Bearded Dragon Goes Nuts For Blueberries30s

Bearded Dragon Goes Nuts For Blueberries

Frankie the bearded dragon absolutely loses her mind over blueberries. Take a look how excited she gets every time she spots blueberries on the floor. When feeding time comes for Frankie, it is priceless to watch his reaction to blueberries. Don't feed your dragon with nuts, train him with blueberries instead. The pitter patter of her reptilian feet means she’s ready to eat! No matter the hour, Frankie the bearded dragon is always ready to chase down some blueberries, and not even a slippery hardwood floor can stop her! So adorable to watch and will change the way you look at blueberries too. It is so cute to see Frankie run head over heels to get to the blueberry in no time. His happy feet make funny noises as he rushes in to get his treat. This video will melt your heart! Bearded dragons have a reputation for eating a LOT! They can eat you out of house and home as bug-hungry babies. But as they grow older, they need less protein for fueling rapid growth and more nutrient-packed bearded dragon vegetables for maintenance, which means that feeding them gets cheaper. Just as each bearded dragon has its own personality it will also have its own favorite and least favorite foods. So if one thing doesn’t work, try something else. It’s all part of the fun! We all know what's Frankie's favorite fruit and food in general, so bring those blueberries to the table!

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Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human25s

Cat Takes Her Food Back From The Human

Ask any cat owner what their cat thinks of personal space. Go on, we will wait. Did they tell you how their precious feline companions have zero respect for their owner’s personal space, but then when they attempt to get in their cat’s space, the result is brutal bloodshed? That’s right, cats are jerks, to say the least. They will stomp all over you whenever they feel like it, but if you try and boop their noses, the best thing you might end up with in a scratch on your nose, so be careful! This guy clearly wanted to demonstrate how his ragdoll cat behaves with her own stuff whenever they get taken away from her. So as the feline is eating from her bowl on the floor, her owner gets down on all fours and pulls the bowl from under the cat, bringing it to his side and pretends he’s eating from it. You can’t fool a cat, sir! That gray-and-white is not having your pretend feeding, so she just pokes her paw in the bowl and pulls it right back. The guy makes a second attempt at repossessing the bowl, but it gets pulled right back as soon as he bends over it.

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Homeless Puppy Living Among Pigs In Thailand Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime2m39s

Homeless Puppy Living Among Pigs In Thailand Gets The Chance Of A Lifetime

It is a sad truth that so many animals live day in and day out without much hope. But what do you consider a sad life that truly turns around? We think that qualifies as a miracle, don’t you? The odds were against Kanya and her siblings, who were living on the streets of Thailand. They were going through the trash for food, threatened by starvation, disease, cars and being picked up and transported to the dog meat trade. Good Samaritans found Kanya and her nine siblings, cared for them and through generous donations from K9 Aid and LIFE Animal Rescue, the Thai litter of puppies took a 17-hours-long flight to the United States, where they will no longer face such a horrible fate. Here, Kanya’s once sad life will turn into a happy one, with a new family and lots of love! She doesn’t know it yet… Even though one step closer to freedom and love, Kanya is still a bit scared, but hopeful. But soon, for Kanya, this is what true happiness looks like! With her new forever family, safe and sound, Kanya is living the good life! It doesn’t get much better than this! You can make a difference ➔ be a flight volunteer, donate your flight miles or simply adopt! #rescue #adopt #adoptdontshop ✿ Please subscribe to our channel so you don't miss a single PAWsitive story! ➔ ✿ Follow PAWsitive on our socials: Subscribe ➔ Facebook ➔ Twitter ➔ Instagram ➔ ✿ Follow K9 Aid Website ➔ Sponsor a Dog ➔ Become a Flight Volunteer! ➔ ✿ Follow LIFE Animal Rescue Website ➔ Donations ➔ Facebook ➔ Twitter ➔ ✿ Crew ✿ Music Purchased through Premium Beat - "Prelude No.6" by Chris Zabriskie Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License The song was not modified in any way. Find more of Chris's music here: To see the full Creative Commons License:

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Rescued Octopus Returns To Give Beautiful Thank You3m08s

