Bride Surprises Groom - A Tribute to Police Officers4m22s

Bride Surprises Groom - A Tribute to Police Officers

At every wedding there are heartfelt speeches from a ton of people. This branches out from the bride or groom, to the best man or the maid of honor, then to family and friends. People tend to share personal anecdotes from the past, and they all elude to a point worth making regarding how the two lovers deserve and were made for one another. This speech comes from the bride, and this couldn't be a more beautiful speech. When the bride was about to start a speech, she called up all of her husbands brothers in blue up to the dance floor. Everyone was probably expecting a thank you to everyone involved accompanied with a few stories, but this moment was not that. The bride took her time to thank the police officers for their duty, and shares her respect for not just her husband, but all police officers alike. You can be sure that this surprise caught the groom off guard, but a beautiful moment none the less. To cap off her speech, she tells everybody about the gift that she has given everyone in order to say thank you to an officer. What's better than giving an officer some coffee and doughnuts? "My sister, the bride, brings tons of tears and applause after she has the greatest and most rewarding surprise for her groom."

Golden Retriever puppy severely confused by lemon slice1m09s

Golden Retriever puppy severely confused by lemon slice

Puppies are very curious and playful, and almost every object can be interesting and mysterious to them. For example, a very boring lemon sliced in half. Maybe it's the smell, or maybe it's the taste. This little pupper probably expects some kind of reaction from the lemon, but he obviously doesn't mind it being completely still. Gunnar the 8-week-old Golden Retriever challenges a harmless lemon (and loses) in this priceless clip. How adorable is that? Watch as he jumps around so adorably, trying to battle this sliced lemon half. Check out this adorable puppy play with a lemon!

Published: May 7, 2017Updated: May 8, 201794,334 viewsVirality: 7%
Adorable moment us air force airman surprises wife and son after six-months serving overseas1m04s

Adorable moment us air force airman surprises wife and son after six-months serving overseas

Homecomings are always a special moment for families in which one of their members has enlisted. These kinds of moments are a guaranteed tear-jerker for some, and we don't blame you! A US Air Force airman surprised his wife and son in an adorable video. Sergeant Jason Cohen returned home after a six-month long mission overseas. You can definitely tell that his wife and son were ready for him to come home! Sergeant Cohen thought it would be a good idea to surprise his family, so that's exactly what he did. He snuck into the house while his wife and son were out running errands, and the rest was history. As soon as the sergeant noticed they pulled up, he began to make his way to the door and wait for them to open, where he stood there, leaving the rest of his family stunned with happiness. This heart-warming exchange was one for the books. You can tell that the son definitely missed his father over the last several months, as well as his wife. Now they are all back under the same roof, as happy as ever. Check out this adorable surprise a US Air Force Airman has for his family!

Published: May 17, 20179,852 viewsVirality: 9%
Dwarf Dog MikeyGus Will Melt Your Heart: CUTE AS FLUFF2m30s

Dwarf Dog MikeyGus Will Melt Your Heart: CUTE AS FLUFF

This inspiring pup is refusing to let having dwarfism get in the way of living life to the fullest. German Shepherd Michelangelo Augustine - affectionately known as MikeyGus - was born to proud parents Spartacus and Temperance in Clarksville, Indiana, and at first he seemed just like the rest of his litter. At six weeks old his owners Amy and Heath Carkuff began to wonder if there was something wrong with the happy puppy as he was much clumsier than his siblings. The mischievous pup lives happily alongside his parents, Lilo the family Shuh Tzu, a brood of chickens and Biscotti the cow, who often lays against the fence so that MikeyGus can snuggle up to her. Videographer / director: Amy Carkuff Producer: Hannah Stevens, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

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Dog deserves a treat after the most dramatic version of playing dead20s

Dog deserves a treat after the most dramatic version of playing dead

Playing dead may be the oldest trick in the book, and lots of dogs have mastered it over the years. But I think Sam’s version is the best one ever! Dad asks Sam the German Shepherd if she wants a treat and tells her to “stay” and “sit.” When he yells “bang,” Sam lets out the cutest little yelp before tumbling to the ground. Such a great actress! 😉

Published: May 19, 2017Updated: May 22, 201779,433 viewsVirality: 26%