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Basenji cross won't catch anything but treats 1m37s

Basenji cross won't catch anything but treats

Poncho ,the cameraman's Basenji cross that he rescued from Mexico is a great loving friend. He has taught her to roll over, catch a treat off her nose, and the old faithful sit , and she learned all them within minutes. Poncho's one fail, is no matter what, she will not catch any of her toys, but never fails to catch a treat.... almost never misses. Enjoy watching Poncho's skills, share the video if you enjoyed it. Thank you

Divers explore Kittiwake shipwreck on Grand Cayman Island2m05s

Divers explore Kittiwake shipwreck on Grand Cayman Island

While Brent and Elsa were vacationing on Grand Cayman Island, being divers they chose to dive the ship wreck Kittiwake. Below is some information about this incredible ship which now makes a great dive sight and artificial reef. On January 5th 2011, the Kittiwake (an ex USA Navy Vessel) was brought to the Cayman Islands and sunk to make an artificial reef off Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach. When in active duty, the Kittiwake was a submarine rescue vessel. The Kittiwake was in service from 1945 to 1994, serving more than 50 years. After she was retired from duty in 1994 the Caymans Islands Government purchased her to make an artificial reef. In preparation for sinking the Kittiwake was cleaned of all chemicals and oils to insure that no pollutants could harm the nearby coral reefs, and had most of her internal fixtures removed to make the vessel as diver friendly as possible. The Kittiwake is a large vessel measuring 251 feet long, hosting 5 decks, and weighing 2200 tons. She sits in ~60 feet of water. Open water divers can swim the first three decks, and advanced divers can swim through all five decks. Some highlights of the dive include two recompression champers, which served the divers who got decompression sickness on the Kittiwake, the bathroom which still has mirrors so you can see yourself, and the mess hall which still has tables and chairs. Most of the Kittiwake’s missions are still classified to this day, however a quick search online gets plenty of hits to some of her adventures. Most notably in 1986 the Kittiwake recovered the Blackbox from the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster. The Blackbox was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean. Today the Kittiwake lays in a marine park serving as an artificial reef. Divers and snorkelers are not allowed to take or touch anything in the marine park. To dive or snorkel the Kittiwake, you must go on a licenced vessel.

Adorable Little Girl Enjoys Birthday Cake 40s

Adorable Little Girl Enjoys Birthday Cake

During a family reunion everyone celebrated the birthdays of everyone during July. Along with the cake came whipped cream in no shortage so it was also enjoyed more by some than others. This little girl loved her cake and enjoyed the whole process of devouring it. What a cutie !!

Guy guards his hummingbird feeder laboriously 1m17s

Guy guards his hummingbird feeder laboriously

Enjoying a beautiful Vancouver evening, Brent noticed that more wasps were enjoying the hummingbird feeder than its intended diner, so he began guarding the feeder for the beautiful hummingbird that has begun frequenting the back yard. After some time and effort, his work paid off just in time, to enjoy watching the local little beauty relax on the feeder for a short meal. So beautiful . Listen closely you will hear the little guys wigs buzzing to keep him aloft. Enjoy .

Mastiff Rescue Dog Fetches Big Stick With action camera attached 1m38s

Mastiff Rescue Dog Fetches Big Stick With action camera attached

Drake is an 11 year old Mastiff Pitt cross that has the personality and tempermanent of a poodle, very calm and friendly . While enjoying some time at Vanessa's, (Drakes human), family lake home, Brent had some fun with the dogs in the lake. Vanessa rescued Drake when he was 3 years old. Drake is like her child as many of us pet owners know happens. As seen in the outtakes, Drake is at times tough to get motivated, it takes a little coaxing sometimes but in the end he performs and loves the water. Enjoy this little video and please share it . Thank you .

