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Adorable Ground Squirrel comes for a snack with friends52s

Adorable Ground Squirrel comes for a snack with friends

E. C. Manning Park is a focus of outdoor recreation that is unique in British Columbia Canada. Located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains it is within a three hour drive from either the Lower Mainland (Vancouver) or the Okanagan. The climate and geography have combined to make this park an all season recreation area. Bisected by Hwy. 3, E. C. Manning Park is one of the most popular destination areas in the province. The landscape diversity of this park combined with four seasons’ development and easy access are the prime factors which stimulate visitor interest. The park contains a large number of scenic, historic, floral and fauna attractions and provides a wide range of both summer and winter recreational. Four summer drive-in campgrounds along the Highway 3 Corridor offer vehicle accessible camping, day-use interpretive trails while backcountry/wilderness opportunities offer longer hiking trails, horse use and wilderness camping. The park has a large variety of walking/hiking trails which range anywhere from a 15 minute walk to a 6 day hike. In many cases the views and floral displays are one of a kind. The diversity within this park is what makes it so spectacular and there is sure to be something to meet everyone’s needs.Throughout the park there is also an abundance of wildlife. Deer, bear ,coyote, as well as many types of birds can possibly be seen while out on a walk or hike. Among some of the friendliest and less wild of the park’s creatures are these ground squirrels. As you may see in the video, there is a small amount of snow falling being this is April in British Columbia. With these little creatures starting to be more active after the long winter in the mountains they are hungry. Ground squirrels do not hibernate but with the amount of snow this area receives their activity levels greatly increase once the snow clears. Elsa seemed to have found a friendly little guy that definately was not scared to come say hi. How cool is this ?? To get up close and personal with such cute creatures.

Hidden camera catches a steak stealing pooch1m34s

Hidden camera catches a steak stealing pooch

Steak is a dogs best friend !!! Poncho ,our beloved rescue dog from Riviera Maya Mexico is quite the sneaker. eleven years ago, Brent had taken his family to Playa del Carmen Mexico for Christmas. Playa del Carmen is part of the Riviera Maya, which is south of Cancun on the coast of the Caribbean sea. On the second day of arriving, Brent’s children Ryan and Jayla had been exploring the street and pathway near the condo they had rented. Being curious kids , Ryan 16 and Jayla 12 at the time, they were very inquisitive of their surroundings. As the story goes Brent says “ dad, guess what we found?” Of course thinking they have a lizard, iguana, or something of the like, Brent recalls saying” what have you found, is it cool ?” Well the kids explained they had been walking along a path and found two ,not only one, puppies in a milk crate with a blanket. After seeing them ,and being asked” dad, please can we keep them? “ Brent started to check into the requirements to save these two abandoned,3 week old puppies. Jump ahead about six months, both puppies seemed to fight alot, both being dominant females, one had to go. Poncho being the lucky one, she got to remain with this great family. Poncho now nearly 12 years old, has been a pretty good loving pooch. Along with her cuddling personality, she loves to sleep under the covers. Also along with her great habits, she has a few mischievous characteristics. She loves to climb 6 foot fences to escape the yard, dig big holes,, and bark at neighbours. Not so bad is it? Well she also likes to steal food. Watch this clip and you will see, she is quite the crafty pooch, but she sure is loved !!!

Basenji Beef Tenderloin Challenge goes as Predicted 1m58s

Basenji Beef Tenderloin Challenge goes as Predicted

The Tenderloin Challenge. This is an altered version of the famous Egg Challenge that many on the internet are taking to brag about their retrievers ”soft mouth” . Egg Challenge or #EggChallenge refers to a social media game in which people place an egg in the mouth of their golden retrievers, hoping to prove how soft their dog’s pallet is by how carefully they handle the egg. Brent whom lives in Vancouver British Columbia ,was challenged by his friend Dave from Toronto Ontario to see if his dog Poncho was able to surpass the extreme skill of Dave’s great dane Briva. The Great Dane is a large German breed of domestic dog known for its giant size and is one of the tallest dog breeds. This being said, you can imagine the appetite Briva must have. Poncho on the other hand, along with being rescued from Mexico by Brent and his family, is believed to be a Basenji mix. Basenji’s are a type of hunting dog originating from Africa and are generally 20-24 pounds and 16 to 18 inches tall at the shoulder. Definately smaller than Briva’s approximate 30 inches tall at the shoulders and weighing in at 120 pounds. After some extensive training, Brent was ready to record this challenge. Once the beef was prepared and a few words of encouragement for Poncho, the challenge began. At the beginning Briva and Poncho appeared to be neck and neck, both handling the stress of the challenge quite well. But after 3 rounds it appeared Poncho had a “trick up her sleeve” that she planned to use to take a stronghold over the lead. Check out Dave’s Tenderloin Challenge video as well at and compare. Let us know who you feel the winner is … Thank you for watching, enjoy.

