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Young lady takes delivery of her dream car1m12s

Young lady takes delivery of her dream car

Elsa had always wanted a Mini Cooper. For many years other responsibilities held that dream out of Elsa's reach. Then one day when she was visiting her stepson at the BMW / MINI dealership at which he is a technician, she decided to take one for a ride. This was the red 2013 Cooper, with the awesome rally stripes. Happy with every aspect of the car, she decided to treat herself and make the purchase. Kris the sales person at Langley BMW, was great. He went over everything with her and made sure she was comfortable with every part of the purchase. From her smile when driving off the lot, its proof she is one happy lady. She still smiles every day that she drives her dream car.... its what we work hard for.

Cyclist displays incredible skills33s

Cyclist displays incredible skills

While visiting an outdoors exposition, the cameraman got the chance to experience the skill level of these two riders.Not being a mountain biker himself, Brent was quite amazed at how these guys could stay motionless for any amount of time, and at will, hop on the rear wheel and bounce up a structure. Once upon that structure, they could balance and bounce along the way. Very cool display

Diver finds grumpy wolf eel41s

Diver finds grumpy wolf eel

Cameraman Stuart is an avid cold water scuba diver from British Columbia Canada. Always packing along his camera, he records come incredible life within the 42'f waters around Vancouver B.C Howe Sound. On this boat dive with Sea Dragon Charters, Stuart got some great still photos of his buddies, as well as the life on the rock faces and floor during his dive. Some beautiful anemones,sponge housing eggs, and the video footage of the ever grumpy looking, but ever so docile Wolf eel. At times Wolf eels are know to come out of their dens and divers have been able to pet them ,much like a puppy dog. Great footage and stills Stuart, thank you for sharing.

Diver records amazing chase on the ocean floor33s

Diver records amazing chase on the ocean floor

The diver that recorded this interesting footage is Stuart from Vancouver British Columbia . While out on a local dive charter boat named Topline of Sea Dragon Charters, they visited the dive site of Worlcomb. This site is within Howe Sound just outside of downtown Vancouver along the Sea to Sky Highway which transits to the world famous ski resort town of Whistler. Along the sandy bottom Stuart noticed this Puget Sound King crab chasing this brittlestar which was most likely going to be dinner for the crab. With great dive lights they show the beautiful colourings of the crab . This is a very unique event to witness. Thanks to Stuart, we all got to see it.

Hidden camera captures dog's naughty behavior1m22s

Hidden camera captures dog's naughty behavior

Poncho the rescue dog from Mexico is quite a character. She has some strange habits and one of them being she always rolls the front mat into a ball when Brent and Elsa leave home. Being a habit they have been unable to break and until now did not know how or when Poncho completed this task once they left home, Brent setup the camera and began recording. Within 7 minutes of leaving, Poncho had scoped out the area, made a plan, and being very aware or her surroundings she found the camera but still proceeded!

Terrifying Great White Sharks up close and personal1m20s

Terrifying Great White Sharks up close and personal

Stuart the cameraman and avid scuba diver from Vancouver British Columbia Canada ventured to Guadalupe Island Mexico to check off one of his bucket list items . The big check mark went beside "diving with Great White Sharks". Guadalupe Island lies 150 miles off the west coast of Baja California and is an extremely popular location for those that desire to be in the water to see these incredible animal from within a few feet. Stuart said he spent numerous hours underwater within the cages, and loved every second of it, "nothing compares to this experience, every one that loves these animals and diving should do it". A once in a lifetime experience .

Rescue dog Poncho goes for a drive1m26s

Rescue dog Poncho goes for a drive

Poncho the rescue dog from Mexico loves car rides. Being it was a beautiful sunny day her owners decided to let her get some fresh air with the sunroof open. Adding a bit of fun to it all was a joy said Brent, and it seems Poncho loved it to. She definitely took in all the sights, sounds and smell in the neighbourhood.



This young woman and her friend were visiting fishermans wharf and found out you could feed the local harbour seals. After purchasing some herring they both proceeded to take a turn at feeding, which seemed more scary for the girl that the seal. It was a lot of fun watching this and made for some great laughs. The cameraman enjoyed this as it now has been banned to feed the seals and otters in the harbour.