Rescued Octopus Returns To Give Beautiful Thank You

When this family was on a holiday at the Red Sea in Soma Bay they did a very good deed indeed. On day, while they were walking along the beach they noticed a stranded octopus in the sand on its death bed, without a way to get back into the ocean, he was slowly drying out and dehydrating. Acting quickly, this family stepped in and saved his life by pushing him back into the water. He needed some time to recover and then he swam away. The next day, they went to the same beach for a walk and saw a shadow in the water coming directly to them. First they didn't recognize it, but soon they realized that it was the same octopus they rescued the day before! He recognized them and accompanied them for a long time while they were walked along the beach and continuously tried to touch their feet. They are sure that this octopus came back to thank them for saving his life. This video shows the special moment that will melts your hearts. It is important to cherish these special moments between animals and humans. It is the thank you they received that they will never forget! When we do kind things for others we always like to hear a thank you. Receiving acknowledgement for doing something kind is very important and when we do favors for animals, we typically don’t expect them to be able to thank us. This story is proof that animals also have manners and know how to give thanks. This story is a valuable reminder that we need to be kinder to one another. If someone does something nice for you, always be sure to thank them!

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Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal3m27s

Friends And Family Get Surprised With A Twin Gender Reveal

One baby is a gift, but twins, or rather, fraternal twins? There is one chance in 250 pregnancies to conceive with twins, but fraternal twins rarely happen naturally, which is probably the reason why this group of family and friends got super excited about the news. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves... When these young parents discovered they were expecting twins at their latest ultrasound, they decided to keep it under wraps until the gender reveal party. No one, not even their own parents, could know the news! So all of the guests have finally gathered and the suspense was building up to the point of cutting the cake. Voices from around the table can be heard almost chanting “it’s a boy”, “it’s a boy”...surely enough, the filling inside is a nice bright blue, sending cheers out of everyone’s throats. Well, almost everyone’s. Then the mother asks if someone was hoping for a girl, because they have ONE MORE SHOT AT GETTING IT RIGHT! What?! The looks on people’s faces with the questions “are you having twins” on their lips was kind of hilarious, but that cake won’t make it to everyone’s plates. That’s right, they bring another box with an identical cake inside...another round of suspense as the knife digs deep into the frosting and cake, until the piece comes out with PINK filling! Isn’t that amazing? Boy and girl twins, what could mom and dad ask more?

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Kids Get Confronted By Mom For Drawing On The Wall4m25s

Kids Get Confronted By Mom For Drawing On The Wall

Mom finds some marks on the wall and has a difficult time figuring out which kid is responsible. Take a look as both of them go back and forth on placing the blame on each other, until the little guy finally gives in and takes the whole blame! Having a special relationship with out siblings is a defining feature of our lives. They are with us since birth and they know us better than anyone else ever will. Except maybe mom. They are our best friends forever, but every once in a while the younger sibling will be blamed for something by the older one and they will take the blame unknowingly, because that is what younger siblings do. Jackson most certainly did it for his big sister Reagan, but mom is not convinced. See, mom found some marks on the wall under the living room window and has a difficult time figuring out which of the kids is responsible. She did notice Reagan hiding away, as if to hide something, but the only way to be sure is to confront them both at the same time. Reagan and Jackson try to form a united front for mom, sort of, but they fail adorably because of the “younger sibling” factor. It turns out that Reagan admits to the wall art and her fake nose bleed too! But that doesn’t make it any less entertaining to watch…

Published: October 6, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017402,825 views
Homemade motorcycle 22s

Homemade motorcycle "transformer" costume

What's the best Halloween costume you've ever seen? Here's one that may score high on your list, a homemade motorcycle "transformer" outfit. That will definitely turn a few heads when he goes trick-or-treating! Credit to 'purcali'.

Published: October 30, 2014Updated: October 22, 2017314,086 views
Newly Adopted Girl Can't Wait To Meet New Brother15s

Newly Adopted Girl Can't Wait To Meet New Brother

With so many unfortunate children roaming the streets of this Earth without parental care and love or proper care, kind people have established organizations and foundations that can bring these children to safety and into good, loving homes. One such organization is One Less Orphan, that helped a 22-month-old girl from India find a loving and caring family in the United States! JoDawn Miller and her husband are good Christian people who already have three children of their own, but they wanted to bring little more happiness in the world by adopting a child. After an agonizing search, their path crossed with a little girl from India that was HIV positive. The family fell in love with this beautiful girl and decided that this is the child that that have been missing. They named her Eden. Three weeks after the Millers brought Eden to their home, the little girl couldn’t wait to meet her older siblings. In this adorable video, Eden, dressed in an adorable pink elephant onesie, tries to repeat her siblings’ names. JoDawn tells her to say “Isaac’, to which the girl repeats something faintly resembling the name, but she is still given loads of encouragement, bringing a huge grin to Eden’s face! She is so adorable!

Published: October 10, 2017Updated: October 17, 2017138,981 viewsVirality: 7%