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Ten Things That Happen When A Human Dies4m13s

Ten Things That Happen When A Human Dies

We might not all agree about what happens in the afterlife, but we can be certain about the science behind death. Watch the clip to find out the 10 Things That Will Happen After We Die. Apparently, you get eaten by enzymes since within three days of death enzymes used for digestion begin to eat you. Stomach bacteria eats cells ruptured by increased acidity levels caused by CO2 build-up. What happens when death is coming is truly something! Another creepy thing is that skin cells live on for several days after days. Brain cells die after just three minutes of oxygen starvation while muscle cells survive for several hours. When the heart stops pumping gravity pulls red blood cells to the body’s lowest part. Congealed blood causes purple patches which coroners use to ascertain time of death. Some bodies will develop a soap-like wax if in contact with cold soil or water. Adipocere is natural preservative formed as bacteria breaks down tissue. The body turns green after death as bacteria in bowel walls moves into the skin. It takes three to four days for hemoglobin caused by decomposition to cause the green tinge. Organs with the greatest blood supply liquify. Mix with blood and seep from bodily orifices. As the fluid builds up pressure breaks down the abdominal wall flooding the body. Bodies decompose twice as fast in water than on land and eight times quicker than a buried body. Skin on bodies left in water will begin to ‘deglove’ falling from the body in thick sheets. Bacteria in the body creates a foul-smelling gas that causes bloating. The abdomen, scrotum, breasts and tongue swell up while eyes bulge out. A build-up of gases can expel a fetus from the decomposing body of a deceased pregnant woman causing the body to swell. The pressure pushes the womb and baby from the body. Muscle contraction caused by rigor mortis around the scrotum can lead to an erection, commonly seen after hanging as the noose places pressure on the cerebellum. What did you think of these weird things that happen to the human body after death? Did they make you reconsider to reconsider your life decisions or realize that you have a better way to live your life? Think twice and make wise choices. We only have one body and we need to take good care of it if we want to lead a long, healthy life! Talking about death, you should also check out this video that discusses the causes of death that are most common around the world. Did you know that these are the most common causes of death in men? Fortunately these kind of videos make us reconsider our life decisions and improve our health condition! What do you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day and help them start leading a better life before it’s too late!

A Weird Mermaid-Looking Sea Creature Is Spotted On The Spanish Seaside 33s

A Weird Mermaid-Looking Sea Creature Is Spotted On The Spanish Seaside

It turns out that the world that surrounds us is not so benign after all. Your childhood fears about a monster hiding under the bed might be true in the end! Somewhere out there, in the darkness, in isolated forests and in the unfathomable water depths there live mysterious creatures. They appear out of the blue and just as suddenly they disappear into the thin air. Frightened witnesses are dumbfounded and puzzled. We have always known that the world is full of many mysterious things. There are so many things that we cannot yet explain, some of which we cover in the video at the top of the page. From a dragon filmed flying over England to a creature caught lurking in the depths of a sewer, we take a look at the five monsters caught on tape. Let's talk about these mystical creatures, which were somehow managed to be captured on camera. Most of us thought that monsters only exist in works of fiction, but what if some of those works had some merit to them? What if monsters actually existed in our world today? This video right here seems to answer that question! Real monsters or something else? Watch the clip and decide for yourself! Let’s talk about mermaids. We grew up watching The Little Mermaid. A rebellious 16-year-old mermaid Ariel is fascinated with life on land. But growing up we realized that mermaids are not real and Disney just made those characters up. But, did they? Some people still believe that mermaids are real and this video will probably make you think that too. If you believe in mermaids, you might find this spotting in Mallorca, Spain a bit interesting! The footage is taken from a random group of people riding on a boat when they spot the peculiar creature on the rock. The couldn’t believe their eyes. They believe there is a really big chance that is a mermaid! What do you think about this video? Is it a real mermaid? Or maybe is just some <a href=" " target="_blank">sea creature</a> that has a <a href=" " target="_blank">mermaid-like</a> silhouette in that angle under the sun. People believe them to be sirens of the ocean; half fish, half human. Could they be alive out there? Perhaps living in some dome underwater. Many tales are told about these fancy, cute and perfect mermaids for little girls, that people are forgetting that mermaids don't have to be like that! For all, we know they could be real, but have a slight similarity to our kind. They could be either smarter than us (and maybe that's why they managed to hide away from us for such a long time) or just an animal, predator, like for e.g. a shark. What do you believe? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Try To Find The Cat That's Hiding Among These Owls1m20s