Guy feeding large Iguana not as brave as he thought he was 1m19s

Guy feeding large Iguana not as brave as he thought he was

This little town just an hour North of Puerto Vallarta,Mexico, called Sayulita, is pretty much a surfer type town. Fairly secluded, with gorgeous beaches and crystal clear waters, it attracts many tourists. Both for beach activities and shopping. Of course being that Brent isn't the shopper type, he is always looking for local wildlife to check out. Finding this tree full of Iguana, he figured "why not see if one of them would like this tasty flower?" So after picking a close by flower, one large creature definitely was interested. As you can see , Brent was a little reluctant staying perfectly still waiting for Mr. Big to take the flower from his hand. Brent wife, as you can hear, tells him to be careful , but of course he knows best. After a few twitchy offerings , the Iguana was able to get a bite, both of the flower and the tip of Brents finger. No blood was shed and no animals were injured in the recording of this video. Brent wasn't as brave as he thought he was . ;-) Feel free to share this video if you enjoyed it. Thank you

Aircraft uses lake to battle raging forest fires1m50s

Aircraft uses lake to battle raging forest fires

Steve recorded this footage from his lakefront home in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. With the nearby forests on fire, the water bombers were continually making passes in front of his home to fight the nearby fires. After a while Steve noticed a boater getting dangerously close to the flight/pickup path for the bombers and continued to record in case of an incident. The boater, as you will see, definitely was not thinking clearly as to his safety and the safety of his passengers, never mind the safety of the skilled pilots working tirelessly to fight the blazes. There were more than 2,500 residents evacuated locally as the fires came dangerously close to residential neighborhoods. Thankfully there was no incident on the water this day, and the fires were extinguished after a number of days. Thanks to all the hardworking firefighters in the air and on the ground, they conquered yet another bad round of forest fires in Kelowna.

Bulldog Digs Her Day at the Beach 39s

Bulldog Digs Her Day at the Beach

when recently vacationing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and walking along the beach, the cameraman noticed this very happy looking Bulldog. Every time her owner tossed the rock, Lucy would run over to it and start digging on each side of the rock. She would do this continually until getting tired. This had been going on for at least 10 minutes prior to this footage ,so Lucy definitely seems to enjoy the rock game. While talking with her owner, i was also noted that Lucy also surfs with her owner. Now that would have been great to see. If you love doggies and enjoyed this short video, please share it along. Thank you .

Little Boy Fools Grandpa at the Pool1m13s

Little Boy Fools Grandpa at the Pool

This little guy sure knows how to play grandpa. While at the pool the cameraman watched this little guy playing with grandpa for quite some time. Grandpa was trying to get him to jump into the pool so he could take him over to the nearby waterfall and slide in the middle of the pool. But every time his grandson got to the pool's edge, after "uno, dos,tres" the little guy would give a bit of a smirk, and not jump in. After a bit, the little guy got a snarly look on his face and walked back to the pool side lounge chair and teased grandpa some more. What a little actor he was, too fun.

Dog's flying ears help propel speed boat39s

Dog's flying ears help propel speed boat

Drake the dog has some great big flappy ears. When out on a beautiful boat ride around Lake Okanagan in Kelowna, British Columbia, it was hard not to get a chuckle from watching him. Drake moved about the boat but his ears always seemed to grab the wind and fly horizontal. His buddy Chewy decided the fun was just relaxing and taking in the sights and smells of the open water. What a great day and fun times with the dogs and friends!

Kat and Dog play a tune on the solar lights 1m21s

Kat and Dog play a tune on the solar lights

Kat and her dog Molson got quite artistic synchronizing their taps on the solar deck lights to the song Hot Diggity Dog. Everyone around enjoying the evening got quite a laugh out of it all. A great time was had by all watching the artistic creation by Kat and Molson. If you enjoy the video, please share it with friends . Thank you .

Dogs chase GoPro attached to stick1m07s

Dogs chase GoPro attached to stick

Dog buddies Drake and Molson love to play at the lake. Watch as they chase a stick with a GoPro attached to the end of it. The result makes for such cool footage!

Incredible Tropical Lightning Storm in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 40s

Incredible Tropical Lightning Storm in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Recently while vacationing in Puerto Vallarta,Mexico, the cameraman caught some incredible footage of a tropical lightning storm. July is the beginning of the rainy season in Puerto Vallarta ,meaning it becomes very hot and humid which created a daily thunder and lightning storm which like clock work began around 4 in the afternoon. Lightning is very entrancing and always made for a gathering on the beach to watch the storm. Enjoy this video and please share with those you know that also enjoy the sight of the powers in the skies.

