Bam Margera and Terell Robinson have a late night dance party

BamMargera Published November 8, 2014

Rumble While the Supra/Baker/Deathwish crew was visiting the castle for a week long skate sesh, Bam brought Braydon Szafranski and Terell Robinson into the editing room to listen to a song by a rapper he met in his travels. The song is "Children of the Sun" by Tinie Tempah.  As they wait for the song to begin Bam puts Terell in a half nelson which Terell refers to as a Willie Nelson. Notice in the background you can see a very tired, very aggravated "Helicopter" Ed who has been woken up by the festivities. Didn't mention that the speakers were right against the wall of the room he was sleeping in and he had been up for almost two days filming and editing. Oh well... when a late night dance party between two pro skaters starts theres really no stopping it.