Bam crashes Hummer through glass door... ON PURPOSE!5m16s

Bam crashes Hummer through glass door... ON PURPOSE!

Bam sat down with Producer Joe Devito and they got right to it reminiscing on "Viva la Bam". They got into chattin about never before seen takes from Viva La Bam that didn't make the cut. In this particular scene Bruce is at the apartment he was staying at during the set and a very ambitious Dunn, Bam, and friends decide that it wold be funny to push Bruce's car with the Hummer, Into the side of the apartment where Bruce is peacefully sleeping.   Pay attention to Glomb as he breaks his knee jumping off of Bruce's car. The boys get away safe, but somehow, this clip never aired!

Drilling for oil in the trailer park !1m36s

Drilling for oil in the trailer park !

In an effort to strike it rich the trailer park has put up a budget of $7.50 a day to have Johan (Rake Yohn) drill for oil. This is also the first time you see the love between the gay biker and Leonard' mom.

Ice on the NEW mini ramp!1m05s

Ice on the NEW mini ramp!

Just home from the Fuckface Unstoppable tour and the NEW mini ramp is about done. Kris Markovich sweeps up ice from the ramp because its already that fucking cold! Chapman is putting on the final touches. Jason Chapman , from Charm City Skatepark in Baltimore, is the same dude that rebuilt the skatepark. The footage from this ramp is gonna be incredible!

Fanna's brand new Tattoo5m42s

Fanna's brand new Tattoo

No journey is complete without a map. And since marker on Fanna's fat sweaty belly just wouldn't hold up, the only obvious choice is to go to the highest point in Helsinki and get it tattooed. Finnish rocker Ville Valo serenades him to make the experience more festive and pleasant.

Finnish Pranksters Join Bam for some Fun3m19s

Finnish Pranksters Join Bam for some Fun

Finnish pranksters The Dudesons join the group with some tradition holiday fare, eyeballs and dicks. Novak swallows an eye and then gets a lesson in biology when he later shits it out whole.

Glauren had fun at the beach - Epic Story - Haggard2m38s

Glauren had fun at the beach - Epic Story - Haggard

In this scene Ryan finds out Glauren got finger banged on the beach by a guy named Hellboy. Needless to say he freaks right the fuck out. Space he runs into town were Valo (Bam) tells him he's been down right ridiculous and to get right the hell over it.

Arctic Snow Fun - Bam and gang4m33s

Arctic Snow Fun - Bam and gang

A compilation of the frosty shenanigans the group gets into while trekking through the Arctic circle to find Santa. Snow mobiles, snow blowers, hot wax shooters, and a new hair cut for Frantz.

Festive Skatepark Bash with Bam & Company3m22s

Festive Skatepark Bash with Bam & Company

After successfully bring Santa home from the arctic circle Bam and company celebrates wish a festive skatepark bash. The Moxy plays the tunes while some of Bam's favorite skaters shred the park.

Falcone, Valo & Glauren - having fun - Haggard1m21s

Falcone, Valo & Glauren - having fun - Haggard

This scene begins with Falcone and Valo discussing Glauren's fondness for dick. Falcone get distracted by 5th grader stuff and sets off to perfect his reverse microwave in hopes of winning a diamond mountain bike.

Glauren's house destroyed - Haggard3m38s

Glauren's house destroyed - Haggard

Ryan hires Valo and Falcone to go fuck up Glauren's house as revenge for getting finger banged by Hellboy. A shitty idea quickly ends up pissed on when Hellboy and Glauren get home from boozin it up.

Bam and buddies - Best of Skate crew - Haggard3m59s

Bam and buddies - Best of Skate crew - Haggard

Part of the appeal to fans over the years was the scattered skate parts of Bam and others through out the movie. This clip has gathered all those parts together. Complete with cameos from some of Bam's favorite skaters.

Classic Fanna Laugh Debut - Haggard1m30s

Classic Fanna Laugh Debut - Haggard

Glauren explains to Ryan that she needs hard liqour, mayhem, and to play the field... Of dicks! Phil make an appearance with a watermelon, and the classic Fanna laugh makes its debut.

Valo & the cat - Haggard2m27s

Valo & the cat - Haggard

Falcone informs Valo that a car comes at the price of his simpleton drunk cousin Raab. This leads in to a fan favorite scene where Raab longs for a cat.

Trapping Hellboy with an epic prank - Haggard1m45s

Trapping Hellboy with an epic prank - Haggard

Valo and company set a trap for Hellboy at the local record shop as he goes in to pick up the new Gnarkill. By prank calling and saying the band sucks ass, they deliver him a beat down by the hand of the aggro store clerk. This leads in to the movies great chase sequence.

World's best skaters come together to have fun at the "Castle Bam Skater Barn"4m32s

World's best skaters come together to have fun at the "Castle Bam Skater Barn"

Invited some of the world's best skaters/homies from Baker, Deathwish, Supra, Emerica, Happy Hour Shades and Primitive Apparel to come shred the new skate barn at Castle Bam. Featuring: Bryan Herman, Neen Williams, Terrell Robinson, Braydon Szafranski, Dustin Bell, Pat Rumney, Nick Barba, with guest appearances by the usual crew. Part 2 will be up this month featuring shreddin by Ishod Wair, Nick Merlino, Kyle Nicholson, and some other surprise guests! Edited By Bam Margera and Media Giraffes Cinematography by Ed "Helicopter Ed" Delahunty Produced by Red Mohawk and Ed Delahunty Additional filming by Mike Ryan and Red Mohawk

Breaking Bottles - Haggard2m07s

Breaking Bottles - Haggard

Valo tells Ryan that the best way to get over Glauren is to work out some feelings by smashing bottles behind the Wawa. The therapy session is cut short when legend Tony Hawk comes and arrests Ryan.