Hang on Honey , This Thing is Fast 1m06s

Hang on Honey , This Thing is Fast

Brent and Elsa ,the rider and passenger you will hear in the video ,live near Vancouver British Columbia Canada and planned a weekend get away up to Whistler to enjoy some outdoor activities. Along with snow shoeing they took a snowmobile tour with Blackcomb Snowmobile . Whistler is a town north of Vancouver, British Columbia, that's home to Whistler Blackcomb, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Besides skiing and snowboarding, the area offers snowshoeing, tobogganing and ski jumping at the Olympic Park, a venue for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The hub of Whistler is a compact, chalet-style pedestrian village at the base of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Approximately a 2 hour drive from Vancouver, Whistler offers up many types of outdoor activities for both summer and winter and everything in between. Skiing and snowboarding are huge here and tourists gather from around the world. Summer brings out the hikers and mountain bikers. Blackcomb mountain, which is beside Whistler mountain, also has trails for hiking and biking and both mountain resorts basically share the village of Whistler to house tourists and locals throughout the year. The village is a very fun place to experience any time of year as there are numerous restaurants, pubs and shops to satisfy any of your desires. On the day Brent recorded this exciting footage of their snowmobile tour, as you can see it was a gorgeous day. After touring slowly along nicely groomed trails , seeing some small wildlife and the overall magnificence this areas mountains offer the group came to a small frozen lake. The guide brought everyone together and explained a few things. “This is where you can all let it all hang out” so to say”. “ go as fast as you like but be careful around the corners, make sure to slow down” . That being said, Brent was ready. He asked Elsa to hang on tight !! The rest is history, watch and enjoy. Listen closely for Elsa’s words of advice. She is so cute .

Amazing Tricky Italian Fountains prove to be Quenching 17s

Amazing Tricky Italian Fountains prove to be Quenching

Marilyn from Vancouver British Columbia recently took a once in a lifetime trip to Italy with her daughter. While at home, as an elementary school teacher and mother of two, Marilyn and her family also welcomes homestay students from around the world. One of these past visitors is Marcello, who just happens to be from Milan, Italy. Marilyn and her daughter had the great opportunity to be welcomed into the home of Marcello for a portion of their trip, and to have him as their personal tour guide of this amazing city. One of the main interests throughout Milan are its many, 481 drinking fountains that are unique to Milan. They are a bit tricky if you are not aware of just how they work and that they are definately safe to use. Le vedovelle (The widow trees) are the typical and famous fountains of Milan, which owe their name to the incessant stream of water that flows, similar to a perennial cry of widow. Inhabitants of Milan also use to say: "let's drink at the bar of the green dragon" because the tap has the shape of a dragon's head. The material that constitutes them is the cast iron of the typical green color and were designed in 1931. The first fountain is that of Piazza della Scala, which differs from the others in the fact of being in bronze.The quantity of water supplied by the fountains is negligible compared to the water flow distributed by the Milanese aqueduct; in fact, compared to an instantaneous average flow of about 7500 liters / second, the flow rate of the fountains is equal to 8 l / s. Many may think that the widow trees generate waste of water, but this is not the case. The continuous water flow of the widow is not only useful for quenching thirst, but also has the important function of keeping the water always in motion, preserving its freshness and good quality in correspondence with the blind end pipes, the so-called "dead heads". Furthermore, the interruption of the flow could lead to the stagnation of water and contribute to the formation of dangerous bacterial flora around the mouth of the "dragon" from which water flows. Even the flow out of the fountains is not dispersed unnecessarily; on the contrary, the water is discharged into the sewer system, reaches the purifiers of Milan, is disinfected and then used by the agricultural consortia for irrigation of the fields south of Milan.All of those public fountains in Italy aren’t just for decoration – the locals drink from them, and you can too. Rome has more than 2,500 fountains around the city (there are several apps for finding them, or you can use Google Maps) and Venice has 122. In Rome, the short, cylindrical fountains are called fontanelle – little fountains – or nasoni, as some think the spout looks like a nose. These fountains contain very clean, cold, safe, tasteless water. Contrary to how public drinking fountains are perceived in the U.S., Italian fountains contain some of the freshest water in the country. Rather than buy multiple water bottles, do as the locals do and bring your own or buy just one disposable bottle and refill it from these fountains. If you don’t have a water bottle handy but still want a drink, go ahead – on some fountains, you can plug the side spigot with your thumb and the water will come out of a top spigot.

Tortoise asks his mate for a piggyback ride 25s

Tortoise asks his mate for a piggyback ride

Recently while visiting the local aquarium, our videographer happened to stumble upon these two lovebirds. Feeling this is quite a rare experience to see he started to record these red-footed tortoise. The red-footed tortoise is a species of tortoises from northern South America. These medium-sized tortoises generally average 30 cm (12 in) as adults, but can reach over 40 cm (16 in). They have dark-colored, loaf-shaped carapaces (back shell) with a lighter patch in the middle of each scute (scales on the shell), and dark limbs with brightly colored scales that range from pale yellow to dark red. Recognized differences are seen between red-footed tortoises from different regions. They are closely related to the yellow-footed tortoise from the Amazon Basin. They are popularly kept as pets, and over-collection has caused them to be vulnerable to extinction. Their natural habitat ranges from savannah to forest edges around the Amazon Basin. They are also found on several Caribbean Islands, although it is not always clear if they are native or brought by humans. These little guys are omnivorous with a diet based on a wide assortment of plants, mostly fruit when available, but also including grasses, flowers, fungi, carrion, and invertebrates. They do not brumate, but may aestivate in hot, dry weather. Eggs, hatchlings, and young tortoises are food for many predators, but the main threats for adults are jaguars and humans. Population density ranges from locally common to very scarce due in part to habitat destruction and over-collection for food and the pet trade.The head is relatively small with a squared-off profile and flat on top, longer than it is wide. The eye is large with a black iris, and rarely any sclera visible around it. The upper jaw is slightly hooked, and the upper jaw is notched in the front middle. About 15 to 20 'teeth' or fine grooves occur on each side of each jaw. As hatchlings and young tortoises they have many predators such as large lizards, snakes, predatory birds, cats, foxes and feral dogs. Other than humans, the main predators of the adult tortoises are jaguars.