Try To Find The Cat That's Hiding Among These Owls

The human brain is truly remarkable . It is capable of orchestrating multiple activities inside the human body at the same time. It can process information, give feedback and store them inside for further use. It orders glands to secrete hormones that make the body work all the while allowing us to form coherent speech and look put together on the outside. But sometimes the brain can cause quite the commotion. Usually when a new information is introduced, the brain tries to gather all sort of relevant past data about it and decide whether it is something it previously encountered or it’s a completely new thing. If it fits past parameters, the brain will store it with other data alike, if it’s new, it will open up another drawer for the processed information. Sometimes during this data distribution, the human mind can be fooled into thinking that a new information is an old information based on the similarities. This makes it store this new occurence in a wrong file and we are left tricked by an illusion. Take this photo for example. In it, we can see a lot of owls. Our brain grabs this information and tries to break it down. It sees that the picture is composed of owls, medium-sized birds with small beaks and large eyes. Their feathers are sandy brown and white and there is a large amount of them overlapping each other, making it difficult to count the. Seeing only one of them is enough to give our brain the image of the owl, and any other owl we see would be stored as past information. Only, are all of them owls? If you look closely you will single the odd one out . The kitten is the same colour as the owls, making our brain mistake it as an owl. Pretty cool, right?

Towing Takes A Hilarious Twist That Will Leave You In Stitches27s

Towing Takes A Hilarious Twist That Will Leave You In Stitches

Many of us probably don't think about the tow truck business that often. We're grateful when one randomly stops on the road when we're broken down. We may think about them when we buy a new car or change our car insurance in determining whether or not we want roadside assistance, but for the most part our paths don't cross too often. There are a lot of interesting things that fly by your window when you’re on a long road trip in a car. Sometimes these things are beautiful, like rural terrain in the Smoky Mountains, but sometimes it can be something funny that will eventually turn into funny viral video! We don’t know about you, but there’s nothing we hate more than having our car towed away. The towing company always wait the right moment to take your car away! This video is so funny that after this you won’t take the towing company so serious! Towing fail - This can't be the right way to tow! Right? This is so funny! Literally the tow truck drags the car in the highway and the car goes from left to right and it could practically hit some cars!There are many safety considerations to properly towing a caravan or trailer, travel trailer starting with vehicle towing capacity and ranging through equalizer hitches to properly and legally connecting the safety chains. But, is seems like they forgot the needed equipment today so they decided to just take the care and go! Who need an equipment, right? Have you ever had your car towed? Not all truck driver are bad as this one. This driver is expert in his job. You will be fascinated by this truck driver towing massive wind turbine expertly navigates tiny irish town! In the following video you will see why you should simply call a professional tow truck ! Filmed from a private apartment in the town of Solin in Croatia, a family witnessed what can only be described as two completely ignorant groups of people, who have probably passed their driving test on a hunch and never even took a good look at the images on the test, attempting to tow a van on a busy boulevard! You might think that there is nothing wrong with it, but here is the catch - when you are in need of a tow, first of all, you call tow company because that is what they do! Second of all, if you are feeling stingy about it and you want to tow the car with your own vehicle, you never, ever tie the tow line on the back bumper of the car that needs to be towed! Tow companies do it like that because they use a rigid connection between the truck and the car, having complete control of the towed vehicle. With a rope, the car in the back needs to steer on the road just as much as the vehicle that is towing it in the front! Well, that didn't go as planned! Check out more epic fails here ... Subscribe ► Check out our website ► Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on Twitter ► For licensing please contact Check original video here ... is an independent company which is set up to advise on and maximise sales of your footage to broadcasters. This channel hosts some of the most famous viral videos that you’ve seen on both the internet and on TV such as Gangster crab!, Lemon phone charger, Pirate Cat! and many others! Subscribe to our channel to check out weekly Fails, Pranks, Dashcam, Stunts, Tricks, Animal videos and much, much more! We acquire, verify, and manage UGC to be monetized and licensed to TV and brand producers. We offer a wide distribution network and copyright protection on all things viral. Your video gets recognised instantly as we constantly update our media partners with acquired content. We are specialised in all genre's such as comedy, entertainment, factual, news, sport, lifestyle so whatever the clip we will be sure to find a buyer for it In addition, we will monetize your footage through our YouTube partnerships opening up huge brand potential. If you want to start making money from your YouTube films contact or submit your video. All footage on this channel is licenced by with the permission of the owners.