Basenji cross guards her yard against invading crow 1m01s

Basenji cross guards her yard against invading crow

Poncho our rescue Basenji cross from Playa Del Carmen Mexico really does not like anything trespassing into "her ' space , anywhere. Here she first hears and then sees the crow up in the tree and is having no part of him remaining anywhere close. She does this with dragonflies in the summer which is hilarious as it seems they purposely do flight patterns back and forth just to have her chase them. You go Poncho, guard our yard!!!

Divers find hiding creatures on ocean floor1m13s

Divers find hiding creatures on ocean floor

While vacationing on Grand Cayman Island, cameraman Brent had the chance to scuba dive at the Rivers of Sand dive site on the east end of the island. Along with beautiful coral heads and walls of colorful reef fish, the group had the opportunity to swim through an amazing tunnel. Descending to around 65 feet, the divers entered the tunnel one by one. Having great underwater lights, Brent was able to see a lot that others were not, this being a hiding lobster, as well as many other little creatures within the cracks. This is an amazing place to scuba dive and snorkel!

Scuba diver caught between a ROCK and a Hard place 52s

Scuba diver caught between a ROCK and a Hard place

While visiting the town of Sidney on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada Brent and Elsa stopped at Beacon Park and took in the sights. This is a great little town with many shops, and a beautiful park full of cool artwork and sculptures by local artists. Along the beach and out on the pier you can see seals ,star fish, and many other little sea creatures . It is a beautiful spot for a break and a picnic.

Coba Ruins a mystical magic place 1m53s

Coba Ruins a mystical magic place

The ruins of Coba lie 27 mi northwest of Tulum, in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, which is near the popular resort location off Cancun Mexico. When the cameraman and his family were vacationing in the area they decided to visit the ancient Mayan Ruins of Coba. Among the many small ruins, there is one massive pyramid ,the only one that public is still allowed to climb. This video is the short version of the climb Brent made, which in total took around 15 minutes to complete. Some take longer as you can see, some descend on their behinds...

Basenji cross Poncho goes for a drive in the city1m27s

Basenji cross Poncho goes for a drive in the city

Poncho our Basenji cross rescue dog from Playa Del Carmen Mexico loves to go for a drive in the truck. Being such a beautiful day we decided it was that time again. So we got her all ready, and off we went. She doesn't mind wearing goggles to protect her eyes, but they just weren't co-operating this afternoon so she made an executive decision, they had to go. Taking in all the sights and smells in the neighbourhood, she said" woof woof woof " which translated to" it was a great day for a drive, thanks dad!!!" Now thats love ;-)

Basenji's facial expressions will melt your heart1m19s

Basenji's facial expressions will melt your heart

Poncho the rescue Basenji has a great personality. She is a very nervous Pooch but guards her home like nothing else. She chases dragonflies that happen to enter "her" space in the yard, and barks at the wind. Above her funniness, she is very patient and well mannered. Here she sits patiently while her owner cuts her nails, from her licking with ever snip, she shows her nervousness. But once all complete, she is again a happy pooch.

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Picasso Triggerfish is like a Bull in a China Shop 1m13s

Picasso Triggerfish is like a Bull in a China Shop

While vacationing on Maui,Hawaii, the cameraman visited Makena Beach State Park on Maui's southwestern shores. This is one of the largest beaches in Maui. Snorkeling in the shallows allowed the cameraman to take in some turtles relaxing below some small overhangs on coral formations as well as one swimming very close to shore. He also grabbed some great footage of a Picasso triggerfish scouring the bottom for lunch. The Picasso Triggerfish was named after the famous Spanish painter for its beautiful colors. The Picasso triggerfish is also a great home aquarium fish, but can sometimes be the Bull in the China Shop. As they roam around, they may knock over live rock or other ornaments in the tank. They are beautiful to see in the wide open ocean, incredible to watch moving rocks and coral. This is a gorgeous location as you can see. Enjoy

Amazing sea life in tidal pool caught on camera 1m31s

Amazing sea life in tidal pool caught on camera

While visiting Makena Beach on the island of Maui, Brent and Elsa wandered the beach looking for tide pools to check out .They were amazed at the life their gopro caught once the footage was downloaded. Observing all the miniature marine life that dwells in the pools can be fascinating, as long as you make sure not to disturb or step on them, especially urchins. Brent didn't go to far into the pool in fear of stepping on something not pleasant but used a pole with his camera. Stepping on a sea urchin can be very painful, and removing the spine is best to be done as soon as possible if it is not buried too deeply. Vinegar can help ease the pain but best idea is to see a doctor if pain persists. Along with a few different types of urchins, there were also sergeant fish spotted in the pools. These little guys are a member of the damselfish species and grow to around 5 inches long. It was a great little excursion to the shallows of Maui's Makena Beach.