Bionic bartender never complains of long shifts47s

Bionic bartender never complains of long shifts

While cruising with Royal Caribbean on the Harmony of the Seas ship, Vivian just happened to stumble across The Bionic Bar. To order a drink, guests need to use one of the tablets found at any of the tables. Once in the Bionic Bar menu system, guests have the choice of selecting from pre-defined drink recipes, or creating their own concoctions. And there you have it, your drink made specially for you by a robot. Not quite the personal connection as some bars, but fun nonetheless!

Amazing Snowman Bird Feeder, Build It And They Will Come 54s

Amazing Snowman Bird Feeder, Build It And They Will Come

Snow in abundance in Vancouver ,British Columbia Canada is quite a rare occurrence so when it happens, Brent does get quite excited . Brent lives in the outskirts of Vancouver, which is just a short drive north of the Washington ,USA border along the Pacific Ocean coast. Rarely does the temperatures in winter drop below freezing so when snow comes, it is generally very wet and messy, or is generally gone within the day. This snowfall lasted nearly 12 hours bringing nearly 12 inches of the white stuff and it remained for over one week. The brightness the snow brings to the evenings along with how beautiful all the surrounding trees and fields in his neighbourhood become is quite incredible. On the morning of this large snowfall in February, Brent had a brainstorm to create a snowman bird feeder. What a great idea, he thought, it would be a fun little project, he could get outside and enjoy a brisk fresh morning along with his dog Poncho as well as create a fun little snowman in which to place some sort of trays to hold feed for the birds. Setting up his camera, as “it seems he records just about anything “ his wife Elsa said, he planned to document this huge engineering endeavour :-) On began the planning, what, when, and how big. That all done the excavation began. Poncho was never far from the job site, always lending her support . Once all the snow was piled, the shaping began, carving the body, then the head. It seems Mr Snowman became quite the odd looking fellow, but all was good. The outfitting of Mr Snowman began, and once again Poncho was near, making sure that Brent placed everything, including the hat and gloves for hands, just so. “You can never be too perfect “ Brent mentioned he was sure he heard Poncho suggest. Once Mr Snowman was all dressed, then came for choosing feed for the little feathered friends. Searching the pantry came up with some peanuts and sunflower seeds “perfect” so it was thought. Placed on the top of the hat, and on a strategically placed plate on one of Snowmans arms, now it was time to enjoy all the hundreds of birds that were going to enjoy this nicely created feeder, just for them. Well, Poncho decided some of the clothing was better suited for her rather than the birds. Watch and enjoy the creation ,effort and fun that was put into Mr Snowman and how inquisitive and sly Poncho is. Oh and it was amazing just how many birds showed up, more than Brent could count…none, but what fun. Enjoy, Brent sure did as did Poncho!

Scuba Diver Shakes Hands with a Giant Pacific Octopus 1m02s

Scuba Diver Shakes Hands with a Giant Pacific Octopus

Port Hardy, Vancouver Island British Columbia is home to this incredible Giant Pacific octopus seen in the video. Port Hardy is a district municipality in British Columbia, Canada located on the northeastern end of Vancouver Island with a population of approximately 4,132. It is the gateway to Cape Scott Provincial Park, the North Coast Trail and the BC Marine Trail, located on the northernmost tip of Vancouver Island. The community has access to spectacular wilderness adventures, such as kayaking, caving, world-class scuba diving, nature viewing, surfing, unique saltwater rapids, fishing and camping. To make your way to this incredible location from the Greater Vancouver area, you must take B.C. Ferries to either the cities of Victoria on the southern tip of Vancouver Island or Nanaimo, which is located approximately one third way up the Island toward Port Hardy. From these locations you must drive or if really adventurous, sea plane transportation is also available. Driving from Victoria the distance is 502 kilometres (312 miles), Nanaimo 352 kilometres (218 miles) but is a very beautiful way to see the incredible scenery Vancouver Island has to offer. For scuba divers, the area all around Vancouver Island offers some incredible dive locations with pristine clear waters and abundance of life. The Giant Pacific octopus such as the one seen here are extremely intelligent and curious creatures. They have a relatively short life span of 3 to 5 years but grow to an amazing size ranging from 10 to 16 feet and weighing from 10 kilograms (22 pounds) to 50 kilograms (110 pounds) making them the size of an average 6 foot man. As mentioned they live to be about four years old, with both males and females dying soon after breeding. Females live long enough to tend fastidiously to their eggs, but they do not eat during this months-long brooding period, and usually die soon afterwards. As you may know, like the other members of the octopus family, these amazing animals use special pigment cells in their skin to change colors and textures, and can blend in with even the most intricately patterned corals, plants, and rocks much as we see this one blending with the rocky wall and kelp. Along with the octopus we see, there are also plumose anemone within view. These common anemones are easily recognized by their abundant, much-branched tentacles, enough of them to create a feathery (plumose) effect. Anemones are predators within the ocean and take just about anything that floats by, including small fish, but most of their prey is not much larger than microscopic. They bear two types of tentacles which they use for catching food, the common ones used for feeding and much less common ones used for defense. The latter can be extended to 3-4x their resting length while “searching” the water around them. If they encounter another species of anemone or a different genetic clone of the same species, the tip breaks off and adheres to the other individual, killing cells at that spot and possibly the entire animal. Divers all over the world find each and every animal they encounter , no matter it’s size, simply amazing to be within it’s domain. The colors, and activity of all of ocean life seems to amaze mankind without a doubt and becoming a scuba diver is a dream of many and easily attained for almost anyone from children to the more mature in age. Interacting with these creatures should only be done by those with extreme experience and knowledge of the animal’s characteristics. As divers often say “take only photos and leave only bubbles!” Let’s all do our part to keep our oceans clean so we can enjoy it’s life for centuries to come.

Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea1m20s

Adventurous Scuba Divers Swim With The Giants Of The Sea

Stuart from Vancouver has had an incredible year of diving with the monsters of the ocean. From great white sharks to giant manta rays to the enormous whale shark, this footage captures it all! It is a diver’s dream experiencing the ocean’s wild animals, from great whites to massive whale sharks, like this whale shark of Socorro Island to this great white of Guadalupe. These magnificent animals were caught on camera for us to enjoy their graceful movement. The amazing Giant Manta Ray of Socorro Island with over a 20’ large, soaring through the water with such grace. We know so little of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we’ve been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the water’s depths and the inside of our mysterious planet. It seems that a lot of people want to learn more and more about marine life, if diving expeditions are anything to go by. We hear of countless interactions between divers and marine giants and it all sounds so magnificent. This footage shows us the beautiful and enchanting moment divers near Socorro Island caught sight of gigantic manta rays and whale sharks. Socorro Island is a small volcanic island in the Revillagigedo Islands approximately 370 miles off the west coast of Mexico. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. We have gone down to 35,858 feet below the sea’s surface. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down!

Giant Blazing Fists Fly 48s

Giant Blazing Fists Fly

A heavy weight battle still interests fans, never to be totally out of this game of hockey.The Vancouver Giants are a major junior ice hockey team playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL). Inaugurated in 2001–02 and starting out playing from the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada they recently moved venues to Langley Events Centre in Langley British Columbia, just a short drive from Vancouver. Just clinching themselves a spot in the 2018 playoffs, the March 3rd game was very intense.Two of the teams heavyweights,Darian Skeoch of the Vancouver Giants and Jermaine Loewen of the Kamloops Blazers have been in each others faces for a lot of the season and have gone a couple rounds in the past. Twenty year old Darian is a defensemen from New Liskeard, ONT weighing in at 220 pounds and 6’4”. Jermaine a winger for the Blazers is no slouch in the size game, he weighs in at 221 pounds and 6’4” as well. Both of these athletes put 100% into their game no question asked, so raising their fists when frustrations raise is definately not their #1 intention for their junior hockey careers. Showing in their stats, they both are capable of scoring goals and gaining assists to help their team along.As said, fighting is still part of the game of hockey although not a favoured part by many. As with all sports frustrations and tempers can run high specially when stakes are high for team standing.Hockey is a very physical game and that will never change, this is what keeps hockey fans coming back, the excitement and hard work of the players. Incredibly skilled players also of course bring out the fans, watching amazing stick handling and shooting amazes most of us.Those who defend fighting in hockey say that it helps deter other types of rough play, allows teams to protect their star players, and creates a sense of solidarity among teammates.The debate over allowing fighting in ice hockey games is ongoing.Despite its potentially negative consequences, such as heavier enforcers (or "heavyweights") knocking each other out, administrators at the professional level have no plans to eliminate fighting from the game, as most players consider it essential.Most fans and players oppose eliminating fights from professional hockey games, but considerable opposition to fighting exists and efforts to eliminate it continue.The highly skilled players as mentioned are generally less aggressive to extreme contact, which is why the larger players tend to “protect” these players and their much needed skills to the team. The main thing and most importantly here is that each “tough guy” shows the other who is dominating for their team and that they can not be pushed around. Of course it is not hoped that injuries are the outcome of these ”tilts” but at times cuts and bruises are inflicted.In the end the Vancouver Giants did come out on top in this game and are moving onto the playoffs. Go Giants Go!!!

