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Little Toddler Has Got The Moves, And She Isn't Afraid To Show Them 25s

Little Toddler Has Got The Moves, And She Isn't Afraid To Show Them

This little girl has got the moves ! Not all of us can move our bodies to the beat as well as this young toddler Savannah. These two young kids definitely know how to entertain and put on a good show, much to mom’s amusement. Savannah loves music and shows her bright spirit as she dances to the it. It looks as if it is her true calling. She's a fun loving energetic kid that will dance at any time of the day! If a song comes on, she's going to show you her moves! She isn't picky when it comes to the genre either, as long as it has a good beat, there is nothing stopping her from enjoying it! It doesn't just stop in her house, she will take her moves all around town, including in the cart at Walmart! It seems that she isn’t ashamed to show a move or two in front of other people, we just wish they shared her passion as well. It's so nice to see young kids enjoying themselves with the love of music. Here are some great best selling musical toys that your kids would love to dance to. Watching young kids dance, showing their entertaining and energetic side, always brightens up the day! Credit to 'Bizcuits916'.

The Inseparable Bond Between A Doberman Dog And His Horse Pal2m29s

The Inseparable Bond Between A Doberman Dog And His Horse Pal

There are tons of videos featuring friendships between different kinds of animals on the internet. It’s strange how the universe functions and creates unique animal connections that work pretty well. We have all seen the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl Commercial that’s pure proof of an everlasting friendship between a horse and a dog . If you think of it, at the end of the day nothing seems more important than finding the perfect soul match that will make every moment spent together a beautiful memory. Here is the story of Contino the horse and Boss the dog who claim to be the best of friends. Despite their differences in size, these two pals know how to enjoy their company. As it seems, horses and dogs have a very special kind of friendship . This is the heartwarming video that shows the unlikely animal friendship between a horse and a dog that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Boss the Doberman enjoys spending his days playing with his horse best friend Contino. Dozen of pictures and video show their pure chemistry and it is undoubtedly that these two share an amazing bond. Not only they spend playtime together, but it seems that they can't spend a minute apart! Just how precious is that, right? Watch how doggy takes his best friend for a stroll in the nearest field, and prepare for your daily dose of cuteness! It's always inspiring to see a rare animal friendship such as this one. Contino and Boss enjoy a lovely stroll together. You can clearly see how close these two animals really are from the way they live together. They spend their days running, playing, and even sleeping together. Beautiful!

Cute Toddler Tries To Reprimand Her Mom 33s

Cute Toddler Tries To Reprimand Her Mom

Just when you think that little kids can’t get even more adorable, these kinds of things happen. They have this canny ability to sense when we need a bit of a pick me up, so they do the best thing that they know how to do - they grace us with their presence and suddenly the whole day is better. Their innocent antics and brutal honesty has been the reason behind our smiles ever since the beginning of time. We’ve said it once and we’ll probably say it a hundred thousand times again, little kids are incredible. They are a blank page waiting to be written on, a tiny sponge with the capacity to soak up all of the information available on this planet and beyond. It seems that apart from the ability to collect data, they are also mighty fearless. You’ve heard it right, they tend to go into unchartered territories without any preamble or precaution. They just dive right in expecting the worst but hoping for the best. The little daredevils would do anything and everything they have to in order to obtain knowledge and their determination would make grown men jealous. Toddlers find everything highly nutritious and chewable, even if it just a rock lying on the ground. They will almost always try to make their point and won't take no for an answer, so when a parent steps in, they are ready with a barrage of arguments. This precious toddler called Gabi did not like it when her mother told her not to put a rock in her mouth, and had a priceless temper tantrum while proving her point, and didn’t took it so well. Her indignation is audible and hilarious, pay attention to the grunts at the end, her feisty reaction will make you laugh out loud. Just look at her pointing her little finger and angrily scolding her mom for not letting her eat that yummy rock as she stomps away. "Am I in trouble?" says Mom as she follows baby Gabi for a follow-up scolding session. That rock must be very delicious and be worth arguing and bargaining for. This will sure brighten your day. Watching children grow up and learn what's right and what's wrong is a true blessing. Parents often try to lecture kids on life lessons, but sometimes it's the other way around. We just hope that little Gabi stopped trying to eat rocks. Don’t yell at your mom Gabi, she knows what's best for you. If this footage isn’t a mood booster, we don’t know what is! Little kids are the best! Do you remember any similar anecdotes from the time you were a tiny tot? Were they the talk of every family gathering in the past? What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Bulldog Hates The Feel Of Hardwood Floors, Walks Backwards Instead 44s

