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The Origins of Total Eclipse of the Heart1m11s

The Origins of Total Eclipse of the Heart

Released in 1983, this power ballad never fails to tug at heartstrings, and it takes all our willpower to not sing along. As the video below shows, this song had a surprising supernatural start.

Published: August 3, 201839 views
Little-Known Facts About Disney Princesses1m17s

Little-Known Facts About Disney Princesses

How much does anyone really know about the actors behind some of the most iconic animated characters of all time? Today's animated films seem to sell the A-listers (Tom Hanks in Toy Story) but when Disney was first producing films they took a different approach on how they attracted their audience and preserved "the magic" for them.

Published: August 1, 201816 views
That Pins-And-Needles Feeling54s

That Pins-And-Needles Feeling

This abnormality isn’t limited to children. Anyone can get a static-y feeling in their limbs, and it’s actually fairly common, so there’s no reason to panic.

Published: July 27, 201820 views
Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist58s

Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

Narcissists often fixate on their partners’ best qualities, but in shallow or superficial ways. Narcissist have an inflated opinion of their partner and that can be a reason for concern.

Published: July 27, 201856 views
This Can Get You Fired42s

This Can Get You Fired

It’s probably best to keep your professional life, well, professional. Comments about someone else’s appearance have no place at work, and could even cost you your job.

Published: July 26, 201821 views
Outraged Mom Faces Off With Nutella1m18s

Outraged Mom Faces Off With Nutella

This chocolatey-hazelnut spread has amassed a huge fanbase all over the world, with Nutella-lovers often left wondering, “How could something so healthy be so delicious?” Easy answer: It’s not healthy.

Published: July 26, 201824 views
How Much Toilet Paper Americans Use1m03s

How Much Toilet Paper Americans Use

Toilet paper marketers have it easy. They don’t have to sell the product, just their version of the product. Very few people aren’t buying this household staple, and the majority who do buy it buy a lot.

Published: July 26, 201812 views
Married People Say That Wedding Dresses Cost More Than They Should56s

Married People Say That Wedding Dresses Cost More Than They Should

When it comes to weddings, most brides don't care about how much things cost, as long as they get their special day perfect. However, after all is said and done and they look at their bank account, most married people have regrets about how much they have spent for just one day of bliss. In this video married people reveal one of the things that they feel they wasted their money on. Weddings can be very expensive with all of the flowers, the catering, the favors, etc. After all is said and done, married people reflect on those expenses and offer advice on what not to waste your money on. We can't emphasize this enough: Don't buy an expensive wedding dress. "It's such a waste of money," says Jenifer Gay, owner of Blue Flamingo Weddings. "There are lots of consignment bridal stores and stores who buy last season's leftovers and sell them reasonable discounted," she says. "And you can rent them." Even other wedding vendors agree that you could stand to spend less on the dress. Let's face it, it is something you will only wear for a couple of hours and then never again. Why spend thousands and thousands of dollars on something that you can just rent for the day and then bring it back. Wedding dresses are also typically very large and take up a lot of space to store for....the rest of your life. Why would you spend thousands on something that you have to find space for for the rest of your life. Are you ever going to wear it again? Probably not. We asked a wedding florist, who asked to remain anonymous, what couples regret spending money on when they get married. The dress was the first on her list. "You can get them for less then $1000.00 off the racks, but brides spend thousands," she says. "And then you wear it once and you have to store it forever?" "I think the dress is an expense that keeps on taking. At least you can throw out the flowers." One very popular new trend for brides is to have a "Trash the Dress" photo shoot after the wedding. At least this gives the dress more meaning as it can be used twice, but there is something to say about society nowadays when someone can spend thousands on a bunch of fabric just to put it on and sit in posing for a photo, or shred it up and roll in the mud! So if you are a bride to be and are looking for your perfect dress, just remember that the perfect dress may cause you some regret in the future. Don't spend half you wedding budget on something that will only bring you joy for a few hours and then sit in your closet for the rest of your life! Look around at consignment shops, thrift stores or even online for last years stock. You are going to be beautiful no matter what you wear, and your husband would love you even if you wore rags down the aisle.