Flying Pizzas Excite the Hockey Crowd 1m09s

Flying Pizzas Excite the Hockey Crowd

Flying pizza was the highlight of this Giants game.The Vancouver Giants are a major junior ice hockey team playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL). Inaugurated in 2001–02 and starting out playing from the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada they recently moved venues to Langley Events Centre in Langley British Columbia, just a short drive from Vancouver. Just clinching themselves a spot in the 2018 playoffs, the game was very intense. Along with game play, during intermissions the Giants staff also organize sponsored activities to include and entertain their fans. As we all know, visiting fans from opponents hometowns can raise quite a ruckus, and these Kamloops Blazers fans did just that. Throughout the game they definitely made a point of cheering on their team which was heard by the hometown fans and obviously the Giants staff. One of the newest and fun games the staff has created is the pizza box passing game sponsored by a local pizzeria Me n Ed’s and these wild and crazy guys got their chance to shine during a time out.The key is to get all the boxes in each stack, to the opposite end of the row without toppling. The row completing this the quickest wins....not always an easy task.Me n Ed’s has been an outstanding restaurant for many years.The pizza world has never been the same since the first Me-n-Ed oven was fired up in Sacramento, California, in 1958. Russ “Me” Johnson and Ed Sandlin didn’t set out to build a pizza parlor empire – it just happened. In the early 1960’s Ben and Marcella Watters, then customers, got to know the original owners,Russ and Ed and a short time later ended up buying the restaurant and all its rights and expanded the pizzerias throughout California.The Watters continued the Me-n-Ed’s expansion into Santa Ana, Fullerton, Huntington Beach, Stanton and Long Beach. Then, in 1969, the Watters brought the Me-n-Ed’s name north of the border to Burnaby, about 3 hours north of Seattle Washington, where the first Me-n-Ed’s in Canada opened that summer – managed by 21-year-old co-owner Doug Price.Before long, the Burnaby Me-n-Ed’s had become a community fixture – albeit more of a pub than a restaurant. Customers would line up to listen to a honky-tonk piano and savour Me-n-Ed’s now-famous pizza along with a variety of beverages. As other neighbourhood pubs began popping up through the years, the Me-n-Ed’s atmosphere shifted to one of family, where it remains. Even now, some 40 years since Me-n-Ed’s first came to Canada, you’ll still find that same cozy, neighbourly feel that put them on the map – whether you’re visiting a Me-n-Ed’s in Burnaby, Abbotsford, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam or Langley. Every Giants game is exciting and these type of fan involved games keep them coming back. Great hockey and a fun night is what it’s all about . Go Giants!!!

Snowmobiler crashes into fellow rider while parking at the cabin 50s

Snowmobiler crashes into fellow rider while parking at the cabin

Blackcomb Snowmobile located near Whistler British Columbia was a great company to book this super fun excursion with. Whistler is a Canadian resort town in the southern Pacific Ranges of the Coast Mountains in the province of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 125 km (78 mi) north of Vancouver and 36 km (22 mi) south of the town of Pemberton. Over two million people visit Whistler annually, primarily for alpine skiing and snowboarding and, in summer, mountain biking at Whistler Blackcomb. Its pedestrian village has won numerous design awards and Whistler has been voted among the top destinations in North America by major ski magazines since the mid-1990s. During the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler hosted most of the alpine, Nordic, luge, skeleton, and bobsled events. Blackcomb Snowmobiles offered the scenic tour which Brent and Elsa chose and it gave them a great introduction to snow mobile riding and the backcountry, making it perfect for timid first time riders. The guide lead them on wide groomed trails through the mountains offering up spectacular view points. Brent of course had his GoPro along taking in some incredible footage of such an amazing area. The only thing Brent and Elsa were saying at the end of this tour was, "When can I go again!" After an hour or so touring along the groomed pathways, going at quite a slow pace because the group always takes the pace of the slowest rider, which was all good in the end. Once the group approached a frozen lake, they all gathered and were given a few instructions from the guide. “ go as fast as you want within this area, but be safe!!!” . Well being that Brent has always been into motorcycling, both dirt and street, he took that phrase to heart and told his wife to HANG ON. Once given clearance, Brent puts the PEDAL TO THE METAL so to say to see what this machine could do. As you will hear, Elsa is not quite the speed demon Brent is and asks him to “slow down” but this bounces off deaf ears. Of course being safe they take a couple good runs and enjoy the open air and sun for a blast of a ride. Next stop, a nice little cabin for a hot drink and a snack. Everyone lines up to exit the lake and park in front of the cabin, simple right??? Well i guess not for everyone. One of the couples ahead of Brent and Elsa appears to hit the throttle a little too hard, takes a bit of air at the top of the hill and crashes right into one of the other snow machines. Banging up his leg and scaring his wife a little , it seemed the worst damage was to his ego. All in all this was an amazing day trip and experience. Enjoy the video and if in Whistler don’t hesitate to take this tour.

