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Swabs masks vaccine Covid the story i see

My hair is not the colour you see there but but because luciferace aluminiecents i this is to important that i have to share even though it the last thing i would do show my body as you can clearly see morgellons amd silica producing bacteria has been geneticly modified this i believe wil end in death i will not stop doing the best i can to expose this beem trying since 2016 when the same people who was behind election hacking they hacked me it was why i knew it was not Russia but our own with big tech it wanted to silence me over an idea i had 2005 solar water heater ammonia and gas powered fridge you get in caravan solar power air-conditioning and energy they used sycolojical warfare to mess my head up so i could not know what was real or fake i tried to report it and one night morning early I thought i was emp or poisoned with radiation everything around me was pain i could nor hold a phone my Hart being ripped around my chesy i called an ambulance in hospital i could feel wall sockets metal doors my hand could interact witj screen bluering it as magnetic energy i had was so powerful my hand were like two magnets n n or s s prepelled each other over a meter apart i could not stop swearing going arrr arr f of telling them to f of they put images on phone linkin of boy in hospital bed they put images of cctv outside room even in the room was so painful the phone on charge would increase the pain ten fold i could not get blood test telling them i can't lay on bed i try to painful as metal it only got relief out side but was deemed mental i said i need test for metals ir radiation later they siad we going to give yoy blood clot my adrenaline was pumping hard to fight back not surrender death so it be they told ke they now conning be nice to the nurses they know and bamb they walk in so it all just comes out they did not kmow another stich up sycolojical warfare after was sidated put to sleep wole up in mental hospital again my body so magnetic faruge ill then i look up what makes body magnetic found elctomangntic hypersensitivity i knew it was that all the same syroms but mine i had magnetic energy in me over couple weeks it faided i wemt totally into magnetic spectrum hole new sense changed things i could phone in next room while sleeping etc they were always trying to ser me up could speak to me AI changing my online even sites what i read i comunication was in comment on any site because they hacked me i added them as trusted device in Google that night in hospital i knew how dangerous rhis was and could control the population but not me to an extent they could set me up get me to believe anything but could not make me act towards someone i had final power but this could make any person suicide or go kill thinking they responsqble like the shouting iin usa could be this now it doesn't happen but sick fatigue tinatus been though a lot just want justice in court probe i was telling the truth
Here about this video
This is what is, in swabs hydrogel nano tech and RNA drugs vaccine blue masks all will infect you i have another video ti show the chips millions over my body 3 weeks after swab got them between the eyes and both sides of noise utube blockwd me uploading this video shows transformation fibers and chip's a luminescents under UV but by accents i walk bk and it dims stop elumnnating and glow when walk towards it proves it connected to my body to that or energy i give off my bidy fir over a year mabe two gibes of magnetic energy my nickels hamds and Hart the most sensive but it in my bones as well as body i show people it real putting my hand close to there body 80% feel it failing that i get them to hold metal bar and then they feel it i can also feel water and density of objects my body exorbe electromagnetic energy just like a capacitor can show that with test meter one hamd other hamd over my phone not touching it the voltage goes up and my arms far apart as possible but i shed skin on face never heals and white fibers grow can tell not hair ans when i look at the slim and this other stuff that leak though skin and crystallise there are transparent fibres black morgellons fibers and chips i first thought were bio sensors there are a few different types smallest in translucent fiber i think risistors they retagle each end glows under light the fibers grow from bacteria like spiders it i believe silica can be layered one way in Rows then cross ways to that row building a xhip sensor or processor also i see fungi black fibers morgellons must carry the dna rna or data to get into body sequence genome nerd to understand more on rhat other chips about 3 or 4 square and then qubes that are white mabe pezo electric crystal it makes a computer system AI under skin and can grow if sent an if command that what i read it use light amd aquatics sound to communicate to each chip no wires like a normal circuit even though transparent fibers are magnetic and conduct electric i found 2 human made qubes with 3 letters on ome this is conect to phone light speakers street lamps 5G smart meter this can monitor everything you think if you put a picture or read in your head this reads ir dream emotions see though your eyes habing sex or watching porn they see and also collect brain data brain computer interface the software of life Google Facebook LinkedIn inm amd bio tech companies has excess it will all be stored on amazon server cloud nhs data socal data who you see how close you got bank data online data creative data so they get what you create that could cost you a futute as will be patent and made before you get it on paper also could manipulation of online search when you check if done before AI could build a page so that you think it done 3 years ago by site data but in 2 mili seconds AI could be programed to do that also this my belief bio tech can design a new RNA drug or virus send it to your body your cells then produce it on the fly could help or kill one day ok next day dead or sycotic this is illigal no matter how they try and paint it we were not told this is in it and suppred by big tech big phama gov even military darppa all compict because none spoke out mat Hancock for one has genome sequence company this explain why they doing public private partnership this means my kid I was trying to protect from jab has been given this by school they have to swab test so kids now under the same contol all things personal thar even a parent has no right of knowing now sold to anyone it about profit not people we commodity just to feed AI i want to get this to a court room and sue since 2016 they targeted me sycolojical warfare then electromagnetic Warfare got me sectioned under mental health dilution because i was telling the truth and wanted help last time i rote to nhs and said about vaccine and what happened they made up liies saying i tell my daughter conspiracy theorys like i was harming her and someone in my family sexualy abused me not true as kid 8 above some lived in flats near by did they said i won't talk about it also not true most mu data by social services are lies and ignorance to anyone thinking different also i had amberlence hooked up to ecg i waved hand across sensors it bleeped lile when shoping i said look she said it probably wires so shock hand away to rule it out said see and look she quickly looked away it was denial of excepting the truth mental health said they asked and i wad lieing also lie family never believed what was happening isolated me so i keep reaching to get the awnsers who why were when they dont do sycolojical warfare on me for about year but still suffering severr nerd doctor they will not see me in person i tel them it is important because ir not only effect me as im ahead 2018 onwards i was suffering long Covid that a lie it all the same thing swabs masks blues one and vaccine is ro kill while they collect the data as you do that why remdisiver givem in usa as i had 2018 all makes total sense mine geiliad ans not amune and espronor also had it i had life threatening elerjic reaction and they won't put me bk on ones same price does the same just work directly and not elerjic them soom aftet seizure started from flourecent ligjt because rhis sytem use ligjt connected to netvus system amd brain 5G will wipe is all oit can instantly kilk the people in whuan that just fell over in street direct energy weapons as 5G beam form theu can contol your action make you think how it got this far everyone complying it can be blocked need R&D to curpt it device or apps that can detect then it happing harp and satalite Elon musk is not a person' good for humanity as claimed all ovet and his satalite wil kilk bees Robins and crops because 3g 4h towars do and proven looking at the side that face cell towers are dieing or deased that ehy kickdown they did mas launch ans install around and cleaning vans at schools were really installing 5G and Covid start when 5G started whuan satalite ships fitted with 5G first case it suppress amune sytem also there has never been proof virus cause deases but are because the body subject to toxin

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