Is This Dog a ‘Springer?’

cocopopsPublished: October 2, 2017
Published: October 2, 2017

Taking a long, leisurely stroll in the countryside is something that most of us love. It’s best done with a friend or a loved one, but when you add a dog into the mix things usually get a lot more fun and entertaining.

This little dog really enjoys her summer walks and is eager to be getting on with it, but she’s so small that she can’t see above the overgrown grass which towers above her head.

It looks like she has springs attached to her paws as she bounces up and down, trying to locate her owner and find where the path is. It’s a great tactic of course, as she finds her way eventually, but this video clip just goes to show how ingenious our pets can be and how they have an innate ability to problem solve.

Taking walks with your dog almost always brings a smile to your face and this clip is no exception.

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