Unbelievable 52km trek proves that the only cure for cancer is love 1m40s

Unbelievable 52km trek proves that the only cure for cancer is love

February 24, 2018 was a monumental day for a loving couple in Melbourne Australia. Amanda whose mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in September 2017, organized and took this battle head on to help with a great cause. She organized, planned and routed a 52 kilometre/32 mile walk in order to raise funds for the cause. Her and her husband Craig took this very seriously and accomplished this in just over 17 hours...SIMPLY AMAZING. Starting before sunrise on a drizzly day, they got going and did not quit, battling sore blistered feet, aching and swollen knees and just plain PAIN in general. Aside from the pain, they did mention taking in some incredible scenery that they generally overlook when passing by this area as we all do in our daily race of life. Amanda created a page to help those willing, to make donations to the cause of ovarian cancer. On her page is a quote "Words from my Mum: "Cancer. It won't happen to me. Ovarian Cancer- it's happening to me and it's happening to my loved ones!... Listen to what your body is telling you...This chapter of life will be long and difficult but help, comfort and support is available. YOU ARE STRONG... LIVE EVERY MOMENT."My Mum, living in Canada, is currently battling stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. On February 24th, my husband and I will be walking 52 km along the Two Bays Walking Track on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula, VIC. We are walking to ensure that no woman living with Ovarian Cancer walks alone. We are walking for my mum, for me, for you, your mum, your sister, for all women currently fighting this cancer and for prevention in the future. We are OVAR IT." This in itself was enough to have friends and family help support Amanda through donations.Amanda created Facebook pages,Instagram pages and made social media posting wherever she could to stir interest to help. Once Amanda had created the event, she contacted the Cancer society and received many items to help with support to those willing to give.She posted on her Facebook page " GOT MAIL! Posters, banners, donation box, leaflets, pens, ribbons, balloons and more! 8 more days until our BIG walk for a BIG cause! Message me if you would like a ribbon... as you can see I have many!Thank you everyone who has donated and shared our posts so far! Together, we have raised $409.85!!! 👏👏 that's incredible! Please continue to share our posts and information... awareness and early detection can save lives. February is Ovarian Cancer awareness month and we are breaking out the teal! About 4 women a day are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, that's approximately 1,600 women a year and approximately 1,060 women will die each year due to this disease. That's pretty frightening! Ovarian Cancer is called a "silent killer" because most women are diagnosed in the advanced stages as there are NO detection tests... only 19% of women are diagnosed in the early stages. It is still the deadliest women's cancer and in 30 years, this has not changed! On February 24th, Craig and I will be walking 52 km on the Two Bays Walking Track from Dromana to Cape Schanck on The Mornington Peninsula. We are walking to ensure that no woman living with Ovarian Cancer ever walks alone and to support Ovarian Cancer Australia with research, prevention such as detection tests, support services, better treatment and creating awareness! Follow the link to our fundraising page (above)... any contribution will make an impact! We would love some company on our walk as well, so if you want get your teal on, message me and please, please share this post and spread the word because AWARENESS and EARLY detection can literally save lives! Know the symptoms: Abdominal or pelvic pain, increased abdominal size or bloating, need to urinate often or urgently, feeling full after eating a small amount, heartburn, nausea, tiredness, weight loss or weight gain, pain during sex and changes in menstrual bleeding/ bleeding after menopause. We are OVAR IT. Visit to learn more. #afternoonteal. Everything mentioned is what her mother Elsa experienced and the family doctor did not listen to the symptoms, so as said, listen to your body. Along the route and throughout the day both Craig and Amanda posted to their Facebook pages, keeping those supporters up to date of their progress, until batteries died out. Amanda posted "We've raised 832.00 for Ovarian Cancer Australia!! 👏 Thank you so much to everyone who supported us during this walk, who donated, shared the posts, gave us snacks to eat on the way and our friends who met us at the halfway mark with more water... if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't have made it. My phone died half way through so i couldn't take more photos for updates but a nice gentleman along the way took this for us. This was by far the hardest thing we have ever done and by the end of it we were hobbling through Arthur's Seat at 11 pm. 17 hours of continuous hiking. Today is also a bed day because I can't move but I couldn't be more proud of us 👊😊 Thank you again!" Craig's posts were a little shorter but had just as much power "Finished a total 54k. So proud Amanda Richards for completion of this insane track. Love you so much was a massive effort. We are so sore tomorrow is a couch day for sure. Thanks to everyone for support and donations feel free to keep sharing the page! Thanks everybody! Took just over 17 hpurs to complete." Being back in Canada Elsa and her husband Brent are unable to give these two the hugs, and care they deserve with ice packs and more, but they both said they appreciate what these "kids" have done more than anything in life. Family love is incredible . Elsa is recovering from major surgery and hitting life head on, next stop Grand Caymans for some R&R once cleared for travel. F - - k Cancer we say. Please share this video and support if you are able , every penny is appreciated. Lets kill this disease!!!

Stingrays collide with woman after almost being stepped on 36s

Stingrays collide with woman after almost being stepped on

Stingray City is a series of shallow sandbars found in the North Sound of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. It is a tourist attraction, where southern stingrays are found in abundance and visitors can pet and interact with the animals. Trying to be careful not to step on the many stingrays swimming all around was a concern, but they are faster than a moving foot it seems. The tour operators bring along with them pails of chunked-up squid meat, which they allow the tourists to dispense by hand to the animals, thus attracting dozens of the creatures to the feeding spot. Another concern was the dreaded barb that everyone worries about being stabbed by, which caused the death of Steve Irwin of the show Crocodile Hunter, but in reality these southern stingrays are very safe to be among.There are 2 sandbars, one which is in the shallows and the other one which is deeper and where it is possible to scuba dive with stingrays. The sandbar is just inside a natural channel that passes through the barrier reef and consists of a string of sandbars crossing the North Sound from Morgan Harbour to Rum Point. The southern stingray has a flat, diamond-shaped disc, with a mud brown, olive, and grey dorsal surface and white underbelly (ventral surface). The barb on its tail is serrated and covered in a venomous mucous, used for self-defense. The wing-like pectoral fins of the stingrays,are used to propel the stingray across the ocean bottom. The spines on the tail are not fatal to humans, but are incredibly painful if stepped on. The animals eyes are situated on top of the head along with small openings called spiracles. The location of the spiracles enables the stingray to take in water whilst lying on the seabed, or when partially buried in sediment. Water enters the spiracles and leaves through the gill openings, bypassing the mouth which is on the underside. Female stingrays can grow to a disc width of 150 cm( 5 feet), while the much smaller male stingrays generally reach a maximum size at 67 cm (26 inches). While walking around and swimming on these sandbars, Elsa ,the woman in the blue shorts, said “it was kind of creepy touching them and having them suck up onto your hand and body, but it was amazing”. All the visitors in the group had a great day and an incredible experience meeting these little creatures. when feeding the stingrays, it was explained to keep your hand flat and they would suck the squid chunks right off your hand.” if you have a thumb up, they may suck it into their mouth and chomp you”. Of course, when Brent was feeding one, his thumb did end up getting “ kind of squashed” as he explained it as the animals have what seems to be a toothless gummy mouth. If on Grand Cayman and love the water and wildlife make sure you take in this tour, it is incredible

