Seemingly Endless Basenji Puppies Pour Out Of Dog Bed

Published July 1, 2015 482,962 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPets are incredibly well loved and most owners consider their animals as family members. Studies have shown that animals can really improve our mental health. Some say dogs are like potato chips. You can’t have just one! So, how many dogs do you own? We are sure that cuddling with your dog is literally the best thing ever! Watch this cute video where dozen puppies come out of a dog house in a hurry!

What do you think? How many Basenji puppies can fit in that small dog house? If you weren't able to count them, we are about to tell you. There are 16 puppies in there. Yes 16. This dog bed fits more than you think. The adorable balls of fur have different sleeping options in the house, but instead they prefer to sleep on top of each other! They absolutely love piling up!

Sleeping in a heavenly peace, these pups wake up as they hear a whistle from their owner. The next moment, a pack of small dogs rushes to come out of the dog house ready to entertain the whole family. We bet that the kids are never bored at home with so many fun and joy in their home. From the looks of it, a life with this many puppies is definitely a living fairy tale!

Watch as 16 Basenji puppies rush out from their doggy bed when they are called. This 13 second video will surely increase your happiness by at least 100%! A true puppy therapy for your day!