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    The Real Deep State: "President Trump Is Only A Visitor. WE Run Things Here" State Dept. Official Told Dr. Paul Alexander
    Unelected NIH Official Admits US Taxpayers Funded Gain Of Function Research At EcoHealth Alliance & Wuhan Institute Of Virology w/ Jeffrey Tucker & Auron MacIntyre – Ask Dr Drew
    How The CDC Is Hiding mRNA Deaths Behind "Y59.0" Code w/ John Beaudoin Sr. & The War On Truth w/ Nick Searcy (The Shape Of Water) – Ask Dr. Drew
    Multiple Assassination Attempts Against Anti-WHO Politicians As Pandemic Treaty Deadline Approaches w/ Dr. Meryl Nass & Dr. Aaron Kheriaty – Ask Dr. Drew
    FL Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo: Doctors Blinded By "Vaccine Worship" & Ignoring Clear Signs of mRNA Adverse Events – Ask Dr. Drew
    Duty To Disobey: Army Major Says Masking Violates Commandment Against Lying & He Refuses "All Orders To Wear One" w/ Dr. Paul E. Alexander & MAJ Dr. Philip Buckler DDS – Ask Dr. Drew
    Dr. Kelly Victory: AstraZeneca Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine, Chris Cuomo Promotes Ivermectin, Pigs Begin Flying & Hell Freezes Over w/ Viva Frei – Ask Dr. Drew
    Turbo Cancer & mRNA: Dr. Peter McCullough Warns of Rising Rate of Cancer Genesis w/ Dave Rubin & Steph Coulson – Ask Dr. Drew
    Jerry Seinfeld Says Modern Comedy Ruined By Fears Of "Offending Other People" w/ Kyle Lucey & Dr. Kat Lindley – Ask Dr. Drew
    Mike Lindell: From Cocaine Addiction Recovery To Selling 46 Million MyPillows, And Why He Keeps Fighting For "Election Integrity" – Ask Dr. Drew
    College Palestine / Israel Protests: Free Speech, Hate Speech & Your First Amendment Rights w/ Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon – Ask Dr. Drew
    Dr. Drew's FAVORITE Meat Snacks... Now With Venison! Grass Fed Non-GMO Bone Broth, Chicken, Pork & More w/ Autumn Smith of Paleovalley
    Is mRNA a Vaccine or Gene Therapy? Why Does Dr. Drew Still Vaccinate Elderly Patients? w/ Tom Renz & Ex-Pharma Executive Sasha Latypova – Ask Dr. Drew
    Dr. Fauci Aide SUBPOENAED For 2020 EcoHealth Emails on "Origins" of COVID-19 That He Allegedly Tried To Hide w/ Naomi Wolf – Ask Dr. Drew
    Salty Cracker: Why Are Protesters Setting Themselves On Fire? Analyzing Effects of Years-long Media Panic on Mental Health – Ask Dr. Drew
    NPR, Brazil, Telegram: Censorship Industry Declares War on Free Speech w/ Mike Benz – Ask Dr. Drew
    Mattias Desmet: How "Mass Formation" Weaponized Delusional Mobs With Pandemic Panic – Ask Dr. Drew
    Jack Posobiec: How To Crush The Communist Revolution & Unhuman Forces w/ Joshua Lisec – Ask Dr. Drew
    Globalist Utopia Master Plan: Ivor Cummins on Gates, Rockefeller & How World Events Interconnect w/ Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew
    Vivek Ramaswamy: Seal The Border, Embrace Nuclear Power & Face The Inconvenient Truth – Ask Dr. Drew
    New Study: Long COVID Symptoms & Spike Protein Detected MONTHS After mRNA Vaccination w/ Ed Dowd & Dr. Kelly Victory – Ask Dr. Drew
    Food Freedom Under Attack: Robert Barnes Defends Amish Farmer Amos Miller Targeted By Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture – Ask Dr. Drew
    Survivor Of Chinese Revolution Warns USA Is Following Path to Marxism w/ Xi Van Fleet – Ask Dr. Drew
    Drea de Matteo: Sopranos Star Cancelled By Hollywood For Resisting Vaccine Mandates, Saved From Foreclosure By OnlyFans In FIVE Minutes – Ask Dr. Drew
    A 2nd Hunter Biden Laptop: Was Dr. Keith Ablow's Office Raided By Federal Agents To Seize Evidence? – Ask Dr. Drew