How many Bald Eagles can you fit in a tree 1m02s

How many Bald Eagles can you fit in a tree

How many bald eagles can you fit in a tree? Well it seems that in areas of great supply of food, they are quite comfortable being around many of their own. This location near Vancouver British Columbia ,and near a land fill, hence the good supply of rodents it is assumed, is home to a very large number of these beautiful birds. When driving along the highway, which you see in the video Brent noticed “there were eagles everywhere, i could not believe how many were in the trees so i had to stop and collect some footage”. The bald eagle is an opportunistic carnivore with the capacity to consume a great variety of prey. Throughout their range, fish often comprise the majority of the eagle's diet. In 20 food habit studies across the species' range, fish comprised 56% of the diet of nesting eagles, birds 28%, mammals 14% and other prey 2%. It would seem in this area, the numbers of mammals consumed might be higher than the 14%. The bald eagle's natural range covers most of North America, including most of Canada, all of the continental United States, and northern Mexico. Bald eagles will also congregate in certain locations in winter. From November until February, one to two thousand birds winter in Squamish, British Columbia, about halfway between Vancouver and Whistler. The birds primarily gather along the Squamish and Cheakamus Rivers, attracted by the salmon spawning in the area. The eagles tend to prefer tall coniferous trees around 60 feet for perching, roosting and nesting giving them superior visability of the area. When travelling their area, the bald eagle is a powerful flier, reaching speeds of 56–70 km/h (35–43 mph) when gliding and flapping, and about 48 km/h (30 mph) while carrying a catch. Its dive speed is between 120–160 km/h (75–99 mph) but rarely dives straight vertically. The bald eagle has a body length of 70–102 cm (28–40 in). Typical wingspan is between 1.8 and 2.3 m (5.9 and 7.5 ft) and normally weigh between 3 and 6.3 kg (6.6 and 13.9 lb). Females are about 25% larger than males, averaging 5.6 kg (12 lb), and against the males' average weight of 4.1 kg (9.0 lb). The mature eagles of 4 years of age are the white headed and white tailed ones while the plumage of the immature is a dark brown overlaid with messy white streaking. Bald eagles are sexually mature at four or five years of age. When they are old enough to breed, they often return to the area where they were born. It is thought that bald eagles mate for life. However, if one member of a pair dies or disappears, the survivor will choose a new mate. A pair which has repeatedly failed in breeding attempts may split and look for new mates. Bald eagle courtship involves elaborate, spectacular calls and flight displays. The flight includes swoops, chases, and cartwheels, in which they fly high, lock talons, and free fall, separating just before hitting the ground. This would be such an amazing display to witness. Bald eagles are early breeders: unlike other raptors and nest building or reinforcing is often by mid-February, egg laying is often late February and incubation is usually mid-March and early May. Eggs hatch from mid April to early May, and the young fledge late June to early July. “We will definately be watching for those little youngsters to be out learning to fly” Brent mentioned. What an amazing area British Columbia is, and to have all this beauty and incredible birds so close is like nothing else. Brent said he will definately be coaxing his wife out more often to watch these beautiful birds, they are amazing!

Diving with the massive creatures of the ocean compilation 1m17s

Diving with the massive creatures of the ocean compilation

Divers from around the world will attest that diving with the larger animals in our seas is on their bucket list or “was an incredible experience”. Stuart from Vancouver British Columbia Canada has had an incredible year of doing just that, diving with the monsters of the ocean. Stuart ventured out to Guadalupe Island aboard a live aboard diving charter yacht and had the incredible experience of not only seeing Great White sharks in the wild, but getting down into the water with them. Guadalupe Island is a volcanic island located 241 kilometres (150 mi) off the west coast of Mexico's Baja California Peninsula and some 400 kilometres (250 mi) southwest of the city of Ensenada in the state of Baja California , in the Pacific Ocean. You will see in the video, they are massive animals, yet so graceful moving about their domain. You can also see some have some nasty scars, these are mainly on the females caused by the males during mating season. Stuart’s next adventure was out to the Islands of Socorro, once again aboard a live aboard diving yacht as these Islands in the Revillagigedo Islands, a Mexican possession lying some 600 kilometres (370 mi) off the country's western coast. Here is where all the divers had the opportunity to make some amazing memories. From Stuart’s footage you can see just some of these memories, incredibly massive whale sharks over 40 feet long that are filter feeders, meaning It feeds on plankton including copepods, krill, fish eggs, Christmas Island red crab larvae and small nektonic life, such as small squid or fish. It also feeds on clouds of eggs during mass spawning of fish and corals. Other monsters Stuart saw are the Giant Manta Rays which are the largest rays in the world. The giant oceanic manta ray can grow to a disc size of up to 7 m (23 ft) across with a weight of about 1,350 kg (2,980 lb) but average size commonly observed is 4.5 m (15 ft).These Giant Mantas are also filter feeders and consume large quantities of zooplankton in the form of shrimp, krill, and planktonic crabs. An individual manta may eat about 13% of its body weight each week. When foraging, it usually swims slowly around its prey, herding the planktonic creatures into a tight group before speeding through the bunched-up organisms with its mouth open wide. Stuart sure did get some incredible footage during these trips allowing all of us to get into the world of the ocean below the waves. How cool would this be to do yourself? It is all possible !!!

