Watch This Social Experiment Expose Our Bias Against Poor People

Published September 19, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Social ExperimentsWelcome to another excellent social experiment , starred and directed by Josh Paler Lin. The goal of the experiment is not only to make us laugh, but as always in his videos, to make us think deeply and draw some very valid conclusions about human nature.

What happens when a seemingly rich dad and then a "poor" dad separately ask strangers for a couple of bucks to buy some baby food (while holding a baby). The results will shock you!

The fact stands that, essentially, no one is immune to the effects of money. However, watching experiments such as there enables us to see how good or bad our stereotypes are, how they modify our treatment of other people and what the repercussions are for the entire society. We hope that Josh managed to teach you something.

For those unbelievably few of you who still haven’t heard of Josh Paler Lin Known, the crazy Asian prankster on YouTube, he is the guy who has accumulated more than 2.7 million subscribers. His "How does a homeless man spend 100$" video was viewed more than 30 million times in less than 3 weeks. He used to be a background dancer in music videos, including the video for "Teach Me How to Dougie" and now he is an aspiring actor and entrepreneur.

Can you imagine being put under the same test as the people in this video? How would you have behaved? Share with us in the comment section.


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    People can be heartless.

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  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    The thing is homeless people KNOW what is to be down and out an not have money and they will usually share their food or money with other homeless people and even Christians will bless you with food for the bible says that its God's commandment to bless the poor and the orphans, BUT you HAVE to have DISCERNMENT there are people out there that are doing SCAMS and they are using babies to get people to feel sorry for them and then they pocket the money so you REALLY DON'T know if they are LYING or not ? I have met several people that said that they needed money for their car, their eyes were glazed over like they were on drugs and when I asked them where the car was and if I could look at the gas tank to see how full it was, they said OH THAT IS OK forget it, that is why you have to CHECK some people out for there are some homeless that will use the money for drugs as they are smoking on a cigarette and I will NOT give ANYONE money that is smoking because they can take that money spent on cigs for FOOD, although I know that they get some for FREE off the streets I tell them that is NOT a good idea to be SMOKING while asking for money, lol and also I have had homeless say that they need money for food but when I offered to take them to MDONALDS or buy them some food and come back again they will say OH THAT IS OK I have food but their asking money for FOOD ! That is WHY you have to very CAREFUL and people are TIRED of being SCAMMED, it believable for someone to forget their money at home esp a rich guy rushing around but that is pretty fake to me but because he is dressed NICE they don't believe that he is a SCAMMER at all.But I have also seen people that say that they BE BLESSED on their sign and they also do that to LIE and get money from christians. But since I rarely have money on me I buy everything on my DEBIT card I will ask them if they want a BIBLE and almost EVERYONE has said YES !

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