Bam Margera hangs 60 feet up from hot air balloon!

BamMargeraPublished: November 17, 2014Updated: November 18, 20145,749 views
Published: November 17, 2014Updated: November 18, 2014

Bam Margera talks with producer Joe Devito about a classic episode of Viva La Bam. He had planned a surprise for his mom April, to blindfold her and send her up in a hot air balloon. As the balloon was being lifted into the air Bam decides to grab on. Problem is he didn't let go! The balloon rose to over 60 feet in the air with Bam just hanging on by his two hands, not rope, no safety net, just bare hands! His dad Phil immediately grabbed the anchor rope hook to the other side and tried to pull the floating Bam back to the ground. Thankfully Phil makes for one hell of an anchor, Bam eventually was brought to earth safely. However this was not before he cames close to giving his mother a heart attack.

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