Life With 14 Basenji Puppies Can Never Be Boring!

kingwanas Published January 8, 2017 1,896 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesFrom the time when we, as very young children, saw the movie "101 Dalmatians", we have dreamed a life filled with bunches of puppies peeping from every possible corner of the house. Well, the story in this video comes very close to that.

Basenji puppies are amazingly cute dogs who have their roots in Central Africa and they display an energetic and funny behavior. Take a look at this people’s house which is a puppies' heaven on Earth!

Can you imagine what would it be like to live with 14 Basenji puppies? Well, this family actually feels that excitement every single day. You can see clearly that these feisty puppies running around the house aren't nearly as calm as the dalmatians form our favorite childhood cartoon. These tiny balls of fur and energy seem to love rough-housing with the family members.

The 14 puppies came from two different litters and are born only 2 days apart. These adorable puppies are totally psyched to run as a pack and give warm welcome to tiny humans joining their pup party. Once they finally run out of energy and willpower to make a mess, the Basenjis form a cozy cuddle pile that is soon taking its nap.

We are sure that these people deal with a lot of puppy poop and chewed up shoes every day, but spending your life with those amazing creatures has to make it all worth it. A life with a pack of pups running around the house is such a fairytale, right?

So what's it like when you have a home full of tiny Basenji puppies? Check this clip out! It can be very hard work but it's also loads of fun. Never a dull moment!