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play1m45s

Great Dane Puppy Barks At Cat To Initiate Play

Mikey the Great Dane puppy is quite a busy boy. Watch and laugh as he barks at Jack the cat to play with him, giving Jack a few play bows before Jack takes off running with Mikey in hot pursuit. Jack comes back for another round, while Mikey gets sidetracked with his stuffed alligator toy. At seven weeks old Mikey is still smaller than Jack, but not for long! Watch how this Great Dane puppy barks at a cat because he wants to play with it, the puppy barks at the cat to play with him, but it seems that the cat is not interested in playing with him, so the cat fled the puppy when he saw a good opportunity to escape. The Great Danes are dogs of an impressive stature, but this puppy is only seven weeks old and has not yet grown and learned enough, currently the cat is bigger than him, but that will not be for long. The puppy wants to play and teases the family cat which made for this funny video! A Great Dane puppy named Mikey intends to play with a cat named Jack, so Mikey barks a couple of times at Jack and tries to get close to him, but Jack stands still, does not seem to have any intention of playing with Mikey, for that reason when he saw the perfect opportunity to escape he ran to a room away from Mikey. The puppy tries to chase Jack but can not reach him, so he begins to smell the fireplace trying to find where Jack had hidden, but on the way he found his crocodile toy and started playing with him. Then, Jack returns for a second round of fun, but it's too late, Mikey is totally entertained with his toy, so he just climbs up to the table and watches him play from there, maybe Jack should have taken the time to play with Mikey. For years it has been said that dogs and cats can not live in harmony or share the same home, the truth is that both are predators by nature, it is a bit difficult to get both of them to get along, but it is something that can be achieved get. Today it is very common to see dogs and cats living in the same house, many say that everything depends on the education given to both, some people say that dogs and cats get along very well if they receive a good education, because despite to be rivals by nature, both have something in common, both love to play with their owners. The Great Danes are characterized by their impressive stature and elegant appearance, in addition to being very affectionate and full of energy, they are always trying to play and share with the family. It is likely that one of the main reasons why Mikey tries to play with Jack is so that both can create a bond of friendship, maybe Mikey is still a puppy and has a lot to learn, but has the right to have fun and make new friends, regardless of their appearance or age. Many people recommend to let dogs know and play with other types of pets, as this helps them to better understand the world and to quickly learn what are the positive and negative aspects of things. It is important to educate pets at an early age, because when they are adults it is difficult to provide them with education. As we can see in the video, the animals will always have the intention to play. Jack, do not be bitter, play with Mikey!

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Great Dane & 10-week-old puppy love to play1m08s

Great Dane & 10-week-old puppy love to play

Ellie the Great Dane and her 10 week old 27 lbs (12kg) best friend Mikey love to play together. Watch and laugh as Ellie shows Mikey her pounce moves and he tries to pounce back, until he rolls over and over. Jack the cat enjoys the show from her sofa perch!

Deadly Iced Tea Riddle That Is Too Challenging To Solve 1m01s

Deadly Iced Tea Riddle That Is Too Challenging To Solve

Do you like brain teasers that will make you think? If so, take a minute to watch this video! It is definitely a head scratcher. Test your intelligence here by seeing if you can figure out what the answer is. Can you do it? Comment your answer below to share your intellectual abilities! See if you are the quickest thinker or if you cannot make the cut! Here is how the riddle goes; pay attention to all the details you are given: Two Girls ate dinner together. They both ordered iced tea . One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink just one. The girl who drank one died while the other survived. Do you have what it takes to solve this riddle? All of the drinks were poisoned. If that is the case, how is it possible that the girl who drank the most actually survived, while the other girl died from just one dose? How could this even be possible? If every drink contains the poison, and the person drinking it is going to ingest it, how can they survive? What do you think? If you get to this point in the video, pause it so that you can think of what your answer is. The video suggests this as well as it counts down from ten to zero. Can you guess the answer? Are you ready for the answer? Do not scroll down until you are so that it is not spoiled for you if you are still thinking. Ok, here is the answer: The poison was not in the actual tea. It was in the ice! Do you get it now? Did you figure out the answer on your own? Most people cannot figure it out, but it makes perfect sense once they are told what the answer is. If the woman who only ordered one did not drink the liquid quickly, this means that she gave the ice time to melt in her glass. The effect of that is the poison then came out of the melting ice and blended with the rest of the liquid in the glass. Therefore, the woman who drank a whole bunch more would have ingested a great deal less poison, or possibly none at all whatsoever. When she drank it quickly, she did not give the ice time to melt. Because of that, she did not have the poison getting into her body like the other girl did. The end of the video shows the link to BabaMail. This can be searched as . If you enjoyed this riddle, there are many more that you can find on this site. Watch out for more videos containing these interesting and surprising riddles. Learn them, and you can stump all of your friends with these fun little questions. Everyone likes to enjoy a riddles now and then, and they can be great conversation starters for those who may not have other things to discuss.

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Rescue kitten loves to play tug-of-war with patient puppy's ears1m37s

Rescue kitten loves to play tug-of-war with patient puppy's ears

After being abandoned by his mother, Pancho the kitten was found alone and with his eyes closed. He was taken in by this caring family, who fed and nursed him to the healthy kitten he is today! While living in his new home, the fearless kitten became attached to Jinxy, an adorable Pomeranian dog. The pair couldn't be any cuter!

Determined puppy uses floor mat as blanket34s

Determined puppy uses floor mat as blanket

We all know that getting a new home is not easy, even though you try really hard. It's the same for this cute little puppy. For his first night at home he gets prepared for bed but there is something wrong. The bed is not cozy enough! I think we can all relate to this: having a great bed is crucial for a good sleep. So not being satisfied with his bed not being comfortable enough, this puppy gets into a real fight with his own carpet. After several brave attempts he finally wins and becomes the adorable hero of the night.

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