroundings and potential friends, and that explains the cute reaction of the kitty in this video This precious little curious parrot really wants to make this kitty his new best friend! When he first notices him, he's making an adorable expression, as he's trying to say “Let's play together”. And then, he starts chasing him around the yard, letting him know that he want to make him his best buddy! Do you think he's doing a good job? By the way, have you ever seen a parrot getting any close to a cat? Does this look scary to you? We're out of comments!

Published: July 6, 2014Updated: May 19, 20171,244,972 viewsVirality: 6%