Dog Tells Owner That He Wants To Go Toilet

cocopopsPublished: November 12, 2017Updated: November 13, 2017
Published: November 12, 2017Updated: November 13, 2017

We have all heard stories of people who say they can talk to their pets. In fact, we all know several people who consider their pet to be their favorite person. It’s no wonder that dog is “man’s best friend.” Why? Well, perhaps pets are too modest to tell us, but by watching this video, it’s clear that pets have been fluent in English, all along.

In the video, we have two concrete examples of our little furry friend perfectly comprehending English better than most slouches down by the pub.

When the owner says, “Tell me where you want to go, then?” the dog emphatically leaps towards the door with the unbridled enthusiasm of a young school boy. Then, the owner rephrases the statement using completely different words, saying, “Go on, show me!” the dog understands that the question has the same meaning—as he leaps towards the door a second time.

Plus, the dog does this while immediately matching his emphatic leaps with reserved, “good boy” behavior. Actually, that brings up a pretty good point. Just how much better behaved are pets than slouches down by the pub?

Maybe it’s because pets don’t have the right anatomy to vocalize the English language like people can, but this dog can certainly understand what’s going on. However, whether or not pets could ace a test on English literature, the plain, simple truth is that what pets do with this linguistic prowess is not short of astounding.

Or, you could just chalk it up to excessive trial and error in the pursuit of delicious treats. You be the judge. For us, we’d prefer to believe that pets or scholars waiting for the chance to write their own Shakespeare-level plays, argue before the courts, and opine instead of sit by the back door and whine.

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