Surprising What Kids Will Do For A Treat1m07s

Surprising What Kids Will Do For A Treat

Recently during the Birch Bay , Washington sand castle competition, there was a small out door market as well. There were some great craft displays, live music,and a few food vendors. Amongst one of the most interesting vendors, was this "power it yourself" smoothie kiosk. As you can see in the video, some get quite a kick out of blending their own smoothie, even if it takes a bit of exercise. What parent wouldn't want one of these at home, it sure would help out on the power bill !!

Eagle eye view of British Columbia's stunning mountain range2m02s

Eagle eye view of British Columbia's stunning mountain range

Such a spectacular view! Kevin soars above these breathtaking mountains of British Columbia in a glider, amazing! This is definitely a million dollar view, you don't get the chance to see this every day. Lucky for us, we are able to see this spectacular view through an eagle eye view! At the start of Kevin's flight, he climbs to 6000', turning as he does this. While he turns, we can see the beautiful view below, it is incredible. Kevin reaches 8000' feet to level off and enjoys both the ride and view. He enjoys three hours up in the air, before having to head back home. With this view, the time probably went by so fast! Landing is always the most critical and tricky part of the flight, but Kevin is a pro as he has been flying for over two years now, awesome! What a great adventure this was! Kevin is very lucky he gets this opportunity. If only we were all trained pilots, then we could see a view like this with our own eyes. At least we have Kevin's point of view, so beautiful! Do you love capturing every moment of the beautiful views you see? Check out some of these best selling cameras! What a great way to show your friends and family the amazing views you have witnessed! Don't forget to put these photos up on the wall! Have you seen a beautiful view like this before? Let us know in the comment section down below!

Curiosity Killed the Cat, when is close too close 1m50s

Curiosity Killed the Cat, when is close too close

Back in the summer of 2014, the city of Kelowna British Columbia was experiencing the third worst forest fires in history. More than 2500 residents had to be evacuated as the fires grew to a dangerous level. Kelowna in nestled amongst the Columbia Mountain range which is part of the Rocky Mountains in the southern interior of British Columbia ,Canada. Steve the videographer here has a home on the waterfront of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna so he had a front row seat to the activity of the highly skilled water bomber pilots battling the raging ,near out of control, fires nearby. Steve noticed a boater getting dangerously close to the path that the bombers were using to pick up approximately 800 gallons of water in order to get back to the fires and make a water drop. Steve continued to record in the event an incident between the boater and aircraft occurred. Thankfully there was no incident and all the firefighters on the ground and the air were able to extinguish the forest fires after a number of days. As Steve said" don't be a bag of hammers" be smart while on the water!!

His wife shows him a childhood skill, watch what happens, priceless 1m04s

His wife shows him a childhood skill, watch what happens, priceless

While Brent and Elsa were out for a day trip to Whistler British Columbia, they stopped in the town of Brackendale for a walk along the river. A beautiful place which offers a huge number of Bald eagles to watch during the winter, it is also very beautiful during the summer. While walking along the river, Elsa happened to spot some bluebell flowers and figured she would show Brent something she use to do with them as a kid. Impressed with her "skill and talent" he wasn't aware at first of her plan , but went along being a good sport. A fun day sightseeing in their own area of home.

Dog Struggles To Stay Awake While Relaxing On A Deck Chair 45s

Dog Struggles To Stay Awake While Relaxing On A Deck Chair

With the heat we have been having here in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, after a tough day in the yard running and playing , Poncho decided it was time to relax. Being Sunday evening and the night before a tough work week begins, she decided it was time to chill . Jumping into a very comfortable deck chair, she was unable to overcome the POWER OF RELAXATION.....

Dog has the  personality every owner wants 49s

Dog has the personality every owner wants

Poncho is a rescue dog from Playa Del Carmen Mexico. She has always been a little skittish, but when it comes to baths and in this case, nail clipping, she is the perfect dog. Although appearing a little nervous, she has always been great when this job has to be done, calm and always helpful. Of course, getting a treat when completed does help, along with always talking to her . She does get a lot of exercise, but her nails grow quite quickly, meaning clip clip is a regular duty of her owner Brent. Don't you all wish your pooch was this well behaved at pedicure time??

