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Tattoo Prank Sends Mom Into Rage Mode10m31s

Tattoo Prank Sends Mom Into Rage Mode

Pranks are all the rage now a days on the internet. It can be seen why as they are just so funny and people are getting more and more unique with their pranks. Pranks are only good when no one is getting hurt. It seems that one harmless prank has emerged in this hilarious video here! Internet superstar Josh Paler Lin decided to tattoo 4 very popular internet celebrities (Logan Paul, Jake Paul, RiceGum, PewDiePie) on his body as a prank for his mother visiting from Taiwan. You gotta see her reaction! Priceless! Josh has a lot of guts to pull a prank on his mom like this. Some of those tattoos looked so real that it is insane that they were fake. Being a harmless, little prank does not make it any less funnier! What did you think of this video? Have you pulled any pranks like this on someone before? We would love to hear what you think so please do not hesitate to leave a comment down in the comments section! Please share this video with your family and friends as it will surely make them laugh just as much as you did! This is one clip that no one is ever going to want to miss out on!

Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari VS A Puppy4m47s

Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari VS A Puppy

Josh Paler Lin recently got a new puppy, and every time he took him out almost every girl would stop to pet him. So, he came up with a very unique way to test girl’s character by trying to seduce them, i.e. pick them up with the help of a fine Ferrari or with the help of his cute furry friend. He decided to set an experiment and see if he could get more numbers with a Ferrari or with the puppy. We were surprised by the results. The first thought that anyone gets after hearing about this social experiment is to think that rich guys, who have plenty of gadgets and fancy cars, can easily get girls hooked. So, this guy decided to give it a try! He got in his fancy Ferrari and drove on the streets, occasionally stopping every time he saw a girl or a group of girls. Surprisingly, almost every one of these girls ditched him, not minding the Ferrari at all. He only managed to get the number of two girls. Next, he decided to give his cute, little puppy, with a red bow tie, a try! This time, he didn’t even have to approach the girls or use a pickup line, girls started to come to him, bewitched by his puppy. Almost every single girl he spoke to, agreed to give him her number. He was joking and said that he needed to make contact, in case he needed a babysitter for the dog. Amazingly, girls were this time more communicative and open in the conversation with him. Would you pass on this social experiment?

Guy Reaches A Surprising Result With His $100,000 Honesty Social Experiment4m52s

Guy Reaches A Surprising Result With His $100,000 Honesty Social Experiment

How would people react if they saw someone leave a briefcase full of money on the ground? This social experiment tackles that issue with surprisingly mixed results. YouTube prankster and comedian Josh Paler Lin took to a more serious issue this time around - he filled a briefcase with fake $100 bills that will serve as the trigger for his honesty test. He will pretend he forgets that loaded briefcase in front of people and see how they will react. Naturally, the results are what you would expect - in about 6 situations (the number of tests Josh managed to make before losing his briefcase filled with fake cash to someone very dishonest) only a couple of people decided to remind Josh that he was forgetting something looking highly important behind. When he asked these people about their decision, their answer was always the same - honesty is the best policy! The rest of the tests went miserably - people wouldn’t even try and stop Josh from entering the Ferrari without his money. Instead, they would just wait for the car to move away, so that they can grab at and scram. One guy didn’t even wait for the car to drive off; the moment Josh dropped his guard, the guy jumps for the case and darts into the distance. Too bad, the case is worth more than the contents.

How to prank a gold digger like a boss!2m32s

How to prank a gold digger like a boss!

It's amazing how fast this woman goes from "being in a serious relationship" to "it's not that serious" in a matter of minutes! Check out what happens when Josh Paler Lin pranks this gold digger like a boss!

Epic Prank! Breaking car windows in the hood2m30s

Epic Prank! Breaking car windows in the hood

What happens when you shatter breakaway glass with a rubber hammer next to someone's car? Their reactions are just what you expect! Check out Josh Paler Lin prank these unsuspecting victims in this hilarious clip.

Simple Acts Of Kindness To Make Someone’s Day4m17s

Simple Acts Of Kindness To Make Someone’s Day

With a world full of so much hate and violence, Josh Paler Lin decided that he would show us how easy it is to make someone's day just a little bit better. It's amazing to see the chain reaction when a kind deed is paid forward! Nowadays, it is very easy to get dragged into the global pessimistic viewpoint which is everywhere around us. Josh Paler Lin decided to show us that we don’t have to feel that way and we can change that by choosing to treat each other a little better. In this video, he demonstrates how we can make small simple gestures in our daily lives to make someone’s day. People’s reactions might restore your faith in humanity. When was the last time you did random acts of kindness and made the day of a stranger? Watching Lin paying it forward by spreading love and generosity to people he doesn’t know, sent chills down our spine. It is actually very easy to brighten somebody’s day! You wouldn’t get poor if you pay for someone else’s gas, coffee or meal. There are many ways we can contribute for a better world, and it is the act that counts. Not only you would make somebody’s day, you will also feel the benefits of helping another soul. If you know some parents who could use a night out, you can offer to babysit for free. Also, you can surprise your neighbors with freshly baked cookies or treats and put a smile on their face.

