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This is what Dr Ardis is right and that the start

This is one of over 1000 pic if you jabed even if not ill now take NAC and 2 drops phosphoric acid couple times and hydroxycorquen or as i did ivermectin and also get android phone unlock admin menu and click Bluetooth snoop and get low power Bluetooth apps from the play store Scan you jabed you chipped and have eeg ecg bio data breathing RT QPCR and real time upload to AI ML deep mind Google Facebook LinkedIn Microsoft amazon cloud nhs government dod mod cia fbi real time servalnce can even see what you see brain computer interface they far past Nural link the chip can be grown in body bacteria nano wire at a risistance to grow chip from carbon sugar has carbon they put graphine in food this sht is bad can re produce hydrogel stem cells in this vedeo look like snake see it move and that skin flake under about 30 x mag only cheap microscope on pc i will upload all ad my pics together no one talking about the nano tech and fibers that in the ones in morgs come out of me and video this my skin funny the shedding like snake i do until i had ivermectin 3 months ago and quincitin zinc vit c phosphoric acid about 10 drops 2 c don't recommend that amount he said 2 drops NAC that for a week but don't agree with me but i have got some energy back i have them fibers white and alive and morgellons fibers also the flashing you see i have that my hair some grow totally different some hollow some well alot white hair fibers in beard my head and below knees is worst my spleen 2 x size i been though so much 8 month on matters could not even sit up speed i bought in end and that could not even get me up fatigue just to bad now year on still take speed but it gives me a normal day and cheap and sulfur so my gut was right what i needed instinct servivel it enveloped week to week my skin on face around haur shedding for few years only heal a bit with ivermectin the NAC brought inflamatiom under control i had trainers i could not wear because my foot won't go in till this week i can wear them soon i watched watch the water knew instantly you right and ir evil look at this just one of 1000s of everdance i have documented all and kept all shedding of face it also made my hair green with camera and beard green skin were beard is u could right for hours explaining all i been though that back you up what you saying been posting about it I've been banned twitter and Linkin i also have a clear plastic cube chips and cubes that show nano particals and my body get sick even low radiation i get sick skin burns on face just off phone screen but ok in sun flourecent lights get seizures because it light sensitive nano sht self ensemble AI right middle finger have chip that bleep ecg machine ambulance have like tag reader they denied it happend but I see the look on her face tried to warn nhs nearly 2 years ago the locked me up section 3 mental health act my electromagnetic hypersensitivity put down as dilution Dr won't see me face to face or acknowledge my illness and take time to explain there that much that happened can't be done in 5 min they scared to acknowledge it the truth this just couple of vedeo stitch together i have way more and worse as always evolving but im alive luckily for now this started 2016 hacked for trying to rase money solar power air-conditioning with thermal energy i thought of 2005 but did not try till 2016 saleforce gartner ibm was files that hacked me took 2 or more years to find the hack files i keep all old phones data they tryed to confuse me with hundreds of files pdf files and did cyber warfare on me syops could put image of helicopter and military coming downs ropes outside to get me and noise of helicopter outside and also dew emp me because magnetic nano particals in me my bones magnetic now my hands push each other away with magnetic energy i exorbe radiation like spunge when at parents soon they went to sleep it would get worse then they targeted me more smart meters can see you listen to you why do you think smoke alarms being fitted in council house WiFi and bet Bluetooth why law to be WiFi why before covid UK government did grant to secure iot devices this why i had long Covid before it was about by couple years because i was targeted for soft kill first for fighting bk not surender live or dead i never surender to them cia intelligence agancy mi6 sniper between the eyes 21st 22nd May 2018 i stood at door after over 10 were outside while family slept laser target at head from roof these could jump a 6ft fence that had broken brick joints no weight could be put on it they jumped it like it knee high and in tree front back house looking out upstairs as direct front back of house sas could not do what they did was section under mental health for telling the truth 3 x trying to get help and warn people but never took serous because the syops are real to the person it's happening too even though it not real it real people think it bad now jabed only just started to get tinnitus high pitch sound that just the bugging people need to rise stop 5G kill grid direct energy weapons outside your home

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