Labrador Catches Fireflies And Flashes A Glowing Smile At The Camera

Published July 2, 2018 9,280 Views $143.94 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDogs are like children, they want the excitement of a good game, they want to play, chase around and be in the center of attention. It is what makes them happy and jubilant, and their thirst for having the time of their life serves like a propeller in the growing up process. The only difference is that children eventually and inevitably grow up, which results in having more rational feelings towards things, and all those antics they used to do, suddenly stop to exist. Well, dogs on the other hand, will always be dogs, regardless of their age. They want to entertain and be entertained, their itchy feet don’t let them stay in one place and they really love to be around people. Dogs don’t show off because they feel the need to display how much they worth but simply because that is written in their blood - doggy nature.

We know that labradors are such lovely creatures that are friendly, careful and caring with everyone, even with insects like fireflies, for example. Labradors, like most dogs, are into chasing things that move as long as they are not a threat to them, and fireflies are just harmless bugs that produce light used to warn off predators. This Labrador can’t be qualified as a predator since he has only one thing in mind - to have fun chasing these lighting bugs around his garden. And the view is hilarious - it sends his owner in fits of giggle which makes us laugh hard, too, because this good-hearted dog is known to be so gentle that he takes care of not killing ants, too! And what happens when you spend your evenings hunting down fireflies? You get a flashing mouth! Incredibly humorous!

There are many wonders to behold in the animal world, but few offer such enchantment as that of a summer evening punctuated with the twinkle of fireflies. But behind their charming facade, fireflies are fascinating little insects. Why? Because they just taste bad. However, this pooch doesn’t have the intention of devouring them, he just wants to hang out with the fireflies or rather they hang out in the close confinement of this funny pooch’s mouth. The labrador is trying to catch as much fireflies as he can but only one is enough to produce the effect of having a tiny “lantern” under his tongue. Can he feel it? Does he know it’s in his mouth? He looks puzzled when his owner tells him he has got something under his tongue, but at the same time he seems more interested in hunting more, than taking the one he has out of his mouth. We are sure that the labrador is not going to hurt the beetle because he has such a good soul. Not that he is planning on snacking on fireflies anytime soon, but he needs to beware the lightning bug. Firefly blood contains lucibufagins, which sounds like something out of a Harry Potter book but is actually a defensive steroid that tastes really gross. Predators associate the bad taste with a firefly’s light and learn not to eat bugs that glow.