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Raging forest fires threaten British Columbia's city of Kelowna, see how the fires are kept at bay1m50s

Raging forest fires threaten British Columbia's city of Kelowna, see how the fires are kept at bay

Steve the videographer recorded this footage from his lakefront home in Kelowna British Columbia Canada. With the nearby forests on fire, the water bombers were continually making passes in front of his home to fight the nearby fires. After a while Steve noticed a boater getting dangerously close to the flightpath/pickup path for the bombers and continued to record in case of an incident. The boater as you will see, definitely was not thinking clearly as to his and his passengers safety, never mind the safety of the skilled pilots working tirelessly to fight the blazes. There were more than 2500 residents evacuated locally as the fires came dangerously close to residential neighbourhoods. Thankfully there was no incident on the water this day, and the fires were extinguished after a number of days. Thanks to all the hardworking firefighters in the air and on the ground, they conquered yet another bad round of forest fires in Kelowna.

Surprising What Kids Will Do For A Treat1m07s

Surprising What Kids Will Do For A Treat

Recently during the Birch Bay , Washington sand castle competition, there was a small out door market as well. There were some great craft displays, live music,and a few food vendors. Amongst one of the most interesting vendors, was this "power it yourself" smoothie kiosk. As you can see in the video, some get quite a kick out of blending their own smoothie, even if it takes a bit of exercise. What parent wouldn't want one of these at home, it sure would help out on the power bill !!

Curiosity Killed the Cat, when is close too close 1m50s

Curiosity Killed the Cat, when is close too close

Back in the summer of 2014, the city of Kelowna British Columbia was experiencing the third worst forest fires in history. More than 2500 residents had to be evacuated as the fires grew to a dangerous level. Kelowna in nestled amongst the Columbia Mountain range which is part of the Rocky Mountains in the southern interior of British Columbia ,Canada. Steve the videographer here has a home on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna so he had a front row seat to the activity of the highly skilled water bomber pilots battling the raging ,near out of control, fires nearby. Steve noticed a boater getting dangerously close to the path that the bombers were using to pick up approximately 800 gallons of water in order to get back to the fires and make a water drop. Steve continued to record in the event an incident between the boater and aircraft occurred. Thankfully there was no incident and all the firefighters on the ground and the air were able to extinguish the forest fires after a number of days. As Steve said" don't be a bag of hammers" be smart while on the water!!

His wife shows him a childhood skill, watch what happens, priceless 1m04s

His wife shows him a childhood skill, watch what happens, priceless

While Brent and Elsa were out for a day trip to Whistler British Columbia, they stopped in the town of Brackendale for a walk along the river. A beautiful place which offers a huge number of Bald eagles to watch during the winter, it is also very beautiful during the summer. While walking along the river, Elsa happened to spot some bluebell flowers and figured she would show Brent something she use to do with them as a kid. Impressed with her "skill and talent" he wasn't aware at first of her plan , but went along being a good sport. A fun day sightseeing in their own area of home.

Dog Struggles To Stay Awake While Relaxing On A Deck Chair 45s

Dog Struggles To Stay Awake While Relaxing On A Deck Chair

With the heat we have been having here in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, after a tough day in the yard running and playing , Poncho decided it was time to relax. Being Sunday evening and the night before a tough work week begins, she decided it was time to chill . Jumping into a very comfortable deck chair, she was unable to overcome the POWER OF RELAXATION.....

Dog has the  personality every owner wants 49s

Dog has the personality every owner wants

Poncho is a rescue dog from Playa Del Carmen Mexico. She has always been a little skittish, but when it comes to baths and in this case, nail clipping, she is the perfect dog. Although appearing a little nervous, she has always been great when this job has to be done, calm and always helpful. Of course, getting a treat when completed does help, along with always talking to her . She does get a lot of exercise, but her nails grow quite quickly, meaning clip clip is a regular duty of her owner Brent. Don't you all wish your pooch was this well behaved at pedicure time??

Mans Best Friend Shows Her Love 1m10s

Mans Best Friend Shows Her Love

Poncho is Brent's rescue dog from Riviera Maya Mexico which he has had for more than 10 years. Poncho along with being quite skittish, is a very affectionate dog. When the weather allows it, Poncho gets to spend the complete day outside while her humans are at work. Who knows what she gets up to, but its known she doesn't lay around all day. The hole under the deck is witness to her playful side. Of course as soon as Brent gets home from work, the most important thing is to let his best friend inside to say hi. As you will see in the video, Poncho has a great amount of love for Brent and vice versa. She is an incredible pet .

