This Is What It Looks Like To Live With 16 Basenji Puppies

8 years ago

There are millions of homes around the country that have dogs living with them. But few of them have actually a pile of pups as pets. What if all dogs in the world were small puppies? Then this house would be a dog lovers paradise!

Dag Chister Lie, a Norwegian dog breeder, known as user 'kingwanas' takes us inside the life of raising sixteen Basenji puppies from three different litters. These puppies were born around the same time. Along with them, Dag and his wife Liv have 2 human children ages 4 and 6. These people have their work cut out for them! But all that adorableness is definitely worth it.

Watch as these cute canines run around, playing with one another and with their human friends too! They have so much energy, exploring around and having fun, it looks like they move as a wave. The Basenji breed comes from central Africa and their unique personality is what makes them so special. When they are not causing any mayhem, they like to sleep in their comfortable dog cave. Wouldn't you love to be in the middle of all of them and cuddle? We bet that you can’t handle all this cuteness! Life is just better when you’re chilling with dogs!

These sixteen adorable puppies are the best thing we have seen today! Would you ever want to have that many dogs running around your house? Let us know in the comment section!

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