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Guys Put A Real Engine In A Barbie Go-Kart, Then Push It To Its Limits4m27s

Guys Put A Real Engine In A Barbie Go-Kart, Then Push It To Its Limits

Humans love to travel. It seems like they can never stop and stay in the same place for too long. There must be a study somewhere done about the connection between our nomad ancestors and our love for everything connected to transport. Traveling means new opportunities. In ancient times, people roamed the earth trying to find fallen fruit and hunt for food. Traveling was a way of life and it meant that staying in one place for too long might be your demise. Nowadays, the proverbial fruit are job opportunities and higher standards of living. People are in constant search for a bigger quality of life and the development of faster modes of transportation has enabled a faster way to reach our goals. This is probably why people absolutely love their transport. On the top of the priority list when job and house hunting is the location. If it’s closer to the city center and closer to your job, it means that it saves you money and time. Right below this requirement is the public transport in the city you would live in. It needs to be easily accessible, it needs to be widespread and it needs to be cheap. Of course, having your own transport means you don’t depend on any of it, but it might empty your pocket much quicker than you think. Either way, it gives you a sense of extra security and it satisfies that primal need you’ve kept in your genes throughout time. One of the things that can testify about our obsession with cars is the invention of smaller versions of our cars meant for children. It’s as if we are training them in advance to become the next best Formula 1 pilots, until they are old enough to drive. These small cars are incredibly cute and we can’t help but admire our babies as they roll their tires on the asphalt. There are a lot of models of these toy cars, all with a different theme, meant to satisfy the different tastes of our younguns. Sometimes it seems like they are so cool, that even adults want to take a ride around the block in them. This footage shows us how two guys managed to adjust a bright pink Barbie Power Wheels Mustang into an extremely awesome go-kart. The toy car looks a bit worse for wear but it will get even more destroyed as they try to perform as many stunts in it as possible. After decking out this pink Power Wheels go-kart with an actual engine, these guys pull off some epic tricks in this awesome footage, proving us that they are truly enjoying riding it. This go kart truly suits them, making us even more sure that there is no gender when it comes to colors, they all look perfect in the dirt. What did you think about this video? Make sure you tell us more in the comments down below. If you like what you see, don’t forget to share it with others who might like it as well. It just might be the highlight of their day! Enjoy!

Published: June 3, 2018147,723 views
Fixing and repairing a Craigslist go-kart4m45s

Fixing and repairing a Craigslist go-kart

This go-kart was purchased on Craigslist for $250. It was then brought to Ethan's house and together these two got it running and drove it around a bit. They soon realized the engine wasn’t any good and then started chopping up the frame to get the parts they needed!

Published: June 3, 201876,031 views
Look At This Time Lapse Of These Amazing Guys Building A Power Wheels Go Kart2m58s

Look At This Time Lapse Of These Amazing Guys Building A Power Wheels Go Kart

Using a used homemade go-kart found on Facebook marketplace for $250, Grind Hard Plumbing Company striped off everything they didn't need, including the engine, then shortened the chassis to fit their pink Power Wheels Mustang. Next, they stripped down a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike and used the engine and wire harness for their front-engined go-kart build. Epic! Edwin Olding and the team at Grind Hard Pluming Company modified a Barbie power wheels Ford Mustang by setting the chassis over a go-cart frame and installing a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike engine. Olding was able to get the tiny pink car up to 70 MPH! Grind Hard Plumbing Company is a channel where they build crazy cars and contraptions. This is a raw time lapse with no commentary. In this time-lapse they start with a used homemade go-kart they found on Facebook marketplace for $250. They stripped everything they didn't need including the engine then shortened the chassis to fit their barbie car (Pink Power Wheels Mustang). Next, they stripped down a Honda CRF 230 dirt bike. They used the engine and wire harness for their front-engined go kart build. They’ve built this go-kart to race the boosted boyz in their shopping kart go-kart. Hopefully, they will accept their challenge! This is extra double awesome! It’s really amazing to see young people who have skills like this and are willing to put in a hard work!