Trapped sea turtle surfs to freedom48s

Trapped sea turtle surfs to freedom

While searching the pools within the rocks at One'uli Black Sand Beach on the island of Maui in Hawaii, this guy noticed one rather large sea turtle that appeared to be having a tough time getting back to the open ocean. Luckily it was able to surf a wave back to freedom.

Monumentally Mystic Mountaintop 1m28s

Monumentally Mystic Mountaintop

While vacationing on the Hawaiian island of Maui, Brent and Elsa made the early morning trek up Haleakala Crater to catch the amazing sunrise from the peak....nearly 10,000 feet above the sea. Haleakala Crater is the highest peak on the Island of Maui, giving it the best vantage point for taking in this memorable experience. Native peoples chant symbolizing the start of a new day which each sunrise brings us all. This rare opportunity to view paradise from this altitude will be the highlight of your vacation to Maui, wake up early, make the trek, and build memories. Hope you enjoyed this experience.

Captivating excursion to the seafood market 1m10s

Captivating excursion to the seafood market

While visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington, along with many vendors selling everything from handcrafted goods, to flowers and health food, there are also many fresh seafood shops. The cameraman came across one of these shops in particular which is called Pike Place Fish Market and along with serving up the freshest seafood they also put on a bit of a show. Pike Place Market encompasses nine acres from Pike St. north to Virginia St. and from 1st Ave west to Western Ave, the Market’s historic arcade, winding alleys, stairways and lower levels offer a multisensory experience of sights, sounds, tastes, aromas and textures. If in the area, take in the market and don't forget to visit Pike Place Fish Market. Say hi to Taho.

Terrifying moray eels: Hugely misunderstood creatures47s

Terrifying moray eels: Hugely misunderstood creatures

While scuba diving in La Paz Mexico, these divers got to experience the amazing sights of moray eels swimming in the open. Usually thought of as vicious or ill-tempered, morays usually hide in crevices from humans and would rather flee than fight. With over 200 species, morays range from 4.5 inches to over 13 feet in length and can weight almost 70 pounds. In general, they are a very graceful animal to be around within their domain, the ocean, and it is a great experience to be able to be at one with them beneath the surface.

Incredible  Piroshky Piroshky makes amazing pastry 2m09s

Incredible Piroshky Piroshky makes amazing pastry

When recently visiting Pike Place Market in Seattle Washington ,Brent stumbled across this incredible bakery just outside the market. He noticed a massive lineup outside a shop, and when he approached the line, he knew why. This was Piroshky Piroshky, an amazing little bakery that hand makes all its products from scratch. The best part, you can watch the baker creating his products right in front of you, from the street. Piroshky or hand held are delicious in many varieties. A joy to watch with incredible smells. A must do when in the area. This shop opened in 1992 in the hopes of bringing the tastes of Russia to the Pacific Northwest.

Japanese Sushi Delivery - Ingenious or ? 23s

Japanese Sushi Delivery - Ingenious or ?

While visiting Fujieda Japan, David the cameraman and his family found this restaurant that offered self order, and conveyor deliver sushi ,right to your table. There were no waitresses, which seemed a bit odd or out of the norm at first, but the items showed up perfectly as ordered. David mentioned conveyor sushi with touch screen ordering!So cool! 90 yen a plate. $1.08 Canadian. What a deal ..

Historic Starbucks original store location1m22s

Historic Starbucks original store location

The Pike Place Starbucks store, commonly called the Original Starbucks, is the first Starbucks store established in 1971 at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. The store has kept its early appearance over time and is subject to design guidelines due to its historic significance. The store is considered a tourist attraction and often hosts a crowd.

Incredibly funny Sandboarding till the end 20s

Incredibly funny Sandboarding till the end

While touring around Peru, these two friends stumbled across this little bit of paradise near Machu Pichu. The area is called Laguna Huacachina ,Ica and decided to give sand boarding a go. From the looks of it, this is a gorgeous area and the event was a huge amount of fun...... wipe out or not.