Glasses Help Baby See His Parents Properly For The First Time

Published November 28, 2017 13,682 Plays

Rumble A baby being able to see his parents properly for the first time in his life is a moment that melts your heart. Seeing means, he can experience and learn new things. It means he can communicate much more natural.

Now two-year-old Ian Rivera had had a severe stroke while he was still in his mother’s uterus. This caused a buildup of fluid on the brain, which damaged his optic nerves and caused involuntary rapid eye movement. He was born six weeks premature. From that moment to about six months ago he did not seem to use his eyes as much, but as he grew older, it looked like he sees better.

His parents, Jose and Sharon, from Eagle Mountain, Utah, were constantly trying to improve his eyesight. Their son has had eye issues since birth but they did not think glasses would help till he was a little older. One day Sharon picked up Ian’s glasses from the doctor’s office and took them home to try them on Ian. He was just 18-months old when he got his first pair of glasses.

The moment he put his glasses on, he started smiling at his parents. A super cute sight, as he was able to see his parents properly for the first time. Wondering what on Earth has happened, little Ian kept putting his hands to his eyes to work out what has changed.

His parents were asking him repeatedly if he likes his new glasses while Ian just beamed back at them.

“He had a very cute reaction. He wouldn’t stop touching them and smiling. He kept smiling. I think he could see us more clearly and focus more easily on our faces.”, said his father, Jose.Ian had had two surgeries and a couple of hospitals stays but through it all he has remained a smiley happy boy.

A baby is a blessing, a gift from heaven above, a precious little angel to cherish and love. A baby is a ray of sunshine that will brighten your world like never before. No one can imagine life having their kids, but when they are born, no one can imagine life without them. They are the most precious thing in our lives, and we would do anything for them! A baby is a little bit of heaven sent to earth!

His reaction is priceless and one that comes once in a lifetime that will make his childhood carefree and playful! So adorable!