Boy With Down Syndrome Wins School Kindness Award And He Can't Be More Excited

Published June 3, 2019 11,512 Views

Rumble / Priceless MomentsHere is the video of the youngster, receiving the Kindness award for which he is selected by the school.
Childhood is the most important time in one’s life. As we grow, we learn how to act with different people. Sometimes kids are taught that being aggressive is the only way to make their way everywhere, it is most important to remember this Golden Rule that treats others with kindness and respect them.
A school in Georgia recently gave a special award to praise one of its kindest students and his example has become popular on social media.
A School Georgia finished the school year gave a goodbye ceremony to its eighth-grade graduates. During the ceremony, graduates were given different awards, the majority of which were for academic performance in the previous year.

Christopher Yancy, a 15-year-old student who was born with Down syndrome, was excited when he heard he had been chosen to receive the school’s Kindness Award.
A video that has gone viral revealed the level of Christopher’s excitement. When his name was called, the boy immediately jumped up from his chair and excitedly went to stage. He received his award and acknowledged the audience.

The student shakes hands, smiled and danced for joy across the stage. The excitement was very different — his audience clapped and cheered as the kindest student received the award. He greeted his teachers with a bright smile and high fives.
They all appreciated him with a good heart. Christopher acknowledged them all with cheerful shouts and waved hands.

In an interview, Christopher’s mother, Brenda Page, has conducted since his graduation day, the proud mother said that her son being honored for kindness was the most important thing for her. Brenda says that she is happy with Christopher’s and she values kindness over “A” grades. Christopher was studying in the Middle, but he was enrolled in special needs classes, and he is excited to tell about moving forward to his next challenge, going to high school. This achievement touched my heart. "I was so proud of him. In front of more than 1,000 students, he was honored with the Kindness Award. That just filled my heart."

She called her son “social butterfly,” in an interview with WSB-TV, Brenda told that he wakes up every day with a smiley face and he had always been happy, even when he was a baby. Likewise, the kids at the school have embraced Christopher, showing him the same affection he feels for them.