Baby runs away with camera during Thanksgiving video message

Published December 3, 2020 3,568 Views

Rumble / Babies & KidsThanksgiving 2020, like the rest of the year 2020 has been quite different for many. Canadian Thanksgiving is celebrated in October, a full month ahead of the American Thanksgiving. In this adorable video, Harvey and his dad Ryan were making a short video greeting to Harvey's mom. Harvey's mom works in health care, so as we all know, health care workers have been working longer hours and more days with less time off during this Covid 19 year. In health care, there are no weekends off for many, Saturday and Sunday are just other work days. Taking this all into account, Ryan wanted to send a warm morning greeting to his wife, including smiles and chuckles from their baby Harvey.

Harvey, being 17 months old has become very mobile. As you will see in the video, he is no longer a crawler, but a runner. Harvey runs pretty much everywhere, which in turn has brought along with the speed, a chipped front tooth. Our bodies are generally top heavy, so with unstable times, a crash can be the result, which it was one day in September. This Thanksgiving morning, Ryan had everything set. Phone onto video mode, himself and Harvey sitting comfortably in the hall way, all was perfect……until “record” was pushed. Harvey also has a great personality building, he is full of laughs and mischief, much like his dad was at this age.

With the video rolling, Harvey jumped up and reaches for the camera. Ryan figured Harvey just wanted a close up view for mom, but oh no, Harvey had other plans. Running away Harvey goes with the phone camera. Laughing and giggling all the while, Harvey races away from dad Ryan to anywhere except where the footage was to be taken in ”the perfect setting”. Laughing about his sons actions, Ryan follows in hot pursuit and scoops baby Harvey up. Finding a comfortable spot on the sofa to continue with moms video, Ryan and Harvey completed the recording and sent it to a very happy mom. Meg was extremely thankful for the efforts and love both Ryan and Harvey put into her Thanksgiving video. Forever remembered and to be shown when Harvey is old enough to laugh at himself as a very curious, rambunctious baby boy. Enjoy this adorable video!