Guy Reaches A Surprising Result With His $100,000 Honesty Social Experiment

Published January 25, 2017 11,669 Views

Rumble / Social ExperimentsHow would people react if they saw someone leave a briefcase full of money on the ground? This social experiment tackles that issue with surprisingly mixed results.

YouTube prankster and comedian Josh Paler Lin took to a more serious issue this time around - he filled a briefcase with fake $100 bills that will serve as the trigger for his honesty test. He will pretend he forgets that loaded briefcase in front of people and see how they will react.

Naturally, the results are what you would expect - in about 6 situations (the number of tests Josh managed to make before losing his briefcase filled with fake cash to someone very dishonest) only a couple of people decided to remind Josh that he was forgetting something looking highly important behind. When he asked these people about their decision, their answer was always the same - honesty is the best policy!

The rest of the tests went miserably - people wouldn’t even try and stop Josh from entering the Ferrari without his money. Instead, they would just wait for the car to move away, so that they can grab at and scram. One guy didn’t even wait for the car to drive off; the moment Josh dropped his guard, the guy jumps for the case and darts into the distance. Too bad, the case is worth more than the contents.