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Luciferace this and fungi parasites

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The one below this writing is sdr software defined radio i prove that i have thousandso of
chips or radioactive partacals from 1hz then nearly every half a hz ie 1hz 2hz 2.8hz 3hz so
on and on and the big main ones is 100hz and 400mhz if you look in the pdf documents it
will tell you the frequency of them and how they made close to bottom of pdf the other easy
to see the picture show the same these are thin lines so low bandwidth but thousands a
normal radio station will cover a hz for music these can also i noticed be at or in radio
stations signal maybe using it as a carrier wave same as the very low these frequency a 4
ere the most dangerous to the body because they are the same as body function like nevous
system breathing brain so on also listen to the sound because that is also important it proves
my nuckels are magnetic because it changes the pitch i feel it to going over the antenna i
also have chip right middle index finger photos will show that is easy to see also look at the
bottons bk middle and right bottom of phone you will see something hard 5o cach blurry air
like heat wave or gas vapour this also can be seen under some conditions it is the energy
from my body it is magnetic but more like radioactive magnetic there is a difrence other links
are injury and what im going through because of this medication its slow murder and i spoke
out only to get locked up mental health section 3 does this look like a mental illness it needs
to be put right because the negative reporting false statements that i harm my kids a
conspircy thorests im far from it false statement cause harm
Look at face chips also under UV light that was 3 weeks after swab the big ones came out
but i did have chips way before the swab the swab was a reinfection or upgrade addon call it
what you will but to tell them before they gave me it i refused but my right human right was
taken from me simply because i said the swabs chips jabs are servalnce system and I'm
targeted because of it syops and big tech phama etc the truth will come out i hope i am alive
to see this criminal injustice on humanity cross breading genocide with parasites stem cells
hydrogel and al autoamune deases known to man are in them and it supposed to benefit you
heath monitor its lies it data money your thoughts emotions creativity all stolen from you by
evil power hungry criminals
The Covid is not a virus it is fungi
And parasites that are in luciferace to make it aluminate bio aluminiumecent so self ensemble nano tech can build into a computer system my skin show black fibers and chips and cubes many different types and that how the jab is called leaky vaccine because
luciferace and bio sensors use fungi parasites I think not 100 percent they are parasites from a sand fly as they used with cas9 crisppa tech also plus to keep lucetfetace interferon they give you
aids amune suppressant copy paste the url in your Web browser they won't open clicking on
this site look at the vedeo called this why you won't get better it show the signal in my body
listen to the sound


Climate change or smokes and mirrors
The next vedeo is the NMR on radio software defined radio prove it in me so if seen first link you seen the one below
Look at the vedeo with sdr software defined radio i light up like a Xmas tree all those signal
are from my body you can't tell me nhs had no clue or thought of telling me is like kemo
radioactive nano particals prove every thing i have said last 4 years is true when i been
locked up in mental health hospital labeled as dilution for speaking the truth saying i harm
my 18 years old daughter telling her conspiracy theorys i was speaking out to try save others
from the same fate as me because i knew but knowing is one thing i could always show im
magnetic energy by moving things with hand or putting hand near someone but it still wasn't
anoth to get help i been ignored and Dr called mental health when i tryed to talk about it I've
been forced jabed in arse over the truth false in prison and mis diagnosis that causes harm
not help and to try every time to convence every time is hard when the people who should
be helping me deny me because of there own reason not speaking up for me or say he is
telling the truth because that means they mental health too so you left labeled as a lier
dullutions and when they section me for speaking out they forced swab tested me i said i
don't trust serco they said they just cleaners but i knew they could get me and they did RT
QPCR swab with chips eeg ecg and many others i have been given again the thing i was
classed as dilutional for again as it was when there was lockdown if i did not do a swab i had
to stay in a tiny room isolated for the hole time i was there my human rights were taken from
me classed as not able to make my own choice and then forced syco meds in arse for
refusing them because it was not a metal illness but ignorence on there part i believe it was
to silence me and chip me again evil also got server acathesea and given nothing for elerjic reaction to the meds could not lay down or stand passing back forth on tip toe because it was that bad basically tourchered because of ignorance just doing my job is not good anoth doing the right thing is I showed the nerse and they see I was not mentality ill and was true my body magnetic not hard to see Dr also will not even talk on the phone to me or see me saying my skin sample is normal a blatant lie it had chips white fibers black morgellon fibers that are RNA DNA and have a patent on them they move I show I have hydrogel in my skin is chips fibers of different types normal I know I have mitres parasites they fly of my head see them in corner of eye and the stages they go though there is proof in the pics clear to see balls in hair hair see though wear the folicals are blocked just look at a hair pic and suribum so server come though skin and clot hair together totally not normal and from parasites yet no Dr has even looked the pics I sent shows it so clearly this is all about real time sevalance and kill of the people and the jabs has same tech in it takes time a ticking time bomb and jabbed have low energy Bluetooth chip easy to see on phone proved that also that they now chopped the swabs from NHS we're also chips and hydrogel they reproduce and self ensemble I can even line my photos up with miscropathy slides showing it go from liquid to ensemble the fibers first then luciferace tiny light flourcent on tiny chips and grow connect into a bio sensor a full computer system
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