Evil Voices Behind The Scenes

BamMargeraPublished: November 4, 2014Updated: June 9, 20151,882 views
Published: November 4, 2014Updated: June 9, 2015

The band had the day off on the west coast and Bam hit me up to film in Death Valley with them, they realized Slab City at the Salton Sea in bumble fuck California desert, was a better location. It isa desserted ass "Beach Town" that was everyone literally up and left when all of the fish in the sea died or Bacholism. When Bam found this spot in Slab City Jess called me and was like "Go straight passed the Jesus Mountain, turn left at the yellow flag, and pull just passed where the bus says "fuck off". We showed up with a canon c100, a dji s1000 helicopter and filmed at golden hour. The entire band and friends were wearing neon body suites and had multi colored blocks for their heads. There was also a weird DIY skatepark called "Bark bark skatepark" the guy who biut it is named Bark Bark. And fire throwers came and put on a show. The people who lived there were strange but scarily inviting. Minus the old man that was digging a 6 foot hole.. He didn't say a word all day he was creepy.

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