2 years ago

Baby tries eating lemon, has the most priceless reaction

Baby Harvey is one adorable little guy that resides in Langley British Columbia Canada. His parent are always getting him to try new foods, drinks and activities to open up his world to many experiences. This day while mom was at work, dad was making some lemonade from scratch, and wanted to see how Harvey would enjoy one fresh lemon slice.

After a couple tastes, and dad Ryan also trying out the lemon, Harvey continues to see if he likes it. As you will see here and in the carbonated water video, Harvey is not a quitter and always keeps an open mind. Determined to follow dads lead, Harvey keeps trying until dad ends the recording. As we all know, lemon is very healthy for us, it helps clean out bodies. Enjoy little Harvey and his ongoing escapades. He is one adorable grandson.

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