Giant iguana pushes drink right into the pool

Published July 2, 2020 7,068 Views $2.25 earned

Rumble / Unreal AnimalsThe resort this group stayed at had some amazing foliage and walkways. There are many wild creatures that also enjoy the resort. These creatures are not as such on a vacation like the humans, but they have taken up refuge within the bush areas of the resort. Although it is suggested not to feed the wild animals, many enjoy getting up close and personal with some of the animals. Here we see these very large iguana sunning at the edge of one of the resort pools. These large iguana are mainly herbivores but they will eat other food that they may come across while walking. This resort is very expansive and has acres of trees and bush in which wild animals inhabit.

The spiny tail green iguana is very popular in these areas. Being vegetarians, in particular, they enjoy flowering shrubs, hibiscus, berries, fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, strawberries and figs. Right beside the pathway was a very tall palm tree that had dropped many dark berries and the iguana was picking them up as he walked along the garden. While walking within the resort, this visitor noticed these two big lizards near the pool edge. Along with some pool tiles that had been placed near the edge, there were also some plastic drink glasses. Even though this resort is very eco-conscious and uses biodegradable “plastic” cups, they still can be a hazard for animals.

Taking care that the iguana did not pick up and eat the pool tiles, the videographer noticed the iguana had focused on the plastic cup. Thinking that the lizard could not actually eat the cup, Brent was not that concerned, until the iguana began pushing the cup along the pool deck. Once the lizard had successfully pushed the cup into the pool, it was known to be safe that the iguana would at least not bite the cup. Picking up the pool tiles was the next important item on Brent’s agenda as he could see the iguanas would possibly think they were a snack so those were discarded into the trash. Iguana are beautiful creatures that need to be protected and preserved.