Delightful Sunday Drive in a Model T Ford 3m22s

Delightful Sunday Drive in a Model T Ford

While attending the E30 picnic which is organized by Lance Richert, Brent and Elsa and Brent's son Ryan all got a chance to enjoy a ride in a 1926 Model T Ford. The picnic was hosted on the Lemay Family Collection grounds near Tacoma Washington. The collection of many rare and antique cars is quite astounding, and the ride in this beautiful Ford made the day for Brent ,Elsa and Ryan. Ryan was granted the front passenger seat ,as all kids do, throw their folks in the back ;-). Ryan did a great job asking questions about the classic car, as he himself is a 1990's BMW e30 Series car guru, it is Ryan's passion. The driver, and mechanic which maintains the collection's Model T's, was amazing with his knowledge of the vehicle and said he has been driving them since he was 15. He also informed everyone he made a 1500 mile journey in the old Ford, and it was quite enjoyable "nothing happened very fast ,which made it a pleasant trip" .

Adorable kitten Sunshine loves to play 1m16s

Adorable kitten Sunshine loves to play

Although Brent and Elsa can not have a cat where they live, they enjoy visiting the local pet store to play with some of the adoptable kittens. This one was absolutely adorable and her name was Sunshine. Sunshine appeared to have her favourite mouse she like to paw around her cage, and when Brent starting coaxing her with his fingers, she took right to the games. A fun few minutes for all and i am sure Brent and Elsa will be back to see some more of the playful kittens that await adoption to their new perfect homes.

Black bear meanders home after tough day48s

Black bear meanders home after tough day

Cameraman Rodney lives outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver B.C. Off the highway he takes a short drive into the woods via a gravel road to his home and often sees a variety of wildlife. This day the prize was a beautiful black bear which are quite plentiful in this area and being summer is coming near, they are out searching for plenty of food. This guy wandered almost unaware he was making Rodney's day after a tiring work day!

Bernese Mountain Dog ecstatic upon grandma's visit1m14s

Bernese Mountain Dog ecstatic upon grandma's visit

All dog owners know the moment when someone is at the door before they are even there. That's because your dog is already at the door waiting to greet them. They're probably barking their heads off, running all over the house, and the air just fills with excitement. Getting them to calm down is a bit of a different story. Here we have a typical encounter at the door getting extremely affectionate. How adorable is this moment? Watch what happens when this grandma opens the door. Augie the Bernese Mountain Dog spreads his whole self across the floor, eagerly waiting for his belly rubs with a doggy smile so big and genuine, you are sure that this is his favorite person, next to his human, Chantelle! For this dog, when grandma comes to visit, it becomes a huge event, how adorable is that? Has your dog ever done anything like this for a special someone? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more adorable doggos! Check out this excited dog!

Guy finds a Bear and Two Old Men hiding within a Giant Cedar Tree1m11s

Guy finds a Bear and Two Old Men hiding within a Giant Cedar Tree

While scuba diving and exploring the area of Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, just a short ferry ride from Vancouver, Brent found something very interesting. Along with such a beautiful location and one of the top diving locations in the area there are art pieces called Tree Spirits which occur randomly in the area. This 3 piece artwork he found right on the property of the cabin Brent and some friends rented for the weekend while scuba diving in the area. Following is some information about the Tree Spirits. It would be great to explore and locate some others in the area. "LEGEND OF WOOD SPIRITS There are wood spirit legends in almost every culture as far back as history goes, focusing on Native American, African. It's being told that wood carvers from these cultures looked for a face, animal, or other character that they saw imbedded in the grain of the wood, then worked to "release" it. Many different cultures throughout history have believed that "Spirits" inhabit the trees of the forest. Some believed that Spirits were living within the tree from its beginning, others believed the spirits of passed ancestors returned to the earth and existed in one of its many forms. The legend of the wood spirits marked with an effigy, carving or containing naturally appearing images of spirits, are considered very good luck."

Woman doesn't like her husbands Cure for the Common Cold 40s

Woman doesn't like her husbands Cure for the Common Cold

Feeling under the weather with a sore throat and sinus congestion, Elsa is scrambling to get well for an upcoming weekend of scuba diving. After taking some well known medications that do not seem to be working fast enough, her husband suggests something he knows will work. Not being much of a believer in his suggestions most times, this one time she trusts his judgement. We are not sure she will trust him in the future.... Watch and see what you think .

