Baby Gets Fitted With His First Pair Of Eyeglasses And Sees His Mom Clearly For The First Time

Newsflare Published June 6, 2017 5,488 Plays

Rumble Today's hero of the day comes from Kent Road in Rhode Island, in the form of 10-month-old baby Alby Cash. Alby suffers from a condition called Nystagmus, which causes involuntary movement in the eyes. The footage shows Alby with his mom Kirsty as he is getting fitted for his first pair of eyeglasses. Alby doesn't know what is going on at first and looks very confused at first. He tried to take the glasses off at first, but then looks around and starts to giggle! This is so touching and heartwarming! What an awesome moment for this little boy. He gets to see the world a little more clear now.

Mom Kirsty says that she is incredibly proud to call Alby her son and why wouldn't she be, he is so cute and looks like he is such a sweet boy. Not to mention, look at his awesome blonde head! What a great moment to share as mother and son, so beautiful! Alby is so happy that he gets to see his mom perfectly, he must be thinking he has a very pretty mom! Too Cute!

Check out this video of this baby Alby trying on his first pair of glasses, too precious!

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