Simple Acts Of Kindness To Make Someone’s Day

8 years ago

With a world full of so much hate and violence, Josh Paler Lin decided that he would show us how easy it is to make someone's day just a little bit better. It's amazing to see the chain reaction when a kind deed is paid forward!

Nowadays, it is very easy to get dragged into the global pessimistic viewpoint which is everywhere around us. Josh Paler Lin decided to show us that we don’t have to feel that way and we can change that by choosing to treat each other a little better. In this video, he demonstrates how we can make small simple gestures in our daily lives to make someone’s day. People’s reactions might restore your faith in humanity.

When was the last time you did random acts of kindness and made the day of a stranger? Watching Lin paying it forward by spreading love and generosity to people he doesn’t know, sent chills down our spine. It is actually very easy to brighten somebody’s day!

You wouldn’t get poor if you pay for someone else’s gas, coffee or meal. There are many ways we can contribute for a better world, and it is the act that counts. Not only you would make somebody’s day, you will also feel the benefits of helping another soul. If you know some parents who could use a night out, you can offer to babysit for free. Also, you can surprise your neighbors with freshly baked cookies or treats and put a smile on their face.

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