Picking Up Girls With A Ferrari VS A Puppy

Published February 8, 2017 3,120,397 Views

Rumble / Social ExperimentsJosh Paler Lin recently got a new puppy, and every time he took him out almost every girl would stop to pet him. So, he came up with a very unique way to test girl’s character by trying to seduce them, i.e. pick them up with the help of a fine Ferrari or with the help of his cute furry friend. He decided to set an experiment and see if he could get more numbers with a Ferrari or with the puppy. We were surprised by the results.

The first thought that anyone gets after hearing about this social experiment is to think that rich guys, who have plenty of gadgets and fancy cars, can easily get girls hooked. So, this guy decided to give it a try! He got in his fancy Ferrari and drove on the streets, occasionally stopping every time he saw a girl or a group of girls. Surprisingly, almost every one of these girls ditched him, not minding the Ferrari at all. He only managed to get the number of two girls.

Next, he decided to give his cute, little puppy, with a red bow tie, a try! This time, he didn’t even have to approach the girls or use a pickup line, girls started to come to him, bewitched by his puppy. Almost every single girl he spoke to, agreed to give him her number. He was joking and said that he needed to make contact, in case he needed a babysitter for the dog. Amazingly, girls were this time more communicative and open in the conversation with him.

Would you pass on this social experiment?