Published: May 30, 20183,375,618 views
These Orphaned Baby Sloths In Costa Rica Get A New Chance At Life1m43s

These Orphaned Baby Sloths In Costa Rica Get A New Chance At Life

Tragedy doesn’t choose, it can affect everyone of us at any given time. But no matter how hard life can get, when faced with adversity, we are presented with second chances with the right people. Just like these <a href=" " target="_blank">baby sloths</a> were dealt some difficult hands in their short lives, but found new hope in the hands of these good Samaritans in Costa Rica. These are the baby sloths of Toucan Rescue Ranch who lost their mothers. They are orphaned by car accidents, electrocution, dog attacks and deforestation. When the orphans arrive at the Toucan Rescue Ranch, they are put with other sloths matching their size, health and skill levels. They play on ropes tied to rocking chairs to learn how to navigate moving branches in the wild. These babies are “Preschoolers". Once they gain health and weight they graduate to “High School". They have around the clock care by a sloth team and a personal vet. Once they reach weight requirements and show natural behaviors they are placed in a large pre-release enclosure in the rainforest. In this pre-release enclosure, they develop the final natural behaviors required to be <a href=" " target="_blank">released</a> as fully wild and free animals. This journey of an orphaned sloth’s rescue, rehab and release normally takes 2 years.

Published: April 1, 20173,594 views
Camping in the Rianforest - Costa Rica 2m41s

Camping in the Rianforest - Costa Rica

We spent the weekend camping at Bosque Caricias in San Isidro De Heredia. Bosque Caricias is a beautiful private property with excellent trails and campsites. I interviewed the owner of the operation and we talked about conservation and doing what you love. What is No Anchor TV? No Anchor TV is a channel started by a few friends Michael, Edwin, Lane. We want to see people unlock their potential and fully pursue their passions. Our message is actually a question. What's holding you back? This is why we put the words No Anchor on everything. You probably should too! Film/Edit Edwin Olding

Published: March 13, 20171 views
These Artists Are Using Light To Paint Graffiti In Abandoned College1m26s

These Artists Are Using Light To Paint Graffiti In Abandoned College

Today, with the rapid development of technology, it turns out that it is possible to draw even with such an ephemeral and seemingly uncontrollable means as light, preserving the results either in photographs or in video recordings. Most of the amateur photographers are faced with a curious photo effect – through the long exposure mode, the moving light source leaves a strip on the photo, for example, a snapshot of the night city, headlights of cars showing busy route of red and yellow running flickers, or a snapshot of the star sky (the stars move, as our planet rotates). There is an entire new current in photography that focuses on painting with light and producing create real works of art. This live-action light painting video is set in an abandoned world where a mysterious figure searches to preserve the world's light in any way possible. These visuals are incredible! Using the slowly running down building of an abandoned college, the group of street artists is performing their masteries with colorful light sources and long exposure video recording. The term performing is very aptly used: light painting requires movement in space and this, together with the background of the abandoned college already brimming with street art pieces amounts to a virtual open theater performance. Their final product is so amazing and innovative that it approximates the works of the classics. Yes, a real ballet of light.

Published: February 9, 201715,534 views
Exploring Glaciers in China2m12s

Exploring Glaciers in China

While filming a documentary with Sound Color Studios and 188 Art we explore a beautiful glacier in the Quilian Mountains China.

Published: November 17, 20162 views
Riding Camels and Hang Gliders in the Gobi Desert China5m05s

Riding Camels and Hang Gliders in the Gobi Desert China

While filming a documentary with Sound Color Studios and 188 Art we toured the Echoing-Sand Mountain and Crescent Lake by Camel back and hang glider in Dunhuang China. Ive never rode a camel or been in a hang glider before so today was extremely special. You are about to see alot more content from the No Anchor crew. Join our list for updates on IG @noanchor

Published: November 4, 201610 views
Drifting in an insane Japanese race car2m01s

Drifting in an insane Japanese race car

Check out this awesome footage at the Stateline Speedway Idaho for a drift event with Garage 52. The cars at the event include: Mazda RX-7 FD3S, Mazda FC3S RX7, Volvo 740, BMW 325i.

Published: November 4, 20164,453 views
Aerial footage captures surreal Idaho landscape58s

Aerial footage captures surreal Idaho landscape

Stevens Peak is considered one of Northern Idaho's greatest treasures and has been a popular climbing, hiking, and cross-country skiing destination for decades. No Anchor captures these incredible shots of the breathtaking beauty for your enjoyment.

Published: March 29, 201614,944 views
Super slow motion skateboard tricks1m42s

Super slow motion skateboard tricks

Skateboard tricks happen so fast that it is hard to appreciate the beauty of the movement. So the team from No Anchor rented a Sony FS700 and made a super slow motion skateboarding video, titled 'In a Flash'. It was filmed at Orlando Skate Park (OSP) in Orlando Florida with Connor Askew, Isaac Crawford and Garret Mantle. Credit to 'No Anchor'.

