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Cutest Little Girl Reacts To Sliding Down On A Rollercoaster1m56s

Cutest Little Girl Reacts To Sliding Down On A Rollercoaster

Roller coasters are amazing, fun and at the same time absolutely terrifying attractions in amusement parks. These giant track loops with trolleys twirl excited people in a circular motion, throw them up in the air and then drop them down to the ground and give the chance to the bodies of our brave riders to experience the full power Earth’s gravity. For some strange reason, people think that this makes a fun and exciting past time, so every self-respecting amusement park has this attraction. When you are at the very top of the hill, you prepare with a sinking heart for an exciting fall down. The speed at the descent increases so quickly that you feel something strange in your stomach. Some visitors to the attraction like this feeling, and some will never want to experience it again. Whatever category of people you belong to, calm down, your organs inside are not going to get messed up, and the liver does not get in the place of the spleen. This strange sensation in the body is caused by a free fall. Having all of this in mind, it is not difficult to understand the fear that grips most people when they are about to take a ride on these attractions. But there is a flip side to it – the fear, regardless how great it is also bringing immense excitement. It is a strange thing: love it or hate it, you know that you will be scared, but still, when you come to the park, you climb on these roller coasters. After a few minutes of fear, you enjoy yourself to the fullest, you climb down, you promise yourself never to approach them again, but then the cycle repeats again. Kids and adults have the same reaction to riding the rollercoaster, especially when they are doing it for the first time. Have you seen how people look when they roll on a roller coaster? Then look and laugh at this video and a young girl’s precious reaction. This is the moment a four-year-old instantly regretted her decision to go on a “big ride” rollercoaster. Little Lyla had bravely agreed to ride the coaster called Orange Streak at Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. But her initial smile almost instantly gives way to a grimace as the regret at her decision becomes apparent when the rollercoaster takes its first big dip. As she squirms with horror at the speed the coaster is travelling, her mom Kara Leavell is in stitches of laughter next to her. The video abounds in precious moments: you can turn your sound off and enjoy reading the swings of fear relief and comfort out of the sweetest and most innocent face in the world. If you decide to keep it on, you will hear the cutest comments: “This is Horrible!” “Is it over?” “Holy God!” What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Golden Retriever Puppy Picks Out A New Toy At The Pet Store30s

Golden Retriever Puppy Picks Out A New Toy At The Pet Store

Among other things, people love to show off with their pets. They are treated as stars, as cute toy creatures that give one joy, or even ugly, but ridiculously funny pets. Pets are, and this is a fact, one of the top-5 keyword searches on the Internet. However, the Internet was first conquered by cats: a lazy cat, an angry cat, a cross-eyed cat, a brave cat (Remember the hero cat who saved the little boy from a dog attack? Of course, we all do!) these were on the all-star list of Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Photos, videos, memes, gif’s, whatever you could possibly imagine to sharer online was instantly gaining immense popularity! Entire audiences of admirers and subscribers started to gather and expanded. And how did our dogs leg behind in this pet-craze? They actually did not! Dogs confidently began to catch up with the mustachioed mousers. And not only catch up, they even started overshadowing their popularity. Go, go dogs! This is why we decided to show you a video of a cute funny Golden Retriever puppy who is smart enough to pick out a new toy at the pet store, and all by himself! Watch the video at the top of the page! Meet Harvey, the young Golden Retriever puppy who loves to go shopping. He is out with his owner, visiting the local pet friendly pet store. We can see him browsing the shelves of the store like a little product connoisseur! The first thing that passes through your mind is that this is just a pup and he is looking for a piece of food or a treat the owners had hidden just to make material for this video. And no, this is not the case. Harvey is actually shopping for a brand new toy! Like any other kid let loose in a toy store, Harvey is happily inspecting the exhibits, trying to find the perfect one. And there he is! We do not need to wait for long. he goes to the section showing stuffed monkeys and he actually picks one out, with his nose, of course, picks it up in his mouth and carries it off to the counters! Even his owner is amazed! She is trying to call him back to finish her shopping but Harvey can barely contain his happiness! Adorable! What an amazing puppy! They didn't call it a Golden retriever for nothing, it truly has a golden character! It's impossible to scold them, you cannot be angry with them for a long time, you cannot say anything bad about them. All you can do is admire and enjoy having such a friendly, loyal, intelligent and beautiful creature as your pet. It is not surprising that this breed steadily holds the top position in international dog ratings. As you could see in Harvey’s example, Golden Retrievers have a lively and sharp mind. They have the ability to make lightning-fast decisions in critical situations and rush to the rescue without waiting for the owner's command. They also have a very good memory which is a sign of a well-developed mind. If you love dogs as much as we do, share this video on social media or tell us a story of your beloved four-legged pal in the comment section below. And remember: dogs rule!

