These Artists Are Using Light To Paint Graffiti In Abandoned College

NoAnchor Published February 9, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble / Creative VisualsToday, with the rapid development of technology, it turns out that it is possible to draw even with such an ephemeral and seemingly uncontrollable means as light, preserving the results either in photographs or in video recordings. Most of the amateur photographers are faced with a curious photo effect – through the long exposure mode, the moving light source leaves a strip on the photo, for example, a snapshot of the night city, headlights of cars showing busy route of red and yellow running flickers, or a snapshot of the star sky (the stars move, as our planet rotates). There is an entire new current in photography that focuses on painting with light and producing create real works of art.

This live-action light painting video is set in an abandoned world where a mysterious figure searches to preserve the world's light in any way possible. These visuals are incredible!

Using the slowly running down building of an abandoned college, the group of street artists is performing their masteries with colorful light sources and long exposure video recording. The term performing is very aptly used: light painting requires movement in space and this, together with the background of the abandoned college already brimming with street art pieces amounts to a virtual open theater performance. Their final product is so amazing and innovative that it approximates the works of the classics. Yes, a real ballet of light.