Bam crashes Hummer through glass door... ON PURPOSE!

BamMargeraPublished: November 14, 2014Updated: July 7, 20154,637 views
Published: November 14, 2014Updated: July 7, 2015

Bam sat down with Producer Joe Devito and they got right to it reminiscing on "Viva la Bam". They got into chattin about never before seen takes from Viva La Bam that didn't make the cut.

In this particular scene Bruce is at the apartment he was staying at during the set and a very ambitious Dunn, Bam, and friends decide that it wold be funny to push Bruce's car with the Hummer, Into the side of the apartment where Bruce is peacefully sleeping.  

Pay attention to Glomb as he breaks his knee jumping off of Bruce's car. The boys get away safe, but somehow, this clip never aired!

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