Record Breaking Goal Scorer 1m05s

Record Breaking Goal Scorer

February 9, 2018 was a record breaking day for the Vancouver Giants hockey club and #7 Ty Ronning their lead scorer. The Vancouver Giants are a major junior ice hockey team playing in the Western Hockey League (WHL). Inaugurated in 2001–02, the Giants have won one President's Cup (now known as the Ed Chynoweth Cup) in 2006 and one Memorial Cup in 2007 in their 16-season history. Their home rink was the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia, an arena previously used by the National Hockey League (NHL)'s Vancouver Canucks. Effective with the 2016–17 season, the team relocated to the Langley Events Centre in the Township of Langley a suburb of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This 2017/18 season has been a tremendous season for the franchise, coming back after a number of struggling season. Their stats thus far are 54 games played, 29 wins and 17 losses . The game within this video was an incredible, record breaking game for one player, #7 Ty Ronning. Tonight in overtime @TyRonning7 etched himself into the top of the Giants history books! His 49th goal of the season was the overtime winner. He’s now the all-time single season goal scoring record holder of the Vancouver Giants . If the last name Ronning sounds familiar, his father Cliff Ronning was selected by the St. Louis Blues in the seventh round of the 1984 NHL Entry Draft, 134th overall. During an NHL career that spanned 18 years, Ronning played for the Blues, Vancouver Canucks, Phoenix Coyotes, Nashville Predators, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild and New York Islanders. Prior to being drafted, he played in the Western Hockey League for the New Westminster Bruins, displaying the same excellent scoring touch. In 1983–84, Ronning's draft year, he posted 136 points in 71 games, earning the Jim Piggott Memorial Trophy as the league's rookie of the year. Due to his small stature Cliff Ronning was 5'8",he was not drafted until the seventh round, when the St. Louis Blues picked him 134th overall. Ty Ronning, drafted in 2016 by the New York Rangers although also not until the 7th round as his father, Ty has many great things going for him and his future in professional NHL hockey. Ty’s stats so far are as follow, 53 games played,49 goals, 19 assists for a total of 68 points. At this rate, it appears Ty may surpass 60 goals this season, making for a very tough record to be broken in the future. Way to go Ty, congratulations !!!

Giant Manta Rays Fly Among Divers Like Jet Fighters1m30s

Giant Manta Rays Fly Among Divers Like Jet Fighters

This is the incredible moment when one adventurous videographer captured giant pacific mantas on camera, as he swam near Socorro Island. Socorro Island is a small volcanic island in the Revillagigedo Islands approximately 370 miles off the west coast of Mexico. Is swimming with giant manta rays on your bucket list yet? Giant manta rays are believed to be the most majestic creatures in the ocean. They swim by moving their wing-like pectoral fins, which can grow up to 23 foot wide, but usually average about 16 feet. Footage shows us the beautiful and enchanting moment divers caught sight of gigantic manta rays. Nearing twenty feet across, these giant manta rays soar like eagles amongst the divers’ bubbles, with such an incredible grace as though they are putting on a show. The rays pass within inches of the camera, as if they approach to say ‘Welcome to my world’. There is so little we know of our planet, and naturally it makes us curious as to what else is out there. This thirst for knowledge makes us push our boundaries and reach for the unknown. So far we have been able to see almost everything that’s above ground but there are many wonders lurking in the water’s depths and the inside of our mysterious planet. We are reaching for the stars, but we know only a few percents of what the ocean waters hold. There have been many expeditions in the darkest parts of the sea, but we have yet to reach the bottom of the abyss. The expeditions thus far have proven to be very fruitful, bringing knowledge of life in complete darkness in excruciating conditions. Just imagine what the waters hold even further down! It seems that a lot of people want to learn more and more about marine life, if diving expeditions are anything to go by. We hear of countless interactions between divers and marine giants and it all sounds so magnificent.

Cat Punches Out Puppy 29s

Cat Punches Out Puppy

With a new pet welcomed into a home, there is always a power struggle for dominance. Pete and Vivian had brought home a new little lab/husky puppy names Carley. As any pet owner knows, sometimes cats can be very controlling and dominant and just down right grumpy!! Along with Carley came a new toy, this long and fun play tunnel. When the cat of the house Abby, the GRUMPY CAT, discovered the new tunnel she seemed to take it on as her own and started to guard it like a troll guards his bridge. Carley the cutest puppy ever kept on trying to enjoy the tunnel but as seen here, Abby did not want to allow the pup access.... how mean ! Also as us pet owners know, dogs are suppose to not like cats and generally stand up for their rights;-) but Carley was not aware of these characteristics yet, so she kept trying to get into the tunnel. Time after time, Carley received blows to the head, uppercuts to the chin ,and even bites to her face . She did not give up and proved that she will be one tough pupper. "When it comes to a new toy in the play area, it is fair game for everyone". I believe it is safe to say that is exactly what the puppy Carley was thinking the whole time she was taking a beating. Good on ya Carley, persevere little girl.

Cat Guards the Play Tunnel from Puppy 29s

Cat Guards the Play Tunnel from Puppy

There is always a fight for dominance when a new pet arrives into a home. Carley ,the husky/lab puppy here is just that. As she is the new kid on the block, Abby the kitty is slowly teaching Carley who is boss. Abby does all the typical cat things with dogs, she hisses,screaches, and bats at Carley to teach her what is allowed and what isnt. Here we see the typical play tunnel that the humans, Pete and Vivian bought