What This Guy Does On The Highway Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine44s

What This Guy Does On The Highway Will Bring Shivers Down Your Spine

This mad-cap motorcyclist knows how to drag his feet - his party trick is skidding along the road in his FLIP FLOPS while hanging off the back of his scooter. The 28-year-old daredevil nicknamed Bomb by pals was filmed whizzing across the concrete in just a pair of shorts and the flimsy sandals... With thick rubber tied around the throttle for power, he then carefully climbs onto the seat and rides the motorbike with no hands while standing up. Friend Wanchaloem Kingphukhao, 20 recorded the death-defying footage while travelling behind him on the country road in Kalasin province, Thailand, on July 21. He said: ‘’Bomb has some special skills on his motorcycle. He lives near me and we’ve known each other for a long time. ‘’Bomb has been practicing this for many years to master the stunt. It looks fun but people shouldn’t try it themselves unless they are experts. ‘’He uses rubber to keep the accelerator down so he can keep his hands outside. He doesn’t use a helmet but he is very experienced.'' All and all, its very safe to say that this guy is a true dare devil. He takes quite the risk to prove him self as the best "skidder". He's friends are also near by to cheer him on and capture this amazing yet very scary footage of this act. If anything, this video will keep you on your toes as this guy performs this "on the edge" trick! Must watch!

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Baby Husky Tries To Howl, Sounds Like A Star Wars Character1m04s

Baby Husky Tries To Howl, Sounds Like A Star Wars Character

Anyone a huge Star Wars fan? If you are, you're probably going enjoy this one little puppy in the litter. Lightsabers and Death Stars aside, any fan of the mighty franchise will want to get this puppy for themselves the moment you hear him “speak” Sure, it’s a cute copper colored husky puppy, the only one who is not interested in an afternoon nap. Why would he, it’s a complete waste of precious time. He can do so much with that time, like learn to walk, or maybe throw a wicked character impersonation. He sure did the second part right! In the entire litter of baby huskies, this one howls just like a Wookie. He tries to be all intimidating, attempting a howl like a mean old wolf, but ends up sounding like Chewbacca! Maybe this clip will reach the master ears of JJ Abrams and this little guy will land a role as an extra in the newest Star Wars movie! It is only fitting to name this little guy Chewbacca, let’s hope the owner did so! How cute is this little guy? Isn't he just adorable? Watch as he tries to howl, but cuteness ensues. Can't blame the little guy for trying. He'll get it one day.

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These Runners Encounter A Newborn Baby Deer On The Trail3m50s

These Runners Encounter A Newborn Baby Deer On The Trail

Whilst on a trail run in North Devon, England, a group of friends came across a newborn baby deer in the woods. It was so young that it struggled to stand at first. The runners were amazed when it came right up to them. They didn't touch it as their scent could cause the mother to reject it. The tiny fawn can clearly be seen lying in the middle of the trail and then men start whispering, in the hopes of not scaring the gentle animal away. The fawn is still so young, the spots on his back are clear white and his fur is still a little curly. It was hard to leave it and carry on with the run, but they were told by the local animal shelter that they did the best thing as the mother was probably close by and would've come back for her baby. Apparently they're often left in long grass but can often stumble onto trails like this one. What an amazing experience! A couple of brothers had a similar encounter with a different fawn, only that guy was really eager to play with them. Tyler and his big brother saw a fawn in their backyard and went to see if it needed help, but as soon as Tyler approach the young animal, it started jumping and running in circles.

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Every Time He Gets To A Hotel, He Places A Bag Over The Drain And Weighs It Down With Coins53s

Every Time He Gets To A Hotel, He Places A Bag Over The Drain And Weighs It Down With Coins

Who wouldn’t want an all inclusive stay at a five star hotel, where everything is covered and you don’t have to think about anything but relaxing and having the time of your life? Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could all afford such a vacation, but that is sadly not the case. Every once in awhile, though, we do get to stay at a hotel or a bed and breakfast, but not everything is covered on such a trip. What do you do if you have to some laundry, iron your shirts or need some warm liquid to prep a quick instant meal in the morning and don’t have the funds to call for room service? If you absolutely have to wash some clothes, you can put a plastic bag over the drain in the sink and weigh it down with a coin for a waterproof seal. Then just fill the sink with water and wash that stained blouse. The seal will keep long enough for you to refresh your garment. In case you didn’t pack your shirts well and they end up creased in your suitcase, you can hang them in the shower. The steam from the shower will straighten those creases and refresh the shirt, all without paying a dime for the service! Like where this is going? Watch the entire video for more awesome and simple tricks to make your stay at a hotel as pleasant as possible and save some money is the process! Don’t forget to share!

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Manly Beach visitors shocked by great white shark washing up35s

Manly Beach visitors shocked by great white shark washing up

A juvenile great white shark washed up on Sydney’s popular Manly Beach on September 11, and was taken to a sea pool after it was found too weak to swim out to sea. Rob Townsend, life sciences manager at Manly Sea Life Sanctuary, said rescuers took the baby shark to Fairy Bower Pool in a stretcher after initial efforts to push it back out to sea were unsuccessful. “A few people on the beach tried to push it back out to sea, but it washed up four or five times,” Townsend told Nine News. “It’s still in a very weak state and has suffered some superficial injuries.” The shark was expected to stay at the pool for the afternoon and could be released into the sea later in the day. This video shows the shark swimming at the Fairy Bower Sea Pool, which is a rock pool for the swimmers. One of the stunned onlookers who first saw the confused teen predator was Dan Korocz. He says it is the first time he has seen a shark up close and personal and it was scary. "We were down on the beach for lunch with my family. I've got a four-year-old and a two-year-old and we went down to the water's' edge and then it came in." Trained professionals from the Manly Sea Life Sanctuary stepped in and used a sling to move the animal to the nearby Fairy Bower Pool and then later transported the shark to the sanctuary. Credit: Twitter/hijomorgan via Storyful

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