Published: July 25, 201813 views
Unfortunate Lady Tells Her Bad Experience With Winning Shows1m19s

Unfortunate Lady Tells Her Bad Experience With Winning Shows

Even if you win on the Price is Right you are not guaranteed any of the prizes. You may have to work pretty hard if you want to make your victory on the show worth it. Many people have a certain routine they use to get ready for work,school, etc. after they wake up in the morning. For some, that routine includes making coffee and breakfast followed by dressing, and maybe reading the newspaper. Others get up 5 minutes before they have to leave and rush to change in clothes and are out the door in no time! However, there are some who turn on the television and watch the news while getting ready for work. As there isn’t too much on television early in the morning most settle for whatever is on as some background noise. A popular show on every morning happens to be The Price is Right. Most people know about this show as it has been airing since the early 1970s and is known for having contestants in the audience who compete for lucrative prizes. These can range from cars, home appliances, vacations, anything you can think of! There is a good amount of people who often wonder what happens with the contestants after the show, do they walk away with their prize immediately, and more importantly, do they get some at all? These are all valid questions and the woman in this video discusses her experience with winning on the show! People often wonder what happens on game shows, well this woman Allison McKay, explains the whole process to the viewers. She was 81 years old when she appearing on the show and she speaks about her terrible experience on The Price is Right with The New York Times. She claims that after winning her portion of the show she didn’t get the promised prize for over a year! Some of the prizes she won were handbags, vacation, car, and furniture! McKay says she tried to call the show and find out what was going on but she never got an answer. A columnist eventually tried to help her out with her prizes and McKay says that she never even got an apology from the organizers of the show. They never let her know what was going on and that is definitely not the way to handle this type of situation. McKay says that some of the prizes she received were different than advertised in the first place! Finally, a representative told her they would be sending her the prizes, and soon after she received a big box in the mail. When she opened it she found the handbags she had won but they were ripped down the side and one looked like it had been used! These were bags from a pretty expensive brand so that must have been very disappointing to see. In fact, they were the same ones used as props for the show, they were not even new bags! What a shame! McKay definitely had a nightmarish experience after winning on The Price is Right. Hopefully this video will give viewers some insight on what it’s like to be a winner. We are sure that there are some people who have pleasant experiences with this show, and probably some have much worse, but it is great to know both sides to every story! Have you ever been in a situation like this?

Published: July 20, 2018
Odd Things About America That Americans Haven’t Realized1m15s

Odd Things About America That Americans Haven’t Realized

In America, sports franchises are very important to people and cities. They are not only a sport, but a way of life. When there is a big game on, Americans will cancel their plans and turn off their phones in bars, taverns and living rooms. Just look at the Super Bowl. It is considered a national holiday to many Americans and they will stop at nothing to host the biggest and best party! But when it comes to American sports, there is very little involvement with the rest of the world. American teams play American teams throughout the season and that is about it. So it is quite odd to crown any American team 'World Champs' after beating only other American teams, but that's what America does. They give themselves these impressive titles engraved on large cups and trophies and march through stadiums telling everyone that they are the best in the world. Professional sports provide the perfect example of how some Americans fail to recognize the rest of the world. Have you ever noticed how the champions of the MBL, the NBA and the NFL are always referred to by the fans as "World Champions" despite having only played other American (and maybe Canadian) teams to achieve such a lofty title? "When you watch the Olympics in Canada or Asia," adds David, a Canadian resident, "the events are broadcast and replayed regardless of where the gold medal winner came from. In the US, it seems as if only the event broadcasts are ones where the gold medal went to American athletes.....or if the winner upset an American athlete!" "Americans only see US winners and get 'verbal results' from Bob Costas for the other events" David continues to say. American television stations rarely if ever broadcast a game from another country. 99% of all sports games on cable today are American teams playing other American teams for the "World Championship". This insular outlook explains the uniquely American obsession with sports. It's not that other countries don't love sports. Have you ever seen a relaxed stadium of Brits at a football match? All countries have their sport and have fans that are just as dedicated and crazy as Americans. Canada has their hockey, Cuba and Dominican Republic has baseball, Japan has sumo wrestling and Slovenia has alpine skiing. Every country has their national sport that they love to cheer on and obsess over the games like it is a religion. But an American has a seriously impressive amount of professional sports teams: 134 between the 4 major leagues, to be exact. Baseball, football, soccer and hockey make up the four largest sports in America, and although all of these leagues do include Canadian teams, the majority are all Americans. The MLB, the NBA, the NFL , and the NHL are commonly called the "Big 4" and are the wealthiest professional club competitions in its sport around the world! Just because Americans only watch American sports, the doesn't mean they are the only ones. The "Big 4" Leagues are the most popular sports leagues in the world, being watched on televisions in living rooms worldwide. These leagues also bring in the most revenue in the world!

