The Choice Of Clothes Dictates The Treatment Passengers Get On A Plane

Published July 9, 2018 111,451 Plays

Rumble / Life HacksHave you ever put a lot of thought into what you are going to wear before jumping on an airplane? Sometimes, there is a need to think about it. For instance, if you are leaving a cold Northern country and flying south to a tropical island, you need to think about dressing in layers, with a warm sweater on the outside and a tank top on the inside. But did you ever think that how you dress would depict how the airport and it's employees might treat you as a passenger?

Let’s be honest, most flight attendants are hardly in the position to judge anyone’s fashion choices. Although it is completely out of their control and they do not get to choose what they wear every day, have you seen the uniforms some of them have to wear? They do not look very comfortable and why do they always have to wear scarves?

With that being said, they have flown more than most of us, so they know what works and what doesn’t. Check out this video to get some insider tips on what to wear aboard your next flight. Of course everyone has their own style and their own idea of what comfortable is, but keep these tips in mind next time you are heading out to get on a flight, whether for business or for pleasure!

Flight attendant Anne said there's a right time and place for everything. What a person chooses to wear on a flight may be indicative of how they will behave on the plane. We don't want to imply that the airlines are judging a book by it's cover or that they make assumptions based strictly on the clothes that people where, but without speaking with each and every passenger, we guess they need to keep their eyes sharp for any trouble makers.

Dressing down and blending in is more appropriate than wearing something uncomfortable or tight fitting. Wearing clothes that appear to be too large may also trigger some alarms, and baggy clothing leave large areas to hide things in. Wearing a simple jogging suit, or jeans and a sweater might be your best choice when heading out to the airport for travel.

"When you come on a flight like you are going to the club with five inch heels on, we wonder if you are at the right place this morning," she joked. "Our seats and lavatories are getting smaller by the minute. You will soon need to be able to do a split just to get into your window seat, so you will want to be comfortable." Anne added.

Flight attendants also appreciate passenger's style choices as a way to bond. Anne mentioned one passenger who wore a Dunder Mifflin (the functional paper company from The Office) shirt on the flight she was on. "I love that show! And it put a smile on my face."

When you're stuck in a metal tube for much of your workday, it's the little things.