Baby tries carbonated water for the first time with hilarious results

Harvey was around seventeen months old when he first tried carbonated water. Now carbonated water is nothing more than regular water, that has carbon dioxide infused into it. The process is this, Carbonated water is water containing dissolved carbon dioxide gas, either artificially injected under pressure or occurring due to natural geological processes. Carbonation causes small bubbles to form, giving the water an effervescent quality( the bubbles that get us in the nose).

Harvey's parents had the carbonating machine for quite awhile, but had not been using it very much. One day when Harvey's grandpa was over, Harvey's dad Ryan offered grandpa some of the flavoured carbonated water, which he always enjoys. Since that day the machine was getting more usage. Ryan wanted to see if Harvey also would like and enjoy the different type of water, and the experience went pretty much as Ryan figured it would. With hilarious results, and a facial expression making note of just what was going on in Harvey's little mouth and sinus'. Needless to say, the carbonated water is not part of Harvey's regular diet for hydration, at least not for now. He truly is a little cutie with a great personality.

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