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This could be what is found in vains from abarmers

This could be what is found in vains from abarmers it fluid like and also fibers it leak through skin and crystallise or fibers grow though it seen more under camera this probably is luciferace it all over body it does mad parents on skin shapes alian hyroglifs anamils not from this earth tike what you see on walls in Egypt doctors refuse to see me or even listen let me show what i have recorded im fighting to clear my name of mental health dilutions my diagnosis false because i was hacked and targeted sycolojical warfare and servalnce that harass cause harm every device was used against me if i factory reset in 2 mins they would be back in my phone every time all my data vonrableatys was used against me threats to kill etc and poison even water my drugs i pick up they could do anything they had capability i was up 3 days strght fighting online with them it was group over time i learn there tricks and narrow down the hidden enemy my day in court force and invstagation i can say things and it could be verified like military drone following me as record can be looked at my mental health records showi me blaming the same big tech farms and other companys all public private including mi6 sniper at my home freedom of info can expose putting them at seen sniper laser at forhead 21 23nd may 2018 distoyed my life health with direct energy weapons smart meters cuboard was full of energy im air like static high level smog maims they drop on mains line it radiatiate though all house wires to all room smart meters can contol it dod protect it i have morgellons and translucent fibers over 5 to 10 types of chips bio sensors all use light to conect they puting a system on street light get rid of smart meters and anything electrical in room when you sleep to help body heal no WiFi cell phone when sleep amd wireless use cable ethernet or WiFi on USB lead for kids protect them from radiation
Ow stue Peters needs to see this to show as it explains the white fiber from morg abama no one release they have this id2020 agenda 2030 brain computer interface tech based on our data all our thought feeling emotion images all uploaded to AI cloud for behaviour modifications static all, over tourcher if you. Show body senses as angry or mad or exposing this get you targeted so my time for court helo to put records together proof is limited my lungs failing o2 in blood failing this in my hole body organ lungs brain prion if not treated and kept away from 5G and all radio frequencys devices towers i might have i little longer i want to save others warn the morgellons has patent on it rna dna fibere it wa in blue masks swabs and jabs from air and food we are nombbarded with this stuf

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