Baby Sees Her Mom Clearly For The First Time

amberkennedyPublished: July 24, 2017Updated: July 25, 2017110,193 views
Published: July 24, 2017Updated: July 25, 2017

Although they can be hard to raise, children bring so much joy into our lives because they provide us memorable moments like this clip here. This is first time Piper tries on her glasses to see her mother clearly! Piper was born with a rare autosomal recessive genetic condition called Oculocutaneous Albinism. As a result she is visually impaired and has Nystagmus, which is uncontrollable eye movements that make it difficult for Piper to focus. In this video, Piper is almost 5 months old. Check out her absolutely heart-melting reaction! So adorable!

This little girl seems so happy to finally be able to see her mom! Then again, who wouldn't? Her reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime! It must be hard to not be able to see very well and it is a good thing that this adorable bundle of joy managed to get a pair of pretty glasses. Sight is one of those things that we often take for granted and do not realize how much it means to us.

Please share this adorable and heartwarming video with your family members and friends as this is one memorable moment that they will not want to miss!

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