10 months ago

Watch the hospital remdisvir and jab same

Look up in my other vedeo for discipton this is from 2018 and onto present day just some pics of face and skin shedding under microscope only a cheap pc one not high mag think if could see high mag this what I been though is satanic and is snake venom as well but that part of the story look up my other vedeo you see vedeo not picture this all a small part but this was done too me soft kill by government and Intel and sycological worker for section me for telling her I was hacked and what was happening they did this to discredit me but I never give up to expose I was not lieing doctor don't help even told me remdisvir is to help amune system for 4 x hep don't know the stain to all clear to we know and going to treat you I know now if 5 x PCR could not tell what it was the 6th over about 9 months was false positive doing over 25 cycles like false covid test and the inventer said it not for diagnosis and false positive I believe was to soft kill another addicti dead blamed on drugs as always same sytoms as long covid same as jab no different at all 8 believe they the same I vape high nicatean probably saved my life and took a few over the counter drugs has helped a lot maybe reverse it as a lot better Dr ardis is 100 percent right I want him to see my 2 vedeos I'm band on twitter and LinkedIn LinkedIn for over a year showing wuslebpower about software 9f like in the jab this is face see chips cube fungi snake venom skin shedding the cubes get into tissue cells started being hacked 2016 and stops Intel gov I learned by them during sycological warfare on me got me section under mental health section 3 when I spoke the truth

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