Unfortunate Lady Tells Her Bad Experience With Winning Shows

Published July 20, 2018 2,992 Views

Even if you win on the Price is Right you are not guaranteed any of the prizes. You may have to work pretty hard if you want to make your victory on the show worth it.

Many people have a certain routine they use to get ready for work,school, etc. after they wake up in the morning. For some, that routine includes making coffee and breakfast followed by dressing, and maybe reading the newspaper. Others get up 5 minutes before they have to leave and rush to change in clothes and are out the door in no time!

However, there are some who turn on the television and watch the news while getting ready for work. As there isn’t too much on television early in the morning most settle for whatever is on as some background noise. A popular show on every morning happens to be The Price is Right.

Most people know about this show as it has been airing since the early 1970s and is known for having contestants in the audience who compete for lucrative prizes. These can range from cars, home appliances, vacations, anything you can think of! There is a good amount of people who often wonder what happens with the contestants after the show, do they walk away with their prize immediately, and more importantly, do they get some at all? These are all valid questions and the woman in this video discusses her experience with winning on the show!

People often wonder what happens on game shows, well this woman Allison McKay, explains the whole process to the viewers. She was 81 years old when she appearing on the show and she speaks about her terrible experience on The Price is Right with The New York Times.

She claims that after winning her portion of the show she didn’t get the promised prize for over a year! Some of the prizes she won were handbags, vacation, car, and furniture! McKay says she tried to call the show and find out what was going on but she never got an answer.

A columnist eventually tried to help her out with her prizes and McKay says that she never even got an apology from the organizers of the show. They never let her know what was going on and that is definitely not the way to handle this type of situation. McKay says that some of the prizes she received were different than advertised in the first place!

Finally, a representative told her they would be sending her the prizes, and soon after she received a big box in the mail. When she opened it she found the handbags she had won but they were ripped down the side and one looked like it had been used! These were bags from a pretty expensive brand so that must have been very disappointing to see. In fact, they were the same ones used as props for the show, they were not even new bags! What a shame!

McKay definitely had a nightmarish experience after winning on The Price is Right. Hopefully this video will give viewers some insight on what it’s like to be a winner. We are sure that there are some people who have pleasant experiences with this show, and probably some have much worse, but it is great to know both sides to every story! Have you ever been in a situation like this?

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