Guy sticks his hand in -346 ℉ liquid nitrogen, will it freeze off 1m12s

Guy sticks his hand in -346 ℉ liquid nitrogen, will it freeze off

WARNING DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME Brent the cameraman and machinist uses liquid nitrogen quite often in his line of work. He uses it for shrinking parts to enable them to be pressed into other pieces of equipment much easier than using a hydraulic press or heavy hammers. Liquid nitrogen can be a very dangerous liquid if not respected. The temperature of liquid nitrogen can readily be reduced to its freezing point of −346 °F by placing it in a vacuum chamber pumped by a vacuum pump. Liquid nitrogen's efficiency as a coolant is limited by the fact that it boils immediately on contact with a warmer object, enveloping the object in insulating nitrogen gas. This effect, known as the Leidenfrost effect, applies to any liquid in contact with an object significantly hotter than its boiling point. This Leidenfrost effect also is the reason the super cooled liquid does not burn Brent's skin on contact.

Guy Learning To Fly Drone the Hard Way 1m12s

Guy Learning To Fly Drone the Hard Way

Adam received this drone as a gift from his father but had no previous training . He did have rc cars so he does have the concept of operating an rc aircraft with the controller. As anyone knows, these type of aircraft take incredible hand eye co-ordination. After a few flights and some crashes, Adam is slowly getting the skill down and making some great maneuvers. Here is some short footage of what can happen with a negative result, as well as a positive result with a great landing. Well done Adam, keep up the training .

Great Guy Makes  Campfire Smores for his Sweety 1m06s

Great Guy Makes Campfire Smores for his Sweety

Camping is a great past time for many as we know. Along with the fun of getting out in the wilderness and away from the daily chores at home, camping also involves some fun activities that rarely occur while home. One that Brent and Elsa enjoy is a campfire, which also involves making campfire foods, one being S'MORES. These can be tough to perfect, and having the perfect fire, great mallows, and the perfect cookies are key ingredients. Elsa prefers the chocolate coated graham wafers, and well Brent, he will eat anything specially if it has chocolate involved. So once Brent got the fire just right he began toasting the marshmallow and when he felt it was just right, he signalled Elsa to get her chocolate coated wafers ready and he placed the ooey gooey marshmallow in place on the cookies. As you will see, it must have been good as Elsa seemed to enjoy the great blend of campfire favour flavours.

Shipwrecked in Vancouver 1m37s

Shipwrecked in Vancouver

While attending a fundraiser at the Maritime Museum in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver B.C Canada, Brent the cameraman spotted these beached sailboats while walking around the park area at the museum. Recalling the huge windstorm that hit the city May 23,2017 Brent scrambled down the giants rocks to get a closer look at the wrecks. Following are quotes and information about the storm that rocked the Lower Mainland. "The problem arises when some owners simply walk away from an old derelict boat that’s been destroyed. Kitsilano residents say has been a growing problem for years, claiming every time there’s a windstorm multiple boats wash ashore and create pollution. “There doesn’t seem to be a plan on how we get rid of these boats,” says Jeff Whitehead, a supervisor from the Vancouver Park Board who is ultimately responsible for the cleanup which can cost north of $7,000 dollars. Winds gusting between 40 and 50 miles an hour pushed sailboats onto the shore at Sunset Beach in English Bay, and also took out a navigational buoy off-shore. Brent said it was amazing seeing this being he has lived locally his whole life, but has never seen this up close. Everyone is hoping that this issue of the damaged and abandoned boats is cleaned up soon as summer is coming . Summer brings a great amount of tourism and beach visits for locals .

Beaver walks home after tough day at the dam45s

Beaver walks home after tough day at the dam

Rodney the cameraman was on his way home after work, and being that he lives off the beaten path in Greater Vancouver BC, he notices this beaver walking along the gravel road. Slowing down to take a look to make sure the little guy wasn't injured, he gets some great footage of an adorable creature. Seeing that the little guy appears to be healthy, both Rodney and the beaver continued on their way, Rodney to his house, and the beaver to his dam. After a long, hard day's work, we can all relate to this little busy beaver. You can just imagine how tired this beaver is. You can be sure that as soon as it gets home that it will find the perfect spot to lay down and instantly fall asleep. We all have those days. The moment you kick off your shoes after a long day of work can also result in an instant slumber. Have you ever had an interesting encounter with a wild animal? Be sure to upload it to, and if you are looking for more awesome animal content, be sure to stop by at as well. Check out this tired beaver.