Published: July 19, 201812 views
Behind The Scene Facts You Didn’t Know About The Titanic49s

Behind The Scene Facts You Didn’t Know About The Titanic

Obviously Titanic was a massive undertaking. A huge film with an even bigger production budget. All that CGI it takes to rebuild the famous ship and then sink it again as well, does not come cheap. What may sound crazy is that the film actually cost more to make than the Titanic cost to build. Incredible! Watching movies and films is one of people’s many choices for entertainment. There are so many different genres and kinds of films to watch. The broadcasting of films dates back to the 1900s and there are many different types of movies that suit people’s different preferences. Behind every movie there stories and events that happen on set which viewers do not get to see. Maybe some big fights, comical things, or just the ways the movie was filmed. These are all unknown to most of the fans. Although with social media around today, it is much easier to know about certain stuff that happens during the filming. This video describes some film facts that might seem fake but are actually very legit. It lists some of the most important things you should know and probably you don’t, or couldn’t have guessed. This clip is perfect for all those people who love watching movies and love hearing about the interesting facts behind the scene! Enjoy! The first film this video brings up is Titanic . This is a worldwide known movie and was the most popular movie for a good amount of time. It is definitely something that is recognized globally and it has some interesting facts of its own. In fact, the amount of money it took to make this blockbuster hit was more than the actual cost of the Titanic! The Titanic movie cost more money than the actual ship did. Although it was almost 100 years later and prices had gone up, this is a very crazy fact to begin with. Especially if you consider the size of the Titanic and how many people it carried on board! The RMS Titanic was said to cost around 7.5 million dollars in 1912 and the movie cost over 200 million to make. That is not even a close gap, it is over 20 times the cost of the actual ship! This video even decides to take inflation into account. Obviously, 7.5 million must have been a fortune to spend in 1912. When this was scaled for inflation, it came out to cost about 120 million. So if both the movie and ship were built in the 1990s the movie would have cost 200 million while the ship cost 120 million. This is still a pretty big gap and almost double the price of the ship! It just shows how much money was put into this gigantic movie and it ended up paying off for the directors and producers. The movie ended up earning over 2 billion dollars worldwide so the investment definitely paid off in the end! It is easy to see why it cost so much. They had to recreate the ship, they had to pay for all the actors on set, and the entire sinking scene of the movie must have cost a ton of money to create. This is a great video for all lovers of the movie Titanic and it definitely holds some unknown facts about it! They really did their research on both the movie and the ship and even took the time to adjust the prices for inflation. Great research made for this great video!

Published: July 19, 2018
How The Xenomorph Costume Evolved1m10s

How The Xenomorph Costume Evolved

The Xenomorph didn’t always look as terrifying as it is now. It went through a few major tweaks even before they starting looking for an actor to don the costume. Once an actor was found, they then had to learn how to move and maneuver the creature’s rig.

Published: July 16, 2018
The Truth Behind Sinbad's Genie Movie1m06s

The Truth Behind Sinbad's Genie Movie

Remember that family comedy from the ’90s that starred Sinbad as a genie? You might even remember a specific scene where he used his magic to help a kid become popular at school. You should really go rent that movie right now, because… Oh, right. It doesn’t exist.

Published: July 17, 2018
The Financial Apocalypse of 'Apocalypse Now'56s

The Financial Apocalypse of 'Apocalypse Now'

Filming locations can make or break a movie. It’s important to have a location that feels real so the actors can get into the right headspace, but there is a fine line as to what may be too real. Some would argue that Apocalypse Now definitely crossed that line.