Bulldog Hates The Feel Of Hardwood Floors, Walks Backwards Instead

Pets are amazing creatures that seem to brighten up our lives. Sure, they can be a lot of hard work to raise, but those challenges are heavily outweighed by the amazing love and memories that they bring. Dogs are one such pet that are known for this. No wonder they are considered one of human-kinds greatest companions! It seems that one funny and memorable dog moment was created here as this bulldog does something very interesting! It seems that this bulldog loves food but hates hardwood floors. This is how she makes it work when her food is placed on the other side of the floor. She seems to walk backwards on the hardwood floor only, and walks forwards on all the other floors! What an adorable weirdo! Who knows why this dog does not like the hard wood floors? It could be that she does not like the way they feel on her paws. What we do know is that this sure does make for one funny and entertaining video! What did you think of this video? Does your pets have any unique behaviors like this? We would love to hear your opinion so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it is sure to make them smile! This is one video that no pet owner will want to miss!

Watch These Cats Get Confused When They Find A Trick In Their Treats 34s

Watch These Cats Get Confused When They Find A Trick In Their Treats

October is a sweet month for one thing only. You guessed it right - we are talking about Halloween! Golden leaves and pumpkins aside, it is October 31 that we are all waiting for. The costumes, the parties and the incredible creativity of the people that love to pull pranks on one another! It seems that pranks aren’t just for people anymore! A pair of cats got punkd by their owner when they got their treats served into a cauldron bowl with a twist. In the middle of the bowl is an automatic skeleton hand that moves on its own accord, scaring the whiskers of these two! These adorable cats are seriously confused, and entertained, by this strange little toy that has planted itself in their treat bowl! Rather than being scared, these curious cats decide to go in for a closer look! Will they be able to get their treats back? There's only one way to find out! Good thing cats are naturally insanely curious beings and will go and check out anything that will tickle their interest. They say “curiosity killed the cat", but this toy won’t do much, except slap them on the face and make them avoid that bowl forever. Next one up - a kitty fountain with Santa standing over it, saying “Have you been a good kitty this year?"


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Enormous bull comes to get bread and a head scratch1m14s

Enormous bull comes to get bread and a head scratch

Gus is an enormous bull, tipping the scales at about 2,000 pounds. He is solid muscle and extremely powerful. Yet, he is a big softy who loves a slice of bread, or ten, as well as a good head scratch. Dave has been visiting Gus every week or two as he walks or cycles past the beautiful farm where Gus lives. Gus got so big from eating big meals and he loves bread most of all. What's surprising about him is that despite his tremendous size, he's as friendly and gentle as a pet dog. By nature, bulls are usually grumpy, aggressive and not to be trusted. It's never wise to turn your back on one or to put yourself in a position where you could be injured. They have enough power and strength to do a lot of damage in a very short time if they chose to. But Gus is an exceptional bull. He was raised on a farm where he had a lot of interaction with people right from birth. Gus roams in a lush meadow on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. He’s got a lot of company too. He’s the only male in a herd of about 30 lovely female cows. Gus is living the life! Gus developed an appetite for grains of all sorts, especially bread. This is not unusual for cattle, and Cornell University even did an extensive study to determine the effects of feeding cattle bread and other baked goods. The result was that the animals did very well on a diet that was very high in bread. Gus' taste is not that unusual. What is unusual is the way he will approach someone for a slice of doughy goodness. He literally begs like a dog would beg for a slice of sirloin. The farmer who owns Gus is fine with him having visitors, and with him being hand fed. If you walk slowly into Gus’ pasture and you call him, he’s likely to wander over curiously. He’ll actually hustle a bit if he sees that you have a slice of bread. A tongue, longer than seems possible, shoots out and wraps around the slice of bread like a large hand. The slice of bread completely disappears with about three quick chews. Gus doesn’t disappear when the bread is gone. He’s as fond of a good head scratch and face rub as he is of the treats. Gus will turn his head and nudge you like a big dog does when you stop petting it. It’s hard to tell which part Gus likes best!

Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies5m52s

Man eats both of world's hottest peppers at once, relies on internet's advice for remedies