Ground Squirrel is Very "Hoppy" to Receive Tasty Carrot from Local Visitor 1m01s

Ground Squirrel is Very "Hoppy" to Receive Tasty Carrot from Local Visitor

While visiting Manning Park approximately 3 hours East of Vancouver British Columbia, Elsa saw many ground squirrels running around the field and wanted to see how tame they were. So after watching them for awhile while Elsa and her husband enjoyed lunch in the park, She wanted to see if she was able to get up close with one of the cute little guys by offering a carrot. Not only was Elsa able to get up close, she was able to hand feed a fairly tame little guy that was extremely cute in the way he hopped on his hind legs to make his final approach for the carrot. Brent and Elsa enjoyed the park and watching all the ground squirrels running around having a great time with local visitors. I would say the grand squirrels as well enjoyed Brent and Elsa's visit.

Stingray swims directly at snorkeler 27s

Stingray swims directly at snorkeler

While vacationing on Grand Cayman Island, Brent the cameraman and his wife were snorkelling at Rum Point. Along with many beautiful types of tropical fish, there were also Stingrays . The Southern Stingrays were very curious creatures. They would swim directly at the snorkelers then turn away at the last second, which at first was a bit startling. The Stingrays being approximately 3 feet across and 4-5 feet long including tail were incredible to see and experience their grace . An incredible experience at Rum Point .

Car on fire causes major traffic jam1m19s

Car on fire causes major traffic jam

After a day scuba diving at Porteau Cover Provincial Park, the cameraman and his wife were minutes out of the area when they came across a traffic jam and noticed billowing black smoke in the near distance. Hearing sirens in the distance, Brent continued to shuffle through traffic to get closer to the front of the line as he knew this was going to be a time consuming incident. Once near the front of the stopped traffic, Brent got out and began recording as the firefighters tackled the blaze. Being in a rural area, the firefighters of Britannia Beach are volunteers, which meant approximately a 20 minute arrival time from the time of the 911 call. Once they arrived they sprung into action and got the gear all ready and began fighting the 2 fires. The mini one being the vehicle, and once that was under control a second group of firefighters tackled the grass fire beside the highway.

Amazing Honey Bee, A creature WE can not live without 1m05s

Amazing Honey Bee, A creature WE can not live without

As we all know, without honey bees as well as other bees, we as humans can not survive easily. Bees of all varieties live on nectar and pollen which they gather from flowering plants. Without bees, pollination would be difficult and time consuming - it is estimated that one-third of the human food supply depends on insect pollination. The cameraman was able to catch some great footage of just how hard the honey bee works to gather the pollen which you can see attached to its legs just below its wings. A very fascinating insect.

Bull bucks off Cowboy then gives him one final nudge 52s

Bull bucks off Cowboy then gives him one final nudge

While visiting the annual Cloverdale B.C Canada rodeo and country fair Brent the cameraman came across this mechanical bull riding challenge. There were a number of spectators and challengers taking a chance at riding this old bull. This guy although being a younger more athletic looking challenger, did about as well as one of the older challengers, which was Brent himself. It was fun watching the different ways that some try to stay aboard this old bull, but none succeeded more that a couple minutes. As slow as the movement of the bull seems, Brent said" it seems a lot faster when you are on the back of that guy". The Cloverdale Rodeo in it's 71st year and the Country Fair in it's 129th year is a four day Rodeo and Fair that brings in crowds and competitors to one of Western Canada's most popular family events attracting over 90,000 spectators yearly. The Rodeo hosts the World's top Cowboys and Cowgirls in a unique invitational rodeo format that ensures the sports' premier athletes are showcased throughout 5 Rodeo performances. The events featured are the Bareback,Saddlebronc,Bull Riding,and women Barrel Racing. The fair features a midway of rides and games,agrizone petting zoo, lumberjack show, a skateboarding roundup as well as many many food vendors . An incredible day at the fair.

Wild Rodeo Bronc Bucks off Cowboy and Saddle1m08s

Wild Rodeo Bronc Bucks off Cowboy and Saddle

During the May long weekend Cloverdale B.C Rodeo, Brent the cameraman took in the excitement of the exhibition. Along with other events, Brent felt the Saddle Bronc event was the most exciting. These horses came straight out of the gate going hell bent for leather bucking like they had a bee under the saddle. This detailed ride was the fastest, most aggressive one of the event and Brent was glad he got it on camera. You can feel the power of the Bronc, and the shear bravery of the Cowboy.