Published: July 17, 2018
The Truth About The Titanic's Lifeboats1m03s

The Truth About The Titanic's Lifeboats

Many scrutinizers of the Titanic catastrophe blame the number of lifeboats the ship had aboard for the number of fatalities. But the Titanic not only followed lifeboat regulations, but also exceeded them.

Published: July 17, 2018
The Real Life Story That Inspired "The Terminal"1m27s

The Real Life Story That Inspired "The Terminal"

Let’s get this out of the way: Nasseri inspired the 2004 film The Terminal, so he’s undoubtedly the most famous person to spend years of his life in an airport. With that said, Tom Hanks’ portrayal of the charming Viktor Navorski isn’t entirely accurate.

Published: July 11, 2018
Coffee Drinkers Beware1m09s

Coffee Drinkers Beware

If you’re reading this with a cup of coffee in your hand, you might want to skip this video. But if you’re not, take a look. You’re going to want to know how to take proper precautions against this potential roach invasion.

Published: July 10, 201829 views
One Thing To Stop Doing To Your Restaurant Hostess51s

One Thing To Stop Doing To Your Restaurant Hostess

It’s not unusual for restaurants to be busy, especially if it’s prime mealtime. If the restaurant is popular, you should expect to wait for a table. Check out the video to see why there’s no point in complaining about the wait.

Published: July 10, 2018
The Science of Attraction: Hips37s

The Science of Attraction: Hips

Biology is often to blame for why we do many of the things we do. Check out the video to find out why most men look at body shape when searching for a significant other.

Published: July 10, 201816 views
The Choice Of Clothes Dictates The Treatment Passengers Get On A Plane 1m10s

The Choice Of Clothes Dictates The Treatment Passengers Get On A Plane

Have you ever put a lot of thought into what you are going to wear before jumping on an airplane? Sometimes, there is a need to think about it. For instance, if you are leaving a cold Northern country and flying south to a tropical island, you need to think about dressing in layers, with a warm sweater on the outside and a tank top on the inside. But did you ever think that how you dress would depict how the airport and it's employees might treat you as a passenger? Let’s be honest, most flight attendants are hardly in the position to judge anyone’s fashion choices. Although it is completely out of their control and they do not get to choose what they wear every day, have you seen the uniforms some of them have to wear? They do not look very comfortable and why do they always have to wear scarves? With that being said, they have flown more than most of us, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Check out this video to get some insider tips on what to wear aboard your next flight. Of course everyone has their own style and their own idea of what comfortable is, but keep these tips in mind next time you are heading out to get on a flight, whether for business or for pleasure! Flight attendant Anne said there's a right time and place for everything. What a person chooses to wear on a flight may be indicative of how they will behave on the plane. We don't want to imply that the airlines are judging a book by it's cover or that they make assumptions based strictly on the clothes that people where, but without speaking with each and every passenger, we guess they need to keep their eyes sharp for any trouble makers. Dressing down and blending in is more appropriate than wearing something uncomfortable or tight fitting. Wearing clothes that appear to be too large may also trigger some alarms, and baggy clothing leave large areas to hide things in. Wearing a simple jogging suit, or jeans and a sweater might be your best choice when heading out to the airport for travel. "When you come on a flight like you are going to the club with five inch heels on, we wonder if you are at the right place this morning," she joked. "Our seats and lavatories are getting smaller by the minute. You will soon need to be able to do a split just to get into your window seat, so you will want to be comfortable." Anne added. Flight attendants also appreciate passenger's style choices as a way to bond. Anne mentioned one passenger who wore a Dunder Mifflin (the functional paper company from The Office) shirt on the flight she was on. "I love that show! And it put a smile on my face." When you're stuck in a metal tube for much of your workday, it's the little things.

Published: July 9, 201827 views
One Object You Need To Throw Away Right Now1m03s

One Object You Need To Throw Away Right Now

Brushing your teeth is about as basic as you can get with health and hygiene. The process takes very little effort, and you don’t need a specific formula in order to see results. However, we may need to pay a bit more attention to what we use to clean our teeth.

Published: July 9, 201816 views