Mans Best Friend Shows Her Love 1m10s

Mans Best Friend Shows Her Love

Poncho is Brent's rescue dog from Riviera Maya Mexico which he has had for more than 10 years. Poncho along with being quite skittish, is a very affectionate dog. When the weather allows it, Poncho gets to spend the complete day outside while her humans are at work. Who knows what she gets up to, but its known she doesn't lay around all day. The hole under the deck is witness to her playful side. Of course as soon as Brent gets home from work, the most important thing is to let his best friend inside to say hi. As you will see in the video, Poncho has a great amount of love for Brent and vice versa. She is an incredible pet .

Delightful Sunday Drive in a Model T Ford 3m22s

Delightful Sunday Drive in a Model T Ford

While attending the E30 picnic which is organized by Lance Richert, Brent and Elsa and Brent's son Ryan all got a chance to enjoy a ride in a 1926 Model T Ford. The picnic was hosted on the Lemay Family Collection grounds near Tacoma Washington. The collection of many rare and antique cars is quite astounding, and the ride in this beautiful Ford made the day for Brent ,Elsa and Ryan. Ryan was granted the front passenger seat ,as all kids do, throw their folks in the back ;-). Ryan did a great job asking questions about the classic car, as he himself is a 1990's BMW e30 Series car guru, it is Ryan's passion. The driver, and mechanic which maintains the collection's Model T's, was amazing with his knowledge of the vehicle and said he has been driving them since he was 15. He also informed everyone he made a 1500 mile journey in the old Ford, and it was quite enjoyable "nothing happened very fast ,which made it a pleasant trip" .

Adorable kitten Sunshine loves to play 1m16s

Adorable kitten Sunshine loves to play

Although Brent and Elsa can not have a cat where they live, they enjoy visiting the local pet store to play with some of the adoptable kittens. This one was absolutely adorable and her name was Sunshine. Sunshine appeared to have her favourite mouse she like to paw around her cage, and when Brent starting coaxing her with his fingers, she took right to the games. A fun few minutes for all and i am sure Brent and Elsa will be back to see some more of the playful kittens that await adoption to their new perfect homes.

Black bear meanders home after tough day48s

Black bear meanders home after tough day

Cameraman Rodney lives outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver B.C. Off the highway he takes a short drive into the woods via a gravel road to his home and often sees a variety of wildlife. This day the prize was a beautiful black bear which are quite plentiful in this area and being summer is coming near, they are out searching for plenty of food. This guy wandered almost unaware he was making Rodney's day after a tiring work day!

Bernese Mountain Dog ecstatic upon grandma's visit1m14s

Bernese Mountain Dog ecstatic upon grandma's visit

All dog owners know the moment when someone is at the door before they are even there. That's because your dog is already at the door waiting to greet them. They're probably barking their heads off, running all over the house, and the air just fills with excitement. Getting them to calm down is a bit of a different story. Here we have a typical encounter at the door getting extremely affectionate. How adorable is this moment? Watch what happens when this grandma opens the door. Augie the Bernese Mountain Dog spreads his whole self across the floor, eagerly waiting for his belly rubs with a doggy smile so big and genuine, you are sure that this is his favorite person, next to his human, Chantelle! For this dog, when grandma comes to visit, it becomes a huge event, how adorable is that? Has your dog ever done anything like this for a special someone? Let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section! Be sure to visit for more adorable doggos! Check out this excited dog!

Guy finds a Bear and Two Old Men hiding within a Giant Cedar Tree1m11s

Guy finds a Bear and Two Old Men hiding within a Giant Cedar Tree

While scuba diving and exploring the area of Tuwanek on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, just a short ferry ride from Vancouver, Brent found something very interesting. Along with such a beautiful location and one of the top diving locations in the area there are art pieces called Tree Spirits which occur randomly in the area. This 3 piece artwork he found right on the property of the cabin Brent and some friends rented for the weekend while scuba diving in the area. Following is some information about the Tree Spirits. It would be great to explore and locate some others in the area. "LEGEND OF WOOD SPIRITS There are wood spirit legends in almost every culture as far back as history goes, focusing on Native American, African. It's being told that wood carvers from these cultures looked for a face, animal, or other character that they saw imbedded in the grain of the wood, then worked to "release" it. Many different cultures throughout history have believed that "Spirits" inhabit the trees of the forest. Some believed that Spirits were living within the tree from its beginning, others believed the spirits of passed ancestors returned to the earth and existed in one of its many forms. The legend of the wood spirits marked with an effigy, carving or containing naturally appearing images of spirits, are considered very good luck."