Toddler Has The Cutest Reaction When She Sees Parents For The First Time With Glasses

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Published: April 9, 2018Updated: April 10, 2018

A baby is a blessing, a gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and love. A baby is a sunshine that will brighten your world like never before. No one can imagine life having their own kids, but when they are born, no one can imagine life without them. They are the most precious thing in our lives and we would do anything for them! A baby is a little bit of heaven sent to earth! This amazing little angel was born with congenital cataracts and she received her first glasses! Look at her amazing reaction!

There is nothing cuter and priceless than seeing a small toddler having bonding time with her parents, especially if she wasn’t able to see them clearly. While babies are small they still can't see very well, but their hearing is more developed, so that’s how they percept things around them. For a baby that has issues with her sight, it gets harder as it grows up. But, there is always a solution.

Everly was born with congenital cataracts in both eyes. After 4 surgeries, she got new glasses and can now finally see her parents clearly! Look how happy she is! Just look at her precious reaction… It’s priceless! She is so pretty! After realizing how great she can see with her new glasses, she doesn’t want to take them off! She is amazed at all the new figures and clear colors she can see! Now she can finally enjoy being a little girl and play carefree!

Her reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime that will make her childhood carefree and playful! This adorable bundle of joy managed to get a pair of pretty pink glasses and she looks really really pretty! Check out her absolutely heart-melting reaction! So adorable!

When she realizes who she’s looking at, her eyes get big and wide. She becomes so overwhelmed with excitement and wonder as she sees her parents clearly for the first time in her life. When her parents ask her, “Do you like your new glasses?”, Everly gives them the biggest grin. Up until this point, she hasn’t been able to see what her parents actually look like. Now, Everly gets a chance to see the world the way everyone else does. We are so glad that this amazing moment was captured on video. It’s going to be amazing when one day Everly gets to see this footage.

Many videos deal with the same topic - babies being able to see their parents see for the first time, and no matter how many we have seen, they will always move us to the core. Two-year-old Ian Rivera had had a severe stroke while he was still in his mother’s uterus. This caused a buildup of fluid on the brain, which damaged his optic nerves and caused involuntary rapid eye movement. The moment he put his glasses on, he started smiling at his parents. A super cute sight, as he was able to see his parents properly for the first time. Wondering what on Earth has happened, little Ian kept putting his hands to his eyes to work out what has changed. His parents were asking him repeatedly if he likes his new glasses while Ian just beamed back at them.

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