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Life With 14 Basenji Puppies Can Never Be Boring!3m48s

Life With 14 Basenji Puppies Can Never Be Boring!

From the time when we, as very young children, saw the movie "101 Dalmatians", we have dreamed a life filled with bunches of puppies peeping from every possible corner of the house. Well, the story in this video comes very close to that. Basenji puppies are amazingly cute dogs who have their roots in Central Africa and they display an energetic and funny behavior. Take a look at this people’s house which is a puppies' heaven on Earth! Can you imagine what would it be like to live with 14 Basenji puppies? Well, this family actually feels that excitement every single day. You can see clearly that these feisty puppies running around the house aren't nearly as calm as the dalmatians form our favorite childhood cartoon. These tiny balls of fur and energy seem to love rough-housing with the family members. The 14 puppies came from two different litters and are born only 2 days apart. These adorable puppies are totally psyched to run as a pack and give warm welcome to tiny humans joining their pup party. Once they finally run out of energy and willpower to make a mess, the Basenjis form a cozy cuddle pile that is soon taking its nap. We are sure that these people deal with a lot of puppy poop and chewed up shoes every day, but spending your life with those amazing creatures has to make it all worth it. A life with a pack of pups running around the house is such a fairytale, right? So what's it like when you have a home full of tiny Basenji puppies? Check this clip out! It can be very hard work but it's also loads of fun. Never a dull moment!

Published: January 8, 2017167,745 views
Burried in puppies10s

Burried in puppies

Our bous (age 6 & 8) underneath a pile of 14 basenji puppies. The pups comes from two litters (mother and daughter are the others. 6 & 8 in each litter. Born 2 days apart). The pups are between 5-6 weeks here.

Published: December 28, 20161,381 views
Look At These 14 Cute Basenji Puppies All Enjoying A Meal Together24s

Look At These 14 Cute Basenji Puppies All Enjoying A Meal Together

Puppies are the best remedy for a bad mood, especially when there are a bunch of them enjoying a meal with great appetite. Can't get any cuter than that. With all their goofy looks and antics, it’s no wonder we cherish our dogs as our best friends. Dogs make us laugh when they’re unpredictable and silly. You want your day to be better? This puppies will probably do it! Be amazed! Check out these 14 basenji puppies, aged 6 weeks, all feeding in a row. They come from 2 litters, 6 and 8 all born 2 days apart. Such cute little munchkins! What a precious moment to witness! Life with 14 basenji puppies is never boring! If you ever wondered what's it like when you have a home full of tiny basenji puppies here is your answer and your proof! Check this clip out! It can be very hard work but it's also loads of fun. Never a dull moment! Then this house would be a dog lovers paradise! A dog is a big commitment, so before you take the plunge, make sure you’re all together on wanting this newest member of the family. This family probably has a lot of work raising this puppies! Imagine taking care of the family as big as this! This is a dream come true for dog lovers! They are so adorable and we can’t wait to see how it would be in the house when they grow up!

Published: December 28, 201699,606 views
This Is What It Looks Like To Live With 16 Basenji Puppies3m07s

This Is What It Looks Like To Live With 16 Basenji Puppies

There are millions of homes around the country that have dogs living with them. But few of them have actually a pile of pups as pets. What if all dogs in the world were small puppies? Then this house would be a dog lovers paradise! Dag Chister Lie, a Norwegian dog breeder, known as user 'kingwanas' takes us inside the life of raising sixteen Basenji puppies from three different litters. These puppies were born around the same time. Along with them, Dag and his wife Liv have 2 human children ages 4 and 6. These people have their work cut out for them! But all that adorableness is definitely worth it. Watch as these cute canines run around, playing with one another and with their human friends too! They have so much energy, exploring around and having fun, it looks like they move as a wave. The Basenji breed comes from central Africa and their unique personality is what makes them so special. When they are not causing any mayhem, they like to sleep in their comfortable dog cave. Wouldn't you love to be in the middle of all of them and cuddle? We bet that you can’t handle all this cuteness! Life is just better when you’re chilling with dogs! These sixteen adorable puppies are the best thing we have seen today! Would you ever want to have that many dogs running around your house? Let us know in the comment section!

Published: July 6, 20152,592,867 views
Seemingly Endless Basenji Puppies Pour Out Of Dog Bed13s

Seemingly Endless Basenji Puppies Pour Out Of Dog Bed

Pets are incredibly well loved and most owners consider their animals as family members. Studies have shown that animals can really improve our mental health. Some say dogs are like potato chips. You can’t have just one! So, how many dogs do you own? We are sure that cuddling with your dog is literally the best thing ever! Watch this cute video where dozen puppies come out of a dog house in a hurry! What do you think? How many Basenji puppies can fit in that small dog house? If you weren't able to count them, we are about to tell you. There are 16 puppies in there. Yes 16. This dog bed fits more than you think. The adorable balls of fur have different sleeping options in the house, but instead they prefer to sleep on top of each other! They absolutely love piling up! Sleeping in a heavenly peace, these pups wake up as they hear a whistle from their owner. The next moment, a pack of small dogs rushes to come out of the dog house ready to entertain the whole family. We bet that the kids are never bored at home with so many fun and joy in their home. From the looks of it, a life with this many puppies is definitely a living fairy tale! Watch as 16 Basenji puppies rush out from their doggy bed when they are called. This 13 second video will surely increase your happiness by at least 100%! A true puppy therapy for your day!

Published: July 1, 2015469,322 views