Last year Dave set out to eat a ghost pepper but the whole thing went horribly wrong in every way possible. He decided that he could do better this year because he was armed with a list of remedies for the heat, all suggested by people commenting on last year’s video. Dave’s misadventure started with a challenge issued by his wife, Kristy. Dave had playfully complained that her cooking wasn’t spicy enough for him. Kristy is a clever woman, so she ordered seeds for every hot pepper she could find and began growing them in her garden. Dave is a very spoiled man and Kristy’s cooking is actually far better than he deserves, but he couldn’t back down now that he had made his unfortunate statement. Kristy’s plants grew and the harvest was impressive. When the peppers ripened, Dave took his video camera to her garden and went in search of the infamous Bhut Jolokia, the Ghost Pepper, and he wolfed down a raw one fresh picked from the plant. But as he ran for the hose and stuffed it into his mouth for relief, Kristy realized that he had actually eaten a Trinidad Scorpion pepper. She couldn’t contain her laughter and she alternated between sympathy for her suffering husband and triumphant laughter as he admitted that she had out-spiced his taste buds. The video of Dave and Kristy’s pepper challenge (Husband wants spicier food, wife gives him Trinidad scorpion pepper) received serious attention on the Rumble Viral YouTube channel and the internet provided Dave with encouragement and advice in the form of 2,500 comments. Much of it was aimed at helping Dave deal with the spice through simple remedies like sandpaper, alcohol, tomatoes, yogurt and milk. With renewed confidence and hundreds of tips from supporters, Dave told Kristy that he was going to eat more of her scorpion peppers and ghost peppers. The internet had also informed Dave that the Carolina Reaper was the world’s hottest pepper and there should be no celebration until he took on the hottest of the hot. Kristy had made Dave a selection of delicious sauces that tipped the Scoville scale and Dave was determined to train for another round with a raw pepper fresh from the garden. This year, Kristy grew Carolina Reapers and the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion pepper. Depending on what source you believed, both were believed to be the world’s hottest pepper. Because this was hotly debated, Dave decided the only way to handle this was to eat one of each. And he was certain that the remedies suggested would make it all very bearable. Dave got half of each pepper in his mouth, chewed them and swallowed them and waited for the heat to build. It didn’t take long until Dave realized that again, he had bitten off more than he could chew and his whole head was on fire. He turned to the suggested remedies one by one and quickly found out that the well-intentioned advice he had received wasn’t helpful at all. He tried them all in succession, leaving the milk until the end. It was only then that he found any relief. Dave didn’t plan as well as he thought because he had a bag of milk and no scissors to cut it open. There was no time to waste so he chewed through the bag and began gulping it down. Dave’s solution on the first attempt last year was to spray the hose into his mouth and he eventually resorted to that here as well because even the milk wasn’t putting out the fire. Reluctantly, Dave admitted that he had met his match and asked Kristy to stick to growing jalapenos next year. Dave has learned many things from his experience. He now knows not to challenge Kristy and her cooking (finally). He knows not to try eating two of the world’s hottest peppers at once, and he knows that not everything you read on the internet is true.

Golden Retriever Pins And Tickles A Toddler50s

Golden Retriever Pins And Tickles A Toddler

Have you ever seen a dog that knows how to tickle? Watch this big and gentle Golden Retriever dog play and wrestle with a giggling toddler in this heartwarming clip. Their friendship is so adorable, you can just tell how much these two love each other as they play around on the bed, rolling around and having such a great time! So cute! When the video begins, we immediately wondered what the big furry dog was doing to this small child. At first, it looked like he was trying to stop the child from falling off the bed or just didn’t want the baby to get away. But as we watched, we realized that the dog was actually and physically tickling the baby, making her laugh and laugh in the most hilarious way! The baby clearly adores the dog. She hugs the pup as hard as she can, grabbing onto his legs lovingly. The dog must be ten times bigger than the baby, yet these two make the most beautiful friends’ couple. The puppy even jumps right over top of the babies head to get in a sneak attack tickle, sending the infant in a complete belly laugh that is contagious! The dog uses his nose to poke at the baby and tickles her gently. This entertains the child so much, she just cannot get enough. She just keeps laughing and laughing adorably! There is something about watching a baby and a dog wrestle that just melts your heart. To see such a big and gentle dog act so lovingly to a baby is the cutest thing ever! The caring canine even takes it with a grain of salt when the baby accidently hits him in the face. There is no aggression here. These two are best friends and have been together since the day the baby was born. The dog acts almost as a nanny and feels very protective of the child! Watch as the Golden Retriever actually pins down the baby to get in there and tickle her. He licks her face while holding her down and the baby just loves it. Even though the dog must outweigh the baby a lot, it doesn’t seem to matter. These two just love playing together and wrestling on the bed. They could do this for hours and hours at a time! Golden Retrievers are a large, blonde dogs that were bred for hunting, however they have become extremely popular family dogs for all of the reasons we can see in this video. Golden’s make great pets in families with children because they are very patient with children and friendly with everyone they come into contact with. Their trusting and gentle personalities make them poor guard dogs as they will befriend pretty much anyone who comes to their home. They are extremely intelligent dogs and rank number four in dog intelligence after the German shepherd, Poodle and Border collie. We can clearly see how smart this breed is. If this dog knows to tickle a laughing baby, what else can he learn to do?

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