Behind The Scene Facts You Didn’t Know About The Titanic

5 years ago

Obviously Titanic was a massive undertaking. A huge film with an even bigger production budget. All that CGI it takes to rebuild the famous ship and then sink it again as well, does not come cheap. What may sound crazy is that the film actually cost more to make than the Titanic cost to build. Incredible!

Watching movies and films is one of people’s many choices for entertainment. There are so many different genres and kinds of films to watch. The broadcasting of films dates back to the 1900s and there are many different types of movies that suit people’s different preferences.

Behind every movie there stories and events that happen on set which viewers do not get to see. Maybe some big fights, comical things, or just the ways the movie was filmed. These are all unknown to most of the fans. Although with social media around today, it is much easier to know about certain stuff that happens during the filming.

This video describes some film facts that might seem fake but are actually very legit. It lists some of the most important things you should know and probably you don’t, or couldn’t have guessed. This clip is perfect for all those people who love watching movies and love hearing about the interesting facts behind the scene! Enjoy!

The first film this video brings up is Titanic. This is a worldwide known movie and was the most popular movie for a good amount of time. It is definitely something that is recognized globally and it has some interesting facts of its own. In fact, the amount of money it took to make this blockbuster hit was more than the actual cost of the Titanic!

The Titanic movie cost more money than the actual ship did. Although it was almost 100 years later and prices had gone up, this is a very crazy fact to begin with. Especially if you consider the size of the Titanic and how many people it carried on board! The RMS Titanic was said to cost around 7.5 million dollars in 1912 and the movie cost over 200 million to make. That is not even a close gap, it is over 20 times the cost of the actual ship!

This video even decides to take inflation into account. Obviously, 7.5 million must have been a fortune to spend in 1912. When this was scaled for inflation, it came out to cost about 120 million. So if both the movie and ship were built in the 1990s the movie would have cost 200 million while the ship cost 120 million. This is still a pretty big gap and almost double the price of the ship! It just shows how much money was put into this gigantic movie and it ended up paying off for the directors and producers.

The movie ended up earning over 2 billion dollars worldwide so the investment definitely paid off in the end! It is easy to see why it cost so much. They had to recreate the ship, they had to pay for all the actors on set, and the entire sinking scene of the movie must have cost a ton of money to create.

This is a great video for all lovers of the movie Titanic and it definitely holds some unknown facts about it! They really did their research on both the movie and the ship and even took the time to adjust the prices for inflation. Great research made for this great video!

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