Samurai Prank Leaves Victims ‘Running For Their Lives’2m21s

Samurai Prank Leaves Victims ‘Running For Their Lives’

Halloween is just around the corner and we all know what that means. Oprah will be dealing cruel pranks to everyone! Just kidding about the Oprah part. YouTube star Josh Paler Lin didn’t wait for October to film his Halloween special for his channel. Dressed as a Samurai and with a Samurai dummy rigged with heaps of fake blood, the YouTube prankster sets off on the streets of Los Angeles to scare innocent bystanders off their wits. He waits for people to stumble upon his scene, where he threatens his rival 'I'm going to kill you' before lopping off ‘his’ head and arm, causing some realistic looking blood to spurt out. Too bad we can’t see the looks on people’s faces as they come across the gory scene (privacy issues and all that", but we sure can tell how they felt when the killer Samurai would notice them witnessing the kill and shout 'Where are you going?' Another segment shows a young man walking through the scene, when he spots some blood on the floor and heard a voice saying: 'Are you ready to die? There's no hope for you’ in Japanese. He rounds the corner to see the Samurai chopping another victim's head off, as the masked man underneath yells ‘No! Please! Don’t!’. The Samurai spots him and says 'You're next!', an obvious cue to turn the hell around and run as fast as he can! There wasn’t anything in the news about ‘people witnessing a maniac dressed as a Samurai chopping people’s heads off’, which probably means someone stopped these people to tell them what’s going on...that’s too bad... Credit to 'Josh Paler Lin'.

Prankster Pulls Giant Spider Trick On Unsuspecting Victims2m10s

Prankster Pulls Giant Spider Trick On Unsuspecting Victims

Prankster Josh Paler Lin clearly enjoys annoying people. This internet joker got his hands on a giant spider, and used it to terrify people as they went about minding their own business. Josh went out of his way and hid the spider in lifts, on street corners and on bridges, making it ‘leap’ out at unsuspecting members of the public in California. Paler Lin is back again with this priceless giant spider prank and just in time for Halloween! How would you react if a giant spider crawls out of nowhere giving you the creeps? Footage shows that this prankster has mastered the technique on how to terrify the public with his realistic pranks, this time featuring a giant spider that jumps out in front of people and dangles from a bridge. This is one hilariously cruel video that is a must see even for those suffering from arachnophobia. Lin invaded the streets of California with his giant spider prank, and caused many unsuspecting victims to scream their lungs out. In the clip, Josh hides his giant fluffy spider behind walls, in elevators and on bridges and uses it to surprise members of the public by having it make a sudden appearance in their path. First, the spider is positioned in front of a shop, making a sudden move forward approaching victims. As a woman walks past without paying too much attention to the road ahead, Josh pulls on the string and the spider runs out into the pavement. Later, the trickster hides outside an elevator and waits for a woman to walk out from it before pulling the spider into her path. Of course, she reacts by screaming in fright and jumping backwards out of the way,nearly stumbling over Josh’s hand. However, the best part of the prank features Josh hiding on a bridge and waiting for people to walk or cycle underneath it. Moments later, two men can be seen jogging past when suddenly the spider is lowered into their path, giving them the fright of their lives. Credit to 'Josh Paler Lin'.

'Drug dealer' prank on grandma backfires!3m58s

'Drug dealer' prank on grandma backfires!

While visiting his aunt and grandmother, prankster Josh Paler Lin attempts to convince them that he's actually a drug dealer. Unfortunately it doesn't exactly go as planned! Credit to 'Josh Paler Lin'.


"Cheating girlfriend" social experiment

Josh Paler Lin and Lauren Caster teamed up to create this shocking social experiment which revealed how men would react when a woman in a relationship asked to "hook up". Share your thoughts on this! Check out 'Josh Paler Lin' for more!

Social experiment: Homeless vs rich prank3m22s

Social experiment: Homeless vs rich prank

Josh Paler Lin shows us why you should never judge a book by its cover in this social experiment! Watch how restaurant hostesses react after he first shows up as a homeless man, then back again an hour later sporting a more wealthier appearance. Credit to Josh Paler Lin.

Inspirational Moment When Homeless Man Spends $1004m44s

Inspirational Moment When Homeless Man Spends $100

Heroes do exist in this world. They are not just from works of fiction like Iron Man, Batman or Spider-man. Everyday people can become heroes, just like these men here. Josh Paler Lin gave a homeless man $100 and proceeded to follow him to see how he would spend the money. You may be surprised with what he does! Search 'JoshPalerLin' for more content! Credit to Josh Paler Lin. It does not take much to be a hero. A random act of kindness or just kind gestures make you a hero in our books. When this homeless man received that $100, many viewers thought that he was going to spend it irresponsibly and only for himself. What he actually spends it on is astonishing! Even though he is homeless, he tried to change other peoples lives for the better. This is a lot like what Josh did for this homeless man. Sure, he gave the money to record and see what the homeless man would do with it, but he genuinely tried to help and change this mans life. These two heroes show that good people still exist in this world. Please share this video with your family and friends as this is something that no one should miss!