Published: November 3, 201410,173 views
Intense series of skateboard fails24s

Intense series of skateboard fails

Amateur skateboard rider Ed just can't stay on his feet! Watch him as he completely fails his first experience at a skatepark. It's definitely not for everyone! Credit to 'NoAnchor'.

Published: October 4, 201446,457 views
Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills2m54s

Pro BMX rider shows off insane skills

'No Anchor' documents a day in the life of professional BMX rider AJ Anaya in this feature, titled, The Gift. Check out @ajanayalater for more. Credit to 'No Anchor'. Music by the Autonomics.

Published: October 1, 201417,031 views
Wakeboarding with Cory Teunissen - A day in the Life3m33s

Wakeboarding with Cory Teunissen - A day in the Life

From 'NoAnchor', "A day in the life with 16 year old wakeboarder, Cory Teunissen. After a morning boat session of wakeboarding, a trip to the mall's best wrestle carpet, a ride at the cable park and a little wake surfing, it's easy to see Cory and his buddies are living the dream. Wakeboarding since a young age, this Brisbane, Australia native has truly turned this passion into a lifestyle. Watch wakeboarders Cory Teunissen, Brad Teunissen, Aaron Gun and Harley Clifford throw down some incredible riding. We also got some awesome slowmotion wakeboarding shots. Wakeboarding 2014. Riders: Cory Teunissen (Instragram @coryteunissen) Brad Teunissen (Instagram @bradteunissen)Aaron Gunn (Instagram @aarongun) Harley Clifford (Instagram @harleyclifford). No Anchor supports all kind of action sports, artists and musicians. If you or anyone you know would like to be in one of our videos, hit us up."

Published: August 10, 201420,363 views
Super slow motion wakeboarding and wakesurfing2m12s

Super slow motion wakeboarding and wakesurfing

From 'NoAnchord', "After renting a FS700 (super slow motion camera) for a music video we knew we had to take it to the lake. We ended up filming wakeboarder Parker Bizar and wakesurfer Logan Hayes. We were concerned about the rain but it stopped just in time for a perfect sunset session!" Music: In Your Eyes by Nonaphoenix.

Published: July 15, 201424,715 views
How Parkour Saved My Life - Parkour and Freerunning Documentary6m05s

How Parkour Saved My Life - Parkour and Freerunning Documentary

“Dear Viewers, In this video you will learn about many things that effect my life on a daily basis. You will learn about my thoughts on training and my passion for movement. From seeing this I don’t want you to leave without receiving the message I am trying to portray. The overall theme I try to express here is to follow not only your dreams, but also your heart. Whatever may makes you happy, is what you should follow. So as you watch and enjoy this video about my own personal experience with “the pursuit of happiness,” I beg you to think deeply about your own pursuit and what life may have in store for you. Who knows? Maybe you'll change the world one day." Much Love, Casey R. Jones As you know, it's our goal here at No Anchor to share videos that showcase the amazing talents of amazing athletes that we've had the privilege to meet in our travels. Sometimes, however, the story behind someone's incredible talent is every bit as amazing as the talent itself. This is the case with our good friend Casey Jones. We hope you will enjoy his message & let it inspire you as much as it has inspired us! The No Anchor Crew

Published: August 17, 20149 views
Super slow motion parkour and freerunning1m23s

Super slow motion parkour and freerunning

The team from 'No Anchor' recently filmed with some incredible parkour athletes in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Take a look at some of the high-flying moments from their day! Athletes: Sam Wood, Steven Scarcello, and Josh Blakley.

Published: August 10, 2014132,743 views
My Little Brother Maced in the Face TWICE10m14s

My Little Brother Maced in the Face TWICE

On No Anchor's trip to Idaho, my brother told us we could mace him in the face and film it. So that's exactly what we did! Check out the epic tale of Nicholas as he gets maced in the face TWICE and tries to keep it together.

Published: August 10, 20145 views
Crazy Parkour and Ariel Footage3m11s

Crazy Parkour and Ariel Footage

The No Anchor crew drove down to Miami for a massive Parkour and Freerunning jam. We had a blast shooting with new athletes and making new friends.

Published: August 10, 20147 views