The Mars Force

1 month ago

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Contact Jules via for astrology readings for transformation. Healing sessions - Jules uses her Inner Vision and also Regression to help unlock what is holding you back.

Learn about Planetary Forces and their part in your life. Go beyond the mainstream astrological terminology into the depths of what influences you.

The Series on Planetary Forces:
The Sun Force
The Moon Force Part 1
The Moon Force Part 2
The Mercury Force:
The Venus Force
The Mars Force
The Jupiter Force

The FREE Yoga Nidra recording is here:

The Inner Work Series:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four: The emotional mechanisms of stress and tension in the body. Traumas and Triggers. Depression and Anxiety. Enjoying melancholy! Taking ownership and not blaming.

Part Five: Stress and Tension Releasing

Part Six - Propaganda and Belief Systems

Part Seven - Illnesses from Unresolved Emotions

Part 8 Taking Back Control With Awareness

Part 9 - The Inner Child

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