Guy Rescues Blue Shark Stranded On The Beach

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Rumble / Everyday HeroesWhen we see animals in crisis, we naturally want to save and help them. But, not every animal lets you do your Good job. It is pretty hard to do it, especially if the animal is bigger than you.

Check out this crazy footage of blue shark stranded on a beach from chasing kahawai (Australian salmon) in Palliser Bay, South Wairarapa, New Zealand. With the help of this compassionate man, it was able to return to the sea! It is amazing how one man pulls the shark’s tail and try to help the massive mammal to get on its ‘feet’ and swim back into the ocean.

It is actually frequent for whales to become beached than sharks. However, there is no general reason why sharks do become stranded on beaches. According to Surfing Life TV, this particular blue shark has led astray while it was attempting to catch chasing fish.

The shark was trying hard to get itself back into the water. luckily these men spotted the poor thing struggling. the men were cautious at first, they were not really sure how to approach the situation. Blue sharks have been known to attack humans, whilst fatal attacks from blue sharks are rare, they are known for giving 'test bites'.

it is recommended that they are approached with caution at first, they wanted to see if the shark would make its own way. The shark seemed pretty energetic so they had hope. After some time it became clear this shark could not do this on its own.

luckily the shark had started to tire out which made it easier for the men to help.
they still had to be careful however the shark could bite them out of of the men tried to pull the shark into the water whilst avoiding its dangerous jaws. This was not an easy task.finally the shark was able to swim away from the shallow water, it gradually made its way out to sea.and the brave man walked away unharmed...

We do not get to hear a lot of stories like this one. Usually, when we think of sharks, we think of grizzly marine predators that will bite our extremities with just a snap of their jaws. But somewhere in the world, there are humans that really try to save these animals. And why is that?

The answer is easy, sharks are a part of the complicated oceanic ecosystem. Their appearance in the seas ensures the survival of other species in that system, making them essential in keeping the balance. There are many organizations around the world that strive to keep the oceans alive, mainly by protecting marine life.

It is not usually that we see someone endanger its life to protect the life of a predator. The simple act of kindness to preserve the balance of the oceanic ecosystem. Hurray!


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    Great act of compassion. And quite brave!

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