German Shepherd sings along with his owner in the bathroom1m21s

German Shepherd sings along with his owner in the bathroom

Maximus is so incredibly talented! He is a singing German Shepherd and likes to jump into a song whenever he hears a good tune! The German Shepheard’s owner has recently learned that when other people start to sing, Maximus likes to howl and join in on the party. His owner wanted to see if he could catch Maximus singing on video so he started to sing Eduard Khil's song named “Trolololo”. Of course, Maximus has to jump in and sing along! Or does he? German Shepherds are one of the most popular dog breeds. They are very intelligent dogs, taking the third place on the overall canine intelligence list, and they are also quite easy and a lot of fun to train when it comes to learning new tricks or helping assist the handicapped. They are very friendly dogs and are also very affectionate and loving when it comes to family. They are also well-known chatterboxes, with a nearly unmatched repertoire of grumbles and groans, moans and whines and sighs. It is only natural that when Maximus’s owner launched into the 1976 Russian nonsense song, the pup had to have his thoughts known. This video of a German Shepheard bursting into a song was originally posted on Maximus’s owner’s YouTube channel, and it had quite the response from viewers, but one had the best comment: “I asked my German Shepherd to interpret. She said, ‘Roughly translated, it means keep your day job!’" If you happen to be a dog lover yourself and have funny, cute or educational canine videos, do not hesitate to send them to us!

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A Young Girl Melts In Tears After Receiving A Puppy As Present 58s

A Young Girl Melts In Tears After Receiving A Puppy As Present

When it comes to big surprises, there are only a few things worth really screaming about. A surprise vacation is always nice, and an unprecedented proposal is always really exciting, but there’s something about surprising someone with a living, breathing, adorable little bundle of joy that can make anyone weak in the knees. We are talking about puppies, of course! They really and truly are the one surprise that everyone will enjoy and the gift that keeps on giving! Every kid loves surprises, but when the surprise is a living, breathing creature, it somehow gives more value. Watch this heartwarming video and see the heart-melting reaction of this girl when she realizes she received a new puppy. Check out how this girl reacts after receiving a new puppy for Christmas. Upon the realization that the present packed inside a decorated box is a living and breathing creature brings the young girl is brought to the point of positive confusion: the child is stunned and doesn’t know what to do, how to react. The only thing you can see and hear is a shriek of overflowing emotions in the form of “Shut up, shut up, shut up!”’ followed by sobs and tears of joy. Such an innocent and sincere reaction, “like a child’s”, right? She can't stop crying! Remember when you were little and you kept nagging your parents for a pet of your own? Usually, it is a sign of growing up, showing that you are able to take care of another living thing. Our parents rarely gave into our demands for a pet, given how we were all so very young and still incapable of taking care of our own selves, let alone an animal. But we salute those who would let their kids have their wish because that is how one becomes independent. In general, giving the child a puppy as a present, as you could clearly see in the video, gives the child a colossal amount of positive emotions. What can be more pleasant for parents than seeing a smile on their child’s face? And to make your kid rejoice sincerely, you just need to give him or her a dog! After all, this is the coolest gift in the world, do you agree? And it is not just for the smiles. Introducing a dog into your household means that your children will learn responsibility firsthand, they will also learn patience and see how difficult is, for change, to train and parent somebody else, they will feel compassion for their new best friend, and in the end, especially if we are talking about giving your only child a puppy, you can rest assured that your kid will never feel lonely and isolated